The Sub-30 Club Virtual 5K

So here we are! I am very proud to announce the Sub-30 Club Virtual 5K!



Please refer to this insanely helpful FAQ:

Ok, so here’s the deal. A virtual 5K is a race just like any other, except there’s no official race location. You register for the race and then you run during the designated race weekend: when you want, where you want; and then just submit the results on the convenient online form when you’re done. All the results will be complied and sent out to all participants after the race is over. Any pictures or stories to accompany your official time are encouraged as well!

The official race weekend is Thursday, Nov 28 thru Sunday, Dec.1.

Like I said above, in order to participate, all you need to do is register for the race, run it at any point during the long weekend of 11/28 – 12/1, and then submit your results. (All the specific race details, along with a link to submit your results will be sent out to you with your registration confirmation…Along with  an invite to submit any pictures or stories about the experience you’d like to share)

Every race participant gets an official Sub-30 Club Tech t-shirt (see picture below). That, plus the satisfaction of knowing that the vast majority of your entry fee is being donated directly to The Wounded Warrior Project; so all your sweat and effort is not only doing you good, but others as well.



No it’s not! All entries also get entered into a random drawing to win some pretty awesome prizes! See the complete list of giveaways below. I know I’m biased, but I think they are some pretty badass prizes.

All this for the low-low price of $25.00!

All you need to do is click on the “Register Now” button above. It links directly to Paypal, to guarantee that the transaction is safe and secure for you.

So What’s this “Sub-30 Club”, anyway?
I guess I should start by addressing the obvious questions: “What the hell is The Sub-30 Club”? The short answer is: The Sub-30 Club is a facebook group for runners. It was started by Prof. Ted Spiker (who also has a blog for Runner’s World called “The Big Guy Blog”) as a centralized place online for runners to gather, share information, encouragement and overall awesomeness while chasing down our goals. The name comes from Ted’s goal at the time of the inception of the club, which was his quest to run a 5K race in less than 30 Min. It’s what draws people into us to this day, and that simple benchmark, (whether you have hit it yet or not) serves as a common point of interest and indicator of the kinds of things we share with each other. A lot of us are still chasing down that elusive Sub 30 5K, and then for others, the goals have shifted. Runners of all abilities and goals now openly participate in the group, with some chasing down Marathons, Triathlons, Trail Runs, you name it. So to put it another way: No, you do not have to be able to run a Sub-30 5K to join us. If you already can, awesome, join us. If you are not there yet, awesome, join us. All you really have to do is 1) Be a runner. (of any capacity. 6 min mile, 16 min mile, whatever. Runners are runners and we all have each other’s backs), 2) Be ready to engage in some conversations with some pretty great people. (the members of this group are pretty awesome, and from this one guy’s perspective, the people are where the value and attractiveness –and addictiveness?- of the group comes from. Any sort of info, from running basics, to shoes to nutrition to weight loss to whatever either has been brought up or will be welcomed and discussed by people who can offer sound advice and perspectives in a non-pretentious and supportive manner). We can be found at: “The Sub-30 Club (from RW Big Guy Blog)”

So what’s the deal with the slogan on the back of the shirt? “Suck It Up, Princess”…huh?
That slogan, or the shortened version of it “SIUP”, has become a mantra of sorts for a lot of the members of the Sub-30. As for the finer points, I’ll refer to the champion of the slogan: my friend, fellow Sub-30 member, and Co-race organizer Lonnie St. John:

Guys are competitive by nature. We also like to give each other a hard time…especially if we think the other guy might be dogging it a little.  But it is always meant to be in good fun; even meant to be supportive in a way (it’s guy logic, don’t try to understand it).  Late in 2012, in a Twitter exchange with Ted Spiker, who I thought might be whining just a little too much about a workout, I said “Do I need to call you a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance?!”  We all got a good laugh out of it and Ted took it how it was intended.  Over the next few weeks that mantra was thrown around quite a bit. To the point of maybe it was being over used a little. We tried a few different things but nothing really seemed to stick.
 Then on February 12, 2013, this happened! 
 The Sub-30 Club hasn’t been the same since.  Unrealistic goals have been set and demolished. Dreams have been reached. Nothing will ever seem impossible again!!


Do I need to be a member of the “Sub-30 Club” to participate in the Virtual race?
No. But one of the functions of this race is to help spread the word about our amazing group and bring in some more like-minded members. If that’s you, check us out, I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did…and even if you are not the “facebook running group” type of person, that’s fine. You are still more than welcome to participate, because the primary reason that we are running this race is to raise money for charity. Which leads me to my next question:

Why exactly are you doing this? Who are the profits from the race benefiting?
The main reason we are organizing this race in the first place is to raise money for our charity beneficiary, The Wounded Warrior Project. A foundation dedicated to providing aid and assistance to enlisted men and women who are re-entering civilian life and facing a variety of obstacles, ranging from physical limitations to PTSD and beyond.

Please refer to the website for their official mission statement and a rundown on the full spectrum of services they offer: it’s quite substantial and I don’t want to do them a disservice by glossing it over and providing just a high level summary here.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a very noble and worthwhile cause and all profits from this race will be donated directly to WWP.

Who is Charity Miles and how do they factor into all of this?
To further prove my point about really getting on board with the charitable efforts, we are also partnering up with Charity Miles, and I could not be more excited about it. Let me explain. Charity Miles is a free iPhone/android smartphone app that uses your phone’s gps to track your run/walk/bike ride. This NYC based company (Charity Miles) is dedicated to raising money to be donated to charity, at the rate of $0.25/ mile walked or run and $0.10/mile biked. They have secured partners who are willing to donate money to any one of a multitude of “approved charities’ (identified in the app) based on the amount of miles run/walked/biked. They designed the app specifically to track everything and keep it all legit. I discovered them about a year ago and have been using the app ever since. I love it and the fact that A.) it does not cost me anything to use it and B.) even though it’s free, it still puts me in a position to raise funds for charity and make a difference. I love donating other people’s money.(ha)  I know I don’t give it full justice, but suffice it to say this is a way to leverage the running you will be out there doing anyway to generate some funds and make a real impact. You can find their main website HERE. We are strongly encouraging all of The Sub-30 Virtual 5K participants to use it while they run the race. Instead of getting only my 3.1 miles, if we can get everybody’s 3.1 it can add up quick and make a huge difference.

…and here’s the real kicker. One of the Approved Charities is The Wounded Warrior Project! So in addition to the profits from the race being donated directly to the WWP, we can also “Double Up” our impact and provide a second wave of support by way of additional dontaions coming in from our Charity Miles usage! Same effort, even more benefit. Of course, if there is another charity that CM supports that you would rather run for, that’s fine by us too, but the prospect of being able to really go above and beyond, and double up on the charitable footprint we can make was just way too appealing to pass up.

I hope you consider running with us for this Virtual 5K race.

Feel free to contact us with any questions:

Here are the fine companies providing the giveaways we have thus far (I’m working hard to add some more as we speak, as more get added I’ll post them up here)- Each Logo links to the website.

GU Energy Labs



Pearl Izumi

Allied Medal Hangars

Pro Compression

Betty Lou’s Foods

Orange Mud

Orange Mud Logojpg

Daily Mile


Runner’s World



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