The Triathlon Chronicles

This is the page where I will link all my posts about my impending journey into the world of Triathlons. So here’s the quick and dirty intro:

I find myself as a runner who is now beginning to add swimming and biking to my exercise routine for means of cross training. I came to this point directly through the recommendation of my Orthopedic Doctors and Physical Trainers while taking care of my inured knee. The message from all of them has been consistent: stop running 100% of the time and mix things up. Now, if you have read this blog at all you know that I am always looking to ramp things up to the next level, and you will not be surprised at all that after the seed had been planted to add swimming and biking to the mix along with the running, that my mind went directly to setting a new goal and competing in Triathlons.

Since I have absolutely zero experience in most of what I am about to embark upon, I thought it might be a great thing to capture for the blog. Kind of a first hand account of what it really is like to get into this and take it seriously. All while keeping up on the running, holding down a job, and most importantly, handling the responsibilities of being a Husband and father of a 2-year-old and a newborn.

…it should be interesting, that’s for sure.

And as I am ALSO sure you are not surprised, I already have my full 2014 season of  Triathlons already targeted. I’ll be participating in 3 Tris next year: 2 Sprint Distance and 1 International/ Olympic Distance. The first is being held in Cape May, NJ. The ESCAPE THE CAPE TRI. The second in Wildwood, NJ. The TRI THE WILDWOODS in August. And Lastly, the Third (and my first step into an International distance competition) is in Atlantic City, NJ. THE ATLANTIC CITY TRIATHLON. All 3 of these races are highly regarded and look like a ton of fun; all 3 are presented by Delmo Sports, and I will be there at the starting line for all 3. Booyaa.

Speaking of Delmo Sports, I had the opportunity to talk with their founder and the man behind these 3 premier triathlon events in the South Jersey area, Steve Delmonte who was super supportive and agreed to grant me access to the races and as much information as I can handle. You can look for an interview with him as well as full profiles on each of the races I will be taking on, as per usual.

Race #1, the Escape The Cape Tri is scheduled for 6/8/2014. The clock is officially ticking.  Just shy of a year to get myself totally acclimated to 2 new sports and in fighting shape to get through it all.


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