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2013: Feb & March Races / Life Changing Announcement!!!

I wanted to make a post about the upcoming year and what I have on the horizon.
This was initially going to be one post, but if I did that it would be so big that nobody would actually read it, so I am breaking it up.

This post will cover the Feb Race already completed, and the Upcoming March race (The Philadelphia Phillies Charities 5K). Please look for two more separate posts, one on the UCP Life Without Limits 5K in April and another on The Broad Street Run in May. I’ll also touch on why I have nothing scheduled after May with a pretty amazing announcement as well. As a matter of fact, I’ll cap this post off with that news today.

First and foremost, I am picking up right where I left off and scheduling one race a month for a while.

Feb was the Chilly Cheeks. This was the charity fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and Charity Miles that I used to earn a charity bib for the Broad Street Run in May. It was a rousing success and has officially cemented my sincere interest in fundraising for Charities. Needless to say, you will be seeing more events like this from me in the future. My run was sucky as I had a full blown sickness during the race, but I was still out there and getting after it. You can check out my race recaps for the Chilly Cheeks Here and Here.

March has me running in the Phillies 5K. I ran this race last year and loved it. (Last year’s recap is Here) It’s a 5K being run in South Philly right around (literally…you physically run around Citizen’s Bank Park and Lincoln Financial Field, The home of the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles for those non-Philadelphia readers). It’s super flat and a lot of fun. And the fact you get some awesome Fightin’ Phils swag as well as a “cool down lap” on the field inside the Phillies stadium pretty much seals the deal for me. It’s capped at 5,000 runners and it sold out within the span of a day. Pretty awesome race, and super fun. I am looking forward to it, and I am looking to take advantage of the flat conditions to try and push for a 5K PR. Time to beat is 26:52. So I need to string together (at minimum) 3 eight and a half minute miles. It can be done, I just need to get after it and get it done. Of course I’ll be back to report all about it to you. Also please note, I will be doing my damndest to high five and get a picture with the Phanatic. Because the Phillie Phanatic is awesome. This fact is not disputable.

3.1 miles of PAIN!!!
And saving the best news for last here, I have gotten a lot of questions from friends and co-workers as to what’s the deal with the races? More specifically, why the mysterious drought on the schedule for everything past May? Well, THIS happened.


We got the amazing news right around the holidays, and could not be more excited. Our little family is expanding. There are very few things in this world that I take more seriously than the focus on running and fitness, but being a father and focused on my family is one of them, it’s the number one thing for me, actually. So needless to say, Broad Street will be my big race of the year. I will still be running after that, but it will not be training for anything, more for the sake of staying active and maintaining my sanity. Rest assured, I will still be working my ass off, but it will be more in the way of getting the house and ourselves ready for the new addition that is due later in the summer. I am so excited to share this with everybody, although don’t be surprised If I don’t bring it up all that much. I intentionally try to keep this blog weight and fitness focused. This way I don’t go too off tangent and stay focused on the core intention of things. That being said, I’m not phobic of even mentioning the important people in my life, as evidenced by the usage of actual names and not just calling Jenn “J” and Tessa “T” or something like that. So if it’s important or pertains to what I’m writing about, it’ll be in here, if not, personal stays personal and public stays public. So, May 5 is the Broad Street run and will be my last big race of the year, for damn good reason. I may still try and squeak a few more 5K’s in there after Broad Street, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’m gonna be a dad again. Jenn and Tessa were the real catalyst for me to begin all of this, and I can’t wait to experience that kind of drive, determination, and most importantly unconditional love for another member of our family. Can’t wait to see how this translates into the future for all of us together as a family.

So to sum up, The Chilly Cheeks was a huge success, I have The Phillies 5K coming up in March where I’ll be pushing for a new PR, another 5K in April for the UCP of Philadelphia (separate post coming up dedicated just to this as it is probably the most important race I’ll do all year. Most important I’ll do EVERY year, in fact), and then  one last post talking all about The Broad Street Run in May. After that, I’m done the major races for the year, because I will be busy preparing for the upcoming addition to our family. All in all, I am looking a pretty damn amazing 2013. Thanks for being along for the ride with me.

Ok, till next time where I post about the UCP Life Without Limits 5K, (which will be very shortly, potentially later today or tomorrow), take it easy.


Breaking Off From MFP A Little More / Intro & Training for Broad Street / Reviews On The Horizon

Pretty quick post today, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air from my recent exceptionally long-winded posts.

Weight is still good. Nothing new on this front and no news really is good news since I am maintaining. All steady and feeling good. Seriously contemplating knocking off another day from logging and seeing how I do with that, time to continue weaning myself off of the MyFitnessPal a little more. I would anticipate the same continued success but don’t want to be cocky or overconfident, so only way to find out is to just jump in and find out. I’ll let you know.

Workouts. Oh Hell Yes. I am back in the saddle and running my ass off again. Loving it. I am just getting into week #3 of my training plan for Broad Street and feeling good about it. I am happy to report that I had my first step up in the Long run dept. (only 3 miles up to 4 miles, so we’re not talking massive miles here yet…) but that being said it was great and I’m really looking forward to working my way back up to the decent distances again. It was a great 4 mile run and I felt awesome as I did it. Yes, It was on the treadmill because it was frickin freezing outside (low 20’s and windy), but I’ll take a victory however I can get it. I have a full training plan set to carry me from now straight through to my big run of the year, The Broad Street Run. It’s a 10 miler (one of the biggest 10 mile races in the country, I’m told) that hosts 40,000+ runners and runs straight through the heart of Philadelphia in May. Broad Street is the central road that cuts through the center of the city and hosts the entirety of the race, hence the name. This is one of those truly “Philadelphia” races, and the last of my original goals from last year that I wanted to accomplish but simply was unable to do last year. Plain and simple, last May I was nowhere close to being able to run for 10 miles straight. At that point I was still trying to chase down the elusive 10K. (which I would not be able to hit until a full month after the Broad Street was run. And that was just 6 miles vs.a  10 mile race). All that said, I’m there now, and really excited to hit it and hit it hard. My very aggressive and borderline unattainable goal is to try and run it in an hour and a half. Not sure if I can string together 10 consecutive 9 min miles but I’m going to try. If I miss it, no worries, I can’t wait to experience this race. It’s supposed to be one of the most fun races you will ever run. But I always need an aggressive goal to hit, and 90 min will be the stretch goal for this one.

On a side note, looking back to my stepped up treadmill training run: along with feeling great, it was also my first run (pretty much ever, I believe) without music. Really came down to the fact that I was rushing to get out the door to get on the way to the gym and forgot to grab the ipod I had set out. It was not as horrible as I thought it would have been. Granted, I missed the extra distraction and motivation and would prefer to not run without my music again, but it is reassuring to know that I can pull it off if push comes to shove. My mind does tend to wander and I don’t even know how many odd tangents I went off on while running in my non-music run, but hey, whatever.

I’m happy to say that I will have 2 more product reviews coming up shortly. I have been provided a pair of Pro Compression brand compression socks to use and review, as well as a hydration backpack from Hydrapak. I have used the socks already and had a great experience with them, but want to try them out on some longer runs and varied conditions before I write the review, and same thing with the Hydrapak. I’ve filled it up and tried it on, but really want to put it to the test before I give an official review. It will definitely be an adjustment to be running with a backpack full of water, but then again, so was strapping a water bottle holding 24 oz of water to my hand, so I’ll try it out and see which I prefer. I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up to the longer runs. I’ll be back to let you know the deal. Both coming soon, however.

Lastly, one more heads up. I wrote about this last year and it’s getting to be about that time again so fair warning it’s coming. Every year my family puts together a team for a local charity fundraiser 5K for the UCP Orginazation (United Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia). We have some close ties to them as my cousin Madison has CP and has benefited from their programs/ activism /resources and as such, there is now a desire to give back and help out however we can. My next post is going to be the “upcoming races and goals” post, and a large portion of this is going to be dedicated to the UCP run.

I cannot tell you how good it feels to be looking ahead and gearing up to get deep into my training plans and chasing down some running related goals again. Here we go again, 2013 I’m coming after you.

I hope this post finds everyone well, and as always: until next time, take it easy.


Steady Weight & Skipped Runs / “Sunday Funday” Success / Getting Ready For Oct. Races

Not much new and exciting to disclose on the weight. Still consistent, hanging right around 200-ish. It fluctuates a little bit up and down along the low single digit 200’s, but nothing extraordinary. Wish I had something more to say on the topic, but no news is good news I am thinking. More to come I’m sure but as for now, all quiet.

As for the workouts, I have been going along with them when I can, but I just feel like I have been slacking lately. I can’t fight this feeling like I have been getting a little lax in the runs. It was a hectic final push to fix up the old house and get it on the market, so a lot of my free time was spent there last week, to the direct detriment of my shorter weekly runs. And then as I was running what was supposed to be my 9 mile long run on Sunday, the skies decided to open up and start downpouring so I cut it at 6 since I was soaking wet and freezing. So my skipped short runs and then the cut short long run leaves me feeling like a lazy SOB. I have been busy as hell, mind you, but whatever: busy or not, the runs didn’t get done. I know it’s a mental thing more than anything else, but perception is reality, and especially when I’m trapped in my own head the thoughts can swirl around until I do something to remedy the situation. I have plans to get rid of this nagging feeling and head out for a good run tonight (possibly a 10K?), get a 5K (probably late night treadmill miles) in on Friday, and get back on track with my regularly scheduled 10 mile long run this weekend. I also have this month’s photo update due right around now so hopefully I can kill two birds with one stone and get that done tonight either before or after my run as well.

Time to get back on it.

As for the diet and my newly instituted “Sunday Funday”, that went well. It was surprising to me how comfortable I was not logging things in, but I think a large part of that was my not going insane with what I was eating, too. I didn’t log, but I knew that I was making reasonably responsible choices. I’m sure there are going to be days where I just go for broke and cram whatever I can get my hands on into my mouth, and I’ll cross that bridge mentally when I come to it. But as for now, so far, so good. No ogeda and no over-anxiety about what I was eating. No major damage done on the scale, either, so for real: all good. I’ll try it again this weekend and see what happens. If things continue to progress smoothly, I will try and transition into a 2 day a week absence from logging and see what happens, then possibly three, etc.

Looking forward to the next 2 weeks, I get to run what looks to be 2 fun races with 2 awesome girls in consecutive weeks. Really looking forward to my first race with my frend Rock. I feel like we have both been kind of looking past this one because we are running the Philly Half together and getting our training ready for that, but it’s time to stop and focus in on this 6.2 before we look ahead to the 13.1 again. It’s going to be a great time and a good practice run. We have both proven time and again we can handle the 10K distance, so this will be a chance to run together, get used to each other’s pace and see how we run in a race together. We ended up running in the mud run together, but a regular road race and a mud run are two completely different animals.(#1, we won’t be carrying an extra 15 pounds of mud soaked clothes, and #2, there will be no rock walls, tunnels, etc to deal with) Looking forward to it Rock, We are going to kick Bethlehem’s ass. And the second race is a week later; it’s a 5k that I get the pleasure of running a friend’s very first race with her. My friend Katie has been busting her ass to get through the Couch to 5K program and is we are going to take on her very first 3.1 in the streets of Hatboro on the 27th of this month. As someone who recently struggled with the same program, I am very proud of her because I know exactly what goes into completing it. (I also know how amazing it feels to cross that finish line for the first time and I’m glad that I can be there to support her in it) It’s going to be pretty fun.

Ok, enough for now but hopefully you will be seeing another post from me later tonight or early tomorrow morning with the photo updates.

As always, talk to you soon and until then, take it easy.