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Good News / Bad News

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Ok, not really that dramatic, but I do have really great and some pretty crappy news to share at the same time. Rather than doing it in two seperate, polar opposite posts (one super upbeat one and then one super down one) I am just going to roll them together here.

Good News first:

So the Sweet Cheeks Virtual 5K is completed for another year, and it has yet again been a rousing success.

Again this year I have exceeded expectations and while I don’t have the final numbers yet in terms of the final profit/ donation to The American Cancer Society, I do know it wil be well over $1000 and I do know for certain I exceeded my initial projections. (again. for the second year in a row. I apparently need to get more aggressive in my goal setting for these)

We finishedin the triple digits in terms of runners and the times have been pouring in all weekend. Thank you all for participating. Once this is all wrapped up,I am taking some time off from planning the virtuals. After organizing 2 basically back to back it’s time to turn the focus 100% onto my training and the blog- which by the way will have a major announcement coming inthe next day or so.

and now , it doesn’t happen often, but I’m afraid I have to share a bit of bad news here.

I am all for setting aggressive goals. I’m also all for getting creative and stretching your time to accommodate these goals as well. But there is a line, and sometimes, even when you have the best intentions and are doing genuinely worthwhile things, that line gets crossed. Bite off more than you can chew, have your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash, whatever you want to call it the idea is the same. I have officially reached that point now.

So while I genuinely love the role of run coach and being on the volunteer committee for the American Cancer Society, I have realized that there are just literally not enough hours in the day to do everything that I want to do in my running world while still being the father, husband, and friend that meets the standards that I hold myself to in my “real life responsibilities”  

I realized this as I was filling out the calendar for the month and until I had a visual it didn’t really sink in the sheer volume of time that’s going to be accounted for by my various exploits. It’s also one of those gradual things where I did not realize how deep into something I was getting until I took a step back and looked at everything as a whole. Continuing along this path, while certainly noble would mean stepping back from other things that I am just not willing to do. It became painfully evident that something had to get cut from the schedule, and unfortunately my run coaching and committee volunteer duties are what made the most sense to me to go.

I’m still going to run for the charity, and most likely always will. I’m still going to have a team of runners to do with me. But I’m simply running out of resources and will not be able to uphold the responsibilities of being a committee member and coach in addition to all this. I am massively honored and proud to be a included as a part of this committee, but I’m also not too proud to admit when I’ve made a mistake and overcommitted myself.

I know I keep going on about it, but the truth is that I feel embarrassed and feel like I am letting some people down. While this is certainly not the first time that I’ve overextended myself in general, it is the first time I’ve done it in this new fitness world of mine (where I  responsible both for myself and for assisting others). I feel like I should’ve known better but I can’t go back and change things now. I got very excited and caught up in the prospect of being on the committee and serving as a coach, thought I could pull it off and it turns out that I was wrong. And while I feel embarrassed, that really only goes so far. When push comes to shove my family and those closest to me come first. They have to. I can’t compromise time with them for anything else. End of discussion.

So while i’m still proud to continue my involvement with ACS/determination, I will just have to settle for running for the charity, bringing in new people by organizing a team to run every year, and being a very vocal and outspoken supporter.  Let’s go DNation Philly!

So there it is. Good News and Bad News for this update. Stay tuned for a Sweet Cheeks Recap post, My first Triathlon Training post, and a pretty aewsome announcement regarding me and the blog, all coming this week. Booyaa.  It’s going to be a bsy week for me.

Announcing The “Sweet Cheeks Virtual 5K”!

So here we are! I am very proud to announce the Sweet Cheeks Virtual 5K!

Sweet Cheeks Banner


Based on the amazing success of last year’s “Chilly Cheeks Virtual 5K”, I’m back at it again for 2014! Same Idea, Same Charity Beneficiary, Same “Running My Ass Off”-Themed Name….

For all the details: Please refer to this insanely helpful FAQ:

SO WHAT EXACTLY IS A VIRTUAL 5K, ANYWAY? Ok, so here’s the deal. A virtual 5K is a race just like any other, except there’s no official race location. You register for the race and then you run during the designated race weekend: when you want, where you want; and then just submit the results when you’re done (on the convenient online form that I’ll send out). All the results will be complied and sent out to all participants after the race is over. Any pictures or stories to accompany your official time are encouraged as well!

WHEN IS IT?: The official race weekend is Friday, Feb 14 thru Sunday, Feb 16.

WHAT DO I DO?: Like I said above, in order to participate, all you need to do is register for the race, run it at any point during the weekend of Feb 14-16, and then submit your results. (Along with any pictures or stories about the experience you’d like to share)

WHAT DO I GET/ WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?: Every race participant gets an official Sweet Cheeks 5K finisher’s medal. That, plus the satisfaction of knowing that the vast majority of your entry fee is being donated directly to charity; so all your sweat and effort is not only doing you good, but others as well.

IS THAT ALL?: No it’s not! All entries also get entered into a random drawing to win some pretty awesome prizes! See the complete list of giveaways below. I know I’m biased, but I think they are some pretty badass prizes.

SO HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? All this for the low low price of $25.00!

HOW DO I SIGN UP?: All you need to do is click on the “Register Now” button above. It links directly to Paypal, to guarantee that the transaction is safe and secure for you.

WHAT IF I CAN’T RUN, BUT WANT TO DONATE ANYWAY? Well thank you! And we have a button for that too! If you want to donate but not run in the race, please click on the “Donate Now” button below. It will take you to a PayPal screen that will allow you to choose the amount you would like to donate and allow you to do it safely.


WHAT IS THIS FOR, ANYWAY?: All monetary profits from this race will be donated directly to the American Cancer Society through their DetermiNation program. See below for a more detailed explanation of what’s going on here…

This race is going to be used as a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society and Charity Miles.

Print everymilematters

For the second year in a row, I have created a charity team to run The Blue Cross Broad Street Run in Philadelphia (this year it is being held on Sunday, May 4th)

We are a team of 15 runners who all signed up to run Broad Street in 2014 . This race is one of the biggest 10 mile races in the country. Rather than just register for the race and run it, we are using this opportunity to link up with the American Cancer Society and use this as a fundraiser as well (The official charity partner of the race). We have joined their DetermiNation program, And have set an initial team goal of $7,500 to be raised between the group of us running. We want to challenge ourselves by running the race, and also to give a little back at the same time. We are dedicated to meeting -and with any luck-, far surpassing our initial goal of funds to be donated to this worthwhile cause. Cancer is a horrible and far reaching disease that continues to impact countless people, odds are you or someone you know has to deal with this reality. We are just trying to do our part and help fix that as best we can.

To further prove my point about really getting on board with the charitable efforts, we are also partnering up with Charity Miles, and I could not be more excited about it.

Let me explain. Charity Miles is a free iPhone/android smartphone app that uses your phone’s gps to track your run/walk/bike ride. This NYC based company (Charity Miles) is dedicated to raising money to be donated to charity, at the rate of $0.25/ mile run (or walked) They have secured corporate partners who are willing to donate money to any one of a multitude of “approved charities’ (identified in the app) based on the amount of miles run/walked/biked. They designed the app specifically to track everything and keep it all legit. I discovered them about a year ago and have been using the app ever since. I love it and the fact that A.) it does not cost me anything to use it and B.) even though it’s free, it still puts me in a position to raise funds for charity and make a difference. I love donating other people’s money.(ha) I know I don’t give it full justice, but suffice it to say this is a way to leverage the running you will be out there doing anyway to generate some funds and make a real impact. You can find their main website HERE. We are strongly encouraging all of The Sweet Cheeks Virtual 5K participants to use it while they run the race. Instead of getting only my 3.1 miles, if we can get everybody’s 3.1 it can add up quick and make a huge difference.

I hope you consider running with us for this Virtual 5K race.

Feel free to contact me with any questions: bigandysrunning@yahoo.com

Here are the companies providing giveaways we have thus far (I’m working hard to add some more as we speak, as more get added I’ll post them up here):

Road ID logo