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Weight Still Good / New 5K PR! / Finally Cross Training For Real

Weight is good. Hanging in the high 190’s and comfortable. The 4 days on/ 3 days off of the logging food in MyFitnessPal seems to be holding so far. I’ll keep it up like this for a while more and then probably add another “off day” to my food logging. Slow and Steady.

So this Wed I went over to the gym to get in my scheduled 4 mile training run. There was nothing remarkable or noteworthy about the night, just trying to go get my run in and be back before bathtime so we can get Tess down for the night. So no real angst pent up or massive frustration or anything to burn off in the workout. Just a good old regular 4 mile run. Nothing to indicate that I would go out and break the 5K PR that I have been chasing down since August. But guess what happened? Oh hell yeah. So I started out fast, running at approx an 8:30 pace. About a half mile in I realized how fast I was going and dialed it back a little bit thinking that I needed to pace myself better, since there was no way in hell that I keep that up pace and finish 4 miles strong. As soon as I dialed it back though, I also realized I was feeling really good, even after running faster than normal (which usually would have me breathing hard and struggling already), so I decided “screw it, I’m going for it” and cranked the treadmill right back up. A little faster to offset/ make up for the slower running and decision-making process I just went through. I decided on the fly that 4 regular tempo pace miles had just become 3.1 race pace miles. I held strong for the entire time and had enough in the tank to really crank it and kick hard in the final stretch. During that final kick I had the treadmill ramped up faster than I ever have before and just seeing the 9.0 speed kind of scared me a little. I knew I was one missed step away from flying ass-first straight to the floor behind the treadmill instead being of upright and running hard. And believe me, in the end, I was pushing myself HARD. But I am happy to say I beat my previous PR by nearly 20 seconds. You want to alter your outlook on pretty much everything for the rest of the week? Go accomplish something you have tried to do for approx 7 months on a random Wednesday night. I am super proud and excited, but also pretty sure I have just completely screwed myself for my goal of breaking the 5K PR during the upcoming Phillies 5K. 8 days to get myself in fighting shape and ready to rock out 3.1 sub-8:30 miles on a road race course. It’s flat and fast, so if I’m going to do it, this may be a great opportunity. The new PR and time to beat at the Fightin’ Phils 5K: 26:34. Let’s get after it.

So I finally started, after about a year of talking about it. The dreaded/ infamous cross training. Yes, I am aware I should have done this since the beginning. My only explanation/ lame ass justification is that I was so focused on the running/ changing my diet/ losing the weight that I got a kind of tunnel vision in terms of my routine. I can’t go back and change the past, but I sure as hell can control what I do in the future, so from here on out I’ll be incorporating this extra layer into my fitness routine.

In order for me to do this I had to find a means to cross train that met a set of very specific criteria to make sure that I actually pull it off.

It had to be cheap. Quite frankly, with a new house, a toddler, and a newborn on the way I cannot afford to be going out and buying free weights of all shapes and sizes. Say what you will, that stuff adds up and I need to build up the diaper fund ASAP.

Like most people out there, I feel like there is just not enough hours in the day, so the program I found absolutely could not be cumbersome time-wise either. As it is the only time I can find to do this is when Tess is asleep for the night and the house is cleaned up a little. So I’m looking at 9pm or later typically. I do not see this changing in the foreseeable future.

And lastly, I have proven to myself that I can push myself to run for literally miles and miles. Further than I ever thought possible. That does not, however, mean that the rest of me is built up like I want it to be. So the program I use needs to be very introductory and slowly ease into more difficult challenges.

With the help of a recommendation of my good friend Clarke, I have come across an iPhone/ iPad app called Gorilla Workout that meets all my demands. It’s all basic body weight exercises (or a he calls them, “prison yard exercises”… This makes them sound exponentially more badass) that are basic movements. Squats, lunges, push-ups, etc. It starts you off slow and gradually works you up to more advanced and challenging positions.

Thank god it starts slow, because for a workout that took 15 min tops, I was sore as hell the next day. Up until this point, the program’s workouts have not been time-consuming at all, so I have been doing them on all non-run days.

So far so good, but I am still in week #1, so we’ll see how things progress as I get deeper into it. But I can feel it already. It’s sore but a good sore. Like my body is pissed off at me again for pushing it to do something unfamiliar. I have come to learn this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Ok, enough for now.
Be on the lookout next week for 2 Product reviews, one for Pro Compression socks and one for a Hydrapak Hydration Backpack. Both are pretty damn cool products.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy St. Patty’s Day.

Till next time, Have a good one.