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Puma Faas 3.0 v3 Review

Runners by nature tend to be creatures of habit and fiercely loyal: I am prime example #1 of this. So when I was approached by the folks at Puma asking if I was interested in trying and reviewing a pair of their new Faas 300 v3 shoes, it took them 2 tries for me to say yes.

I’ve made no secret that I am a devout Hoka One One runner through and through, but the simple fact remains that the Hokas are massively padded and with that comes a lot of extra size, enough to make them feel clunky on the treadmill. When you add a clunky shoe to an already clumsy and accident-prone person to begin with, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Thus I have a void to fill in my shoe rotation, that of “treadmill shoe”. I am particularly open to this topic and have tried several options. What I am looking for is a shoe that has a decent level of support and cushioning still, but it does not need to be nearly as much as the massive Hokas, because let’s face it, the impact of the treadmill is not even comparable to the impact of the asphalt. This opens a lot more doors for me to try a lot of other, more varied and nimble options.

In a great stroke of luck, the folks at Puma have approached me and asked if I would be willing to wear and review a pair of their new Faas 300 v3 running shoes for you. I am open to trying a new option for the treadmill so away I go again with a new alternative.

Right off the bat, these shoes are really cool looking. They look like Pumas. The familiar sweeping logo is on the outside of each shoe, and then the inside has an inlaid rubber “puma/cat logo” near the heel. Nothing crazy of overly flashy, just classic and cool. The blue and orange color scheme on the pair they provided to me is my go-to combo anyway, so they instantly matched 90% of running gear immediately. Not a running related remark but it was an instant check in the plus column for them right off the bat. In a more functional observation: these things are really comfortable. The upper is of the “no sew” variety, so the inside is totally smooth with no seams to rub or chafe your feet. Everything on the outside of the shoe is welded on by overlay, (not stitched) which I would also imagine cuts down on the weight of things. I’ll be honest, as a relatively new runner (only been in the game for a few years) and as someone who regularly runs all of his outdoor runs in shoes resembling minivans, I am less observant of the weight of shoes when it comes down to identifying which is heavier/ lighter by a matter of ounces. But in terms of what I can really attest to, the smooth interior and overall this Puma is damn comfy. The midsole and outsole are comprised of proprietary Puma foam and rubber, and both have held up well. The shoe does provide a little stiffer/ more responsive feel than I am used to.

After wearing these on the treadmill, on a few short runs around my neighborhood, and on the local high school track, I am inclined to use them as a backup for the treadmill and will most likely never let them hit the roads again with the intent of running with purpose. The place where I can see them being added into the rotation however, is on the track when I go to incorporate speed work into my training again. They felt most comfortable and responsive once they hit the track, and with the training plans I have been researching for my future I can see the importance of speed work and in turn, these as my track-specific trainers. They feature an 8mm heel drop, a less cushioned/ more responsive feel, and lend themselves to being a really solid track work option.

I’ll be honest, with as reasonably priced as these shoes are (retail for approx. $90), coupled with the fact I am not looking to get into a hardcore training plan again anytime soon, I am really thinking that I am going to start wearing these shoes all the time and when it comes time to get down to business and attack the speed work for real, go out and buy a new pair just for that purpose. I like them too much right now and they are just too comfy for me to just let them sit in the closet till then.

So as always, I try to bring it back to the readers of this blog: by and large I am talking to newer runners and those who have some weight to lose and are looking to do it through getting more active: would I recommend this shoe? It all depends on your personal preferences. I can say that (in gross generalizations), most newer and overweight runners tend to have a less than perfect running form, heel striking, over pronation, and similar running styles are common- myself included. For these reasons, I found myself benefiting from a more heavily cushioned shoe with a lower heel drop. But like I said, everyone is different and what works for me you might hate, and vice versa. Alternatively, if you are like me and looking to add a lightweight, solid trainer to your rotation of shoes for things like speed work or even tempo runs, these might be a great option to check out.
As always, thanks for reading and I hope this helps. ​