The Triathlon Chronicles: Update #3.5 (delayed update post)

I know it’s time for my regularly scheduled triathlon training update. But I’m placing that on hold to allow for my Broad Street prep posting instead.

…but since it’s on the schedule I wanted to at least put something up here so I was not just neglecting it completely.

Quick and dirty update: Tri training is going good. No major ups or downs just chugging along. Truth be told, I have been foregoing several of the triathlon specific workouts in favor of getting myself ready to cover the 10 miles of Broad Street confidently. Replacing the bricks and a few swims with some recovery runs and additional pavement miles. I’ll be back to the full on triathlon chronicles/ training mode in a week or two, but this is about that time of year where I become 100% Broad Street focused… And I love it. So keep your eyes peeled for my Broad Street prep posting coming up very shortly. (hopefully later tonight)

Take it easy


One response to “The Triathlon Chronicles: Update #3.5 (delayed update post)

  1. Thanks for a great post. Keep running and good luck!

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