Hooking My Readers Up/ Quick Plug For Pro Compression’s “Sock Of The Month” Program

Just a quick post today to keep up on my “Pro Compression Ambassador-ly Duties”…and totally hook up my readers at the same time.


I’ve touted the benefits of compression gear before (you can check out my review of the Pro Compression socks HERE), and after trying a few brands out have found that I like the Pro Compression brand the best, and as such have made them my go-to option.

 In the review linked above, I list out pros and cons at the end, and the negative that I drew during the review still holds true. These are a specialty item, and priced as such…   (And here is the part where I get to hook you all up)    …Except when they offer up their “Sock of the Month” discount program.

 Each month, Pro Compression picks out some selected styles and marks them down.

For the selected socks each month, they offer up:

40% off & Free Shipping

 This month, they are doing something really cool as well:

They picked the colors to mark down based on the charities that they are associated with:

Purp Purple for Team in Training
Powder Blue for Train 4 Autism

  And they are taking the profits from the sales of their Socks of the Month and “giving back” by donating a portion of each sale to the corresponding charity.

Pretty sweet, huh?

 OK Andy, you convinced me. How do I get a pair (or 2)?
I’m glad you asked! It’s easy!

Just go to their website here: http://procompression.com/som and use the code SOM4 at the checkout.

 *you will see one more sock listed on the “sock of the month page” when you follow the link above as well that is discounted even though it’s not associated with a charity: The Red, White, and Blue “Tube Sock” compression socks (that I am seriously considering rocking for my run in the Broad Street Run 10 Miler coming up in a few weeks) also is subject to the 40% off and Free Shipping as well…

Tube I hope this helps. I’m still really grateful to represent the folks at Pro Compression. It allows me to suport the people that support me when I run, and hook up all of you at the same time. 

Have a great weekend, and as always:
Take it easy.



2 responses to “Hooking My Readers Up/ Quick Plug For Pro Compression’s “Sock Of The Month” Program

  1. I needed a compression sock upgrade and a few weeks ago I purchased three pairs from competing brand. Today, I am auditioning my first pair of pro compressions (the ones in purple) today (for 24 hours while on call–good compression socks a must for this and I will confess that I have no experience using them related to training). I liked them so much that just hours ago I hoped online and bought 5 more colors. So, yeah, I could get on board with a sock of the month club…Thanks for sharing.

  2. if only the R/W/B came in a compression sleeve! I’d be all over it!

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