FlapJacked Product Review

So this is a little departure for me, but a worthwhile one. In my reviews I usually focus primarily on the running gear aspects of things, shoes and hydration, socks and such. But another piece of the puzzle is nutrition, and after 2+ years of focusing on what I put into my mouth and how it affects the rest of my body, I like to think that I’ve gotten pretty decent at making the right choices.

To further these good choices, I have been provided some Protein Pancake mix from a company called FlapJacked (love the name, by the way) and the concept is that they combine pancake mix with protein powder to provide a health conscious, filling product, and good tasting product. (I say again…pancakes)

flapjacked logo

There is a lot more to it of course, but that’s the idea. To drill it down further, they utilize a simple, but effective philosophy when selecting the ingredients for their products:

  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Artificial color
  • NO GMO Ingredients
  • NO Artificial flavoring
  • NO Artificial ANYTHING

And quite frankly, when you are limiting the amount of calories you are eating, you start to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. This applies in the beginning of the weight loss  process when you first start cutting things back, and I can guarantee that it also applies as you progress: when you start getting into the longer distances and tougher workouts the focus on having what you eat carry you through the workouts and not be completely ravenous by the time the next meal rolls around is paramount.

In theory, the protein pancakes are a solid answer. Protein is fuel, so it will help you get through the workouts, and it’s filling, which will provide you the carryover “filling” effect that you need.

All that being said, if it does not taste good, its all for nothing. The product can be brilliant in theory and have nothing but the healthiest of ingredients in it, but if it tastes horrible nobody will eat it. Period.

Luckily for me (and for you, too) FlapJacked is good. Damn good, actually.

Now for the meat and potatoes of the review. What I was provided, the details and what I thought of it.

I was provided a sample of each of the 3 flavors they offer: Buttermilk, Cinnamon Apple, & Banana Hazelnut. Each one comes in a 2 serving (4oz) bag that makes 6-8 pancakes, or one fantastic Belgian waffle. After trying them all, The buttermilk pancakes were great, as was my apple cinnamon waffle. The Banana Hazelnut pancakes didn’t do it as much for me, but that is just not my personal taste. But to be honest, if you didn’t know there was a ton of protein in there, you’d never know. I mean that in the best way possible. I went into it with one eyebrow raised as to what the “side effects” of packing all that healthy into an otherwise less than healthy carbfest of a food would be. Funky texture? Weird Flavoring? Etc. I’m happy to report they look and taste just like every other pancake I’ve had from a mix. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised on that front.

4 3

Now the really cool thing for me, is that I am in a position to give a real life example: I was able to make and eat the cinnamon apple waffle very easily (the mix is complete, all you need to do is add water. Simple. Fast. Perfect for getting home, making the food and still having time to eat/ enjoy it on my hour long break) for lunch before my recent afternoon brick (bike and run) workout after work last week. I got through the workout and made it to dinner without wanting to eat my hand.

2 1

And to my nerdy food-logging delight, the FlapJacked products are even in the My Fitness Pal database, which allowed me to track it by just scanning the barcode.


As for pricing, it’s a reasonable option. This is not some snooty and exclusive product, each bag runs for $10 on the website: www.flapjacked.com

I like it. While I’m not sure pancakes are something I will be incorporating into my everyday routine, this will be a welcome addition and good option (especially on long run days, I mean come on, what is a better reward for a good long run than a stack of pancakes?)


I am approaching this review from my standard viewpoint of what I believe the core interest of this blog really gets at: that is to say I am presenting my review by looking at this product from the perspective of a person who is relatively new to the running world, has some weight to lose and wants go about losing the weight by starting to incorporate a more active lifestyle and want to know how sift through the volumes of available gear/ equipment out there.

One of the great benefits to running a blog like this one is that it puts me in a position from time to time to receive various products to use and review for you. Oftentimes, these items are provided to me free of charge. This is the only type of compensation I have ever received, and my acceptance of these items in no way constitutes any obligation to provide an unwarranted positive review. My opinions on the products are unfiltered and 100% my own.

**This product was provided to me free of charge, but again, this does not influence my review or views on the product in any way**

Also please note that these are the personal opinions and experiences of one individual (me) on my personal blog, and intended to be taken as such. I personally, and The Running My Ass Off Blog do not accept any liability from the purchase or use of any products reviewed on this blog.

**Sorry, just have to cover my ass here. These are unbiased reviews, intended only to help. I’m not going to try and sell you anything, nor do I want you to take my opinions as the final word on any product. Let me help you figure out what you should check out, and then check the stuff out for yourself to see if you like it.**


3 responses to “FlapJacked Product Review

  1. thanks for the review!!! that looks amazing!!! I will have to try those flavors out on my kids. Do you know if you can add almond milk instead of water? If so, I am in. I make pancakes from scratch but love that these are healthy and convenient.

  2. Hey, in the last few months we have been adding Flax seed (it’s ground into a fine powder) to our pancake mix…supposed to add protein…but I have no facts to support this though…it gives the pancakes a great texture, doesn’t alter the flavor, and if it by chance is giving me protein, then bonus 🙂

  3. Sounds like an interesting product and I love the idea! Thank you for sharing!

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