Pro Compression Ambassador

Ok, I’ve gotten just about as much mileage out of the “big announcement coming” teaser that I’m going to, so it’s about time is just come out with it already.

I am a big subscriber in a belief that I picked up in my days working in sales: “You never know unless you ask the question”. An idea or opportunity that might seem really far-fetched to you might be perfectly reasonable to someone else. You never know, and at least if you ask, you run a 50/50 shot at getting the “yes” that you want. If you don’t even ask, it’s a 100% guarantee that the answer is “no”.  That’s why if I see an opportunity in this fitness world that I am slowly expanding into that I think makes sense and is a good fit, I have made it a point to do the research and then ask the question. Whether it’s about a product or service that I can try and then review for all of you, or in very selective cases, if I can represent a company that I can legitimately see the value/ benefit in and like it enough to spread the word/ advocate on their behalf.

This has only happened twice before, and both times the organizations I have affiliated myself with have not been products, but in more in the Charity Running arena. It’s not too hard of a decision to support a means to take the running you are doing anyway and leverage it to create benefits for others as well, so for me they were really a no-brainier. That’s why I threw my name in the ring and I am a “Charity Miles All Star” and heavily associated with the American Cancer Society’s “DetermiNation” program.

What I am very pleased to announce today, however is my first venture into the “product” end of that scope.

I am very pleased to say that I have been chosen as 2014 Ambassador for Pro Compression.


I love these socks, and quite frankly I wear them on every run. When I saw that they were instituting an ambassador program, I reached out immediately to at least ask the question and start a conversation. Next thing you know, I am officially a brand ambassador.

So what does that mean, exactly? Pro Compression Ambassador?  In short, it means that I will be spreading the word about Pro Compression loud and proud throughout the year. That also means that you will be able to expect to see me rocking the Pro Compression socks at every race I run (which, quite frankly was going to happen anyway) and I will be the go-to source for discount codes, it will put me in a position to run giveaways on the blog periodically, and roll out any news or new products as they become available.

I have long been a supporter of Pro Compression. They were the first compression gear I ever tried and have since been the measure that I hold any others against. Through all the other products I’ve tried/ reviewed, I just keep going back to old faithful and decided a while ago to just stop looking elsewhere. (Speaking of which, if you wanted to check out my review of Pro Compression socks from way back when, please check it out HERE)

As my good friend Mikey D says “If it ain’t broke…don’t break it” So I decided to abide by that philosophy and stopped trying to improve on the product that did exactly what I wanted it to. They are great. Like I mentioned before, they are a standard of my running gear and have been for quite some time, and I am happy to represent them for you all. You will find the Pro Compression Ambassador over in the sidebar for the rest of the year, and it will link you directly to their webpage/ products. Up until now I have run exclusively in the Marathon socks but with my triathlons coming up shortly I’m very excited to get my hands on some low cut trainer socks and calf sleeves. (Both are on their way to me now, by the way. So I’ll be sure to post a review as soon as I give them a decent test)

So stay tuned. As new info (and discount codes, and giveaways, and potentially new awesome products) becomes available I will be dispensing it to you as quickly as I can.

Pro Compression Ambassador. How freaking cool is that?

PC Banner

5 responses to “Pro Compression Ambassador

  1. That’s awesome! Great job and great inspiration for motivation!

  2. congrats!!! I wish I saw that because I love me some PC socks!! Wear them on EVERY run!!

  3. Tammie Gillespie

    I am very proud for you!!! You are helping others, and in return you are being rewarded, that’s the way life should be!

  4. Fantastic news! I can’t wait to try ou the socks since I won a pair with the Sweet Cheeks 5k. Very exciting!

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