2014 Goal Check: 1 Month down & off to a good start

Now that we are little over a month into the year, this seems to be a perfect time to take a step back and look at my progress against my aggressive 2014 goals. overall, I’m happy with the progress that has been made thus far. There are some things that are not attainable in one month’s time, but like I said before: give me a list and I’ll start chipping away on it bit by bit. Speaking of which, here is “The List”:


Cover 1,000 miles total. Not there yet, obviously. But I have a solid training plan set for the better part of the year already that will carry me up to and past that mileage mark. All there is left to do is get after it. The official training starts on Sat, so it is getting to officially be “Go Time” again.

Get into coaching/ mentoring beginning runners. Done! I am officially a member of the planning committee for DetermiNation, the athletic fundraising arm of The American Cancer Society’s Philadelphia Branch. I have been assigned a group of runners and it’s my job to reach out and help them in any way possible to enjoy the training and race experience. One week in, and it’s so far , so good.


Record a video blog entry. Not quite there. I’ll get there but I just have not had the chance to sit down and figure out how to make it happen just yet.

Raise $10,000 for charity. Not there yet, but on my way. I know I’m already over $1,000 raised and I’m only a month into the year, so I’m off on the right foot but there is still a long way to go. I’m going to keep promoting the Sweet Cheeks Virtual 5K and see how much I can generate from that, and I have a few ideas bouncing around for other fundraisers later in the year as well.

Have the biggest DNation team for the Broad Street Run. Looks like I will have to scratch this one, as this is not going to happen. I can say this with 100% certainty because there is another team out there that is literally over 100 members strong at this point. While my 14 member team is solid and an amazing show of what a group of a motivated group of runners can do, our numbers are not going to be breaking into the triple digits any time soon.

Have my team be in the top 3 in fundraising for The Broad Street Run. Now this is still doable. The #1 slot is going to go to the 100+ member team, just based on the sheer volume of members, so that leaves me 2 more spots. We are currently sitting at #3 and the virtual is not accounted for yet (and still picking up steam as we close in on race weekend). Time will tell but I have my sights set on a top 3 finish.

Try out trail running. Since January has been the month of ice and snow I have not had a chance to run outside at all ( with a small number of exceptions) so no trail running yet. I have taken steps towards making this goal a reality, however. I am now in possession of a brand spankin’ new pair of Newton Running’s newest line of trail running shoes, the BoCo AT. They are aggressive, badass, and I can’t wait to give these bad boys the test run they deserve. Full review will be forthcoming.


Half Marathon PR. This will not come till the fall when I have 2 Halfs on the schedule. I’m hoping that all of the cross training that my triathlons are going to require will pay dividends when it comes time to get after it at the Runners World Half with my online running group ( The Sub-30 Club) and at The Philly Half (again with DetermiNation). If I train right, a sub-2 hour half marathon is attainable. I just have to be smart and want it bad enough.

Add muscle/ continue the ITBS routine all year. I have not been as on top of this as I would have liked to be all month, but now that the real training is about to begin a whole new emphasis will be placed on it, as I believe keeping up the regular routine will be instrumental in keeping me going injury free. So just suck it up and do it. Not too much more to say about that.

10,000 push-up challenge. 10K in one year. That breaks out to an average of 28/day. I have not done anywhere remotely close to this. But I am very slowly building up my strength and am banking on the theory that as I get stronger I will make up for missed opportunities and lower early totals with some big later months. I anticipate finishing the year on target with this goal.
And last but not least:

Run at least one race while pushing Tessa in the jogging stroller. Obviously not done yet, but I have targeted the race I’d like to do it in. A local 5K that is organized by one of the area YMCAs, which also happens to be me (and my families) gym.

So all in all some good progress. I’m chipping away and while the list is aggressive, it’s doable. Feeling good and ready to begin the training. I can’t wait for the chance to offer a real deal training report next week.

If you live in the Northeast corner of the US where I do, be safe out there. We have been getting hammered with some pretty consistent rounds of snow and ice and there is no end in sight for the immediate future. Hang in there, spring has got to get here soon, right? Well, here’s hoping anyway.

Till next time, take it easy.



One response to “2014 Goal Check: 1 Month down & off to a good start

  1. Great progress on your 2014 goals. Keep us updated as the progress continues.


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