2014 Goals & Quick Holiday Recap

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I know I did. Both of the kids were spoiled rotten, which is exactly what I wanted. I have had an absolutely amazing time  getting to live Christmas through my 2 year old’s eyes, and while she does not fully  “get it” yet, she had a great time and I get even more excited for next year when we will be in full-on elf on the shelf/ santa claus/ magical holiday glory.

That being said, we have also been on a nonstop whirlwind tour of friends and family houses for party after party, gathering after gathering. Literally it’s been something going on  (or somewhere to go to) for every free day in December.

Which leads me to my next point. Along with all the catching up, visiting, and partying, there has been what feels like a never-ending parade of food. I wrote a post back around thanksgiving about how we were heading into “holiday party season” and that as long as you kept your wits about you, it didn’t necessarily have to be a downward spiral to a month long eating binge. I am happy to say that I was able to relax and be social; Not eat like a rabbit or be phobic of the food table and still not fall completely down the rabbit hole. I can tell you though, that even though I didn’t pack on 25 pounds, I still feel like I’ve been eating like crap. It’s just been a lot of “party food”, and when you are so accustomed to paying close attention/ keeping a close grip on what you are putting into your body, to loosen the grip and relaxing the standards can be a little unnerving. Maybe it’s just that I’m getting antsy to get back out there and start moving again. (which is totally the case)

I’m in that Post-Holiday rut. Feeling I’ve been entirely too sedentary for my own liking and itching to get back moving on a regular routine. And as it turns out, my way to kick start that process usually involves some big ideas turning into measurable goals (and this time is no exception). I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what exactly I want to accomplish in the upcoming year, and I wanted to have it set now so that I head into 2014 with a clear picture of what I’m shooting for. The result of this thinking is the following list:

  • Cover 1000+ miles in total (Swim, Bike,Run)
  • Get into coaching/ mentoring beginning runners in some way
  • Record a video blog entry
  • Raise $10,000 for charity (through my individual and collaborative virtual 5K efforts)
  • Have the biggest ACS/ DetermiNation team in the Philly area for The Broad Street Run
  • Have my ACS/DetermiNation team be in the top 3 fundraisers for The Broad Street Run
  • Try out Trail Running
  • Half Marathon PR (Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon?)
  • Add Muscle to this lanky frame of mine
  • Continue my IT Band routine all year
  • Pushup Challenge- 10,000 on the year (avg. of 28/day)
  • Run at least one race while pushing Tessa in the jogging stroller
  • Not to mention my existing race schedule that is pretty much set for the year already.
    • Feb: The Sweet Cheeks Virtual 5K
    • March: The Philadelphia Phillies 5K
      • This will be my 3rd year in a row to run this race, and I love it
    • April: The UCP Life Without Limits 5K
      • I run this wth my family every year, and is currently the race where I earned my 5K PR of 24:35
    • May: The Broad Street Run
      • As part of Team “Running My Ass Off” through the American Cancer Society/ DetermiNation program. No need to elaborate here as you will see countless posts about it
    • June: The Escape The Cape Triathlon
      • Sprint Distance, and my first Tri ever. Can. Not. Wait. Jumping off the back of the Cape May Ferry and swimming back to shore in 162 days…not that I’m counting or anything,
    • July: Off
      • vacation…may possibly fill in a race later
    • August: The Tri The Wildwoods Triathlon
      • Sprint Triathlon that I plan on running with my badass sister. Really looking forward to that
    • September: The Atlantic City International Triathlon
      • International Distance. This will be my first real deal step toward the longer distance tris. I’m looking at this one as the real test of whether or not I come out of this experience being bitten by the “tri bug” or not
    • October: Runner’s World Half Marathon
      • This is the long- planned real life meetup for my online running group, The Sub-30 Club. It should be interesting, as my brother gets married the day before. What? A wedding and reception is not the ideal race prep scenario?
    • November: The Philadelphia Half Marathon
      • I plan on running this with ACS/ DetermiNation as well. This will also the be cap on what is shaping up to be one hell of a year, fitness-wise and where I will be gunning to break my current Half Marathon PR of 2:17:12.
        • Primary Goal: set a new PR.
        • Stretch Goal: shave an unprecedented 17:12 off my time and run a sub-2 hour race. Aggressive? Hell yes. But I might just be stupid stubborn crazy enough to try it anyway, and you never know…
          • Looking at the numbers: I ran at a 10:28/mile pace during that last half when I set the current PR, and I have to bring it down to a 9:09/mile pace to come in at 1:59:59. I ran in the high 8’s for the entire 10 miles of Broad Street last year, so it can be done. I just have to believe I can hit that pace again.

So my theme for 2014 looks to be: “Aggressive but Doable”.

I’m very ready to get rocking and rolling and head into the new year strong. It’s a big year and some lofty goals, but I believe that I can meet and exceed all of them.  I hope everyone had a great holiday, and I’ll talk to you next week.

Till next time, as always, take it easy.



2 responses to “2014 Goals & Quick Holiday Recap

  1. I’m definitely feeling the post-holiday “bulge” this year, so it feels good to get back on track this month. I’m hoping training for an ultra will take care of the extra pounds!

  2. Hi Andy! I am super pumped by your blog posts and progress. I am a new runner and like it so far, but I wanted to ask….How long does it take before you don’t feel so heavy hitting the pavement? I am 200ish pounds (38 yo female) and when I run it feels so awkward because I feel like I have so much weight pounding down on the ground. Am I running incorrectly or is this a normal feeling in the beginning? Thank you for your help!

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