Slow and steady progress / Broad Street is off and running!

Hell. Yes. So this past weekend i finally got to go for my first run in way too long, and I even though I was hesitant and fully expecting my leg to crap out on me (IT Band to totally tighten up and prevent me from going further than a mile or so) I am so happy to report that things held up wonderfully during the run. Tightened up on me later that night, but I’ll take progress where I can get it. I went out for a 5K, as it was my Sub-30 Club Virtual 5K run. Since I helped plan the thing I figured I should probably participate, right? The run was good and bad. The good is the IT Band progress, but where I did not have to stop and walk due to horrible leg pain, I just swapped out pain for a total lack of conditioning. But to be honest, this is the most easily fixable problem in mind, so I walk away from that run super encouraged. The plan is not really exciting, I just plan to keep on staying the course, cross train the crap out of myself, and improving so when it’s time for me to really get going in a few months I can do this right and really get after it. So: I’ll be damned, this is actually working. It’s been a while since I’ve been pleasantly surprised like that, run-wise.

Now, onto Broad Street, and more specifically, Team Running My Ass Off. I registered the team earlier this week, and good god, what an overwhelming response. We have 8 people in black and white already registered, and 4 more with hard commitments to join, bringing us to a base of 12. Add to that another group of people looking to see if they can make it work, but suffice it to say that could conservatively represent another 6-8 runners. I hesitate to even say it but we COULD end up with a team that is pushing 20 runners. (Which, by the way would also represent $10,000 in donations to the American Cancer Society) We are wide ranging in background and running ability. We have marathoners and brand newbies. Completely active runners and people using this to stage their comeback into the running world. Once things are finalized I’ll have an introduction to the awesome peeps that I will be running with, but as for now were still building and getting things in order.

It’s been a good but crazy week, super busy, both at work and at home, so sorry for the late post this week. I’m finally getting a forced rest from everything since I am sitting here on the couch with Tessa asleep next to me sick since the evil stomach bug has decided to take our house by storm, but this too shall pass and it’s still all good.

All in all things are definitely on the upswing, and I am so happy to back moving and making up some lost ground on the cardio front. Counterpoint to the slow and steady progress there is the insane excitement that I have regarding Broad Street as the team comes together. Fair warning, I’m also going to all “Triathlon’d Up” after next week as I have the official Athlete Appreciation Dinner that is being held by Delmo Sports, the company that puts on the Tris I am registered for in 2014. Looking forward to getting deeper into all things Triathlon and learning all about Delmo and the events. All while getting ready for the holidays, keeping up on the rehab, and potentially traveling for work. It’s going to be an interesting December.

Ok everybody, that’s all I got for now. Until next time have a great week and take it easy.


3 responses to “Slow and steady progress / Broad Street is off and running!

  1. Andy: you have inspired me to start my road back to a healthy me. I am 311 pounds, and am beginning with walking. My desire is to build up to a walk and jog and then just jog. In 2009 I ran seven 5ks below 30 minutes. My weight got down to just below 220. I suffered a heart attack in 2007. My Dr. Has given me the clearance to start and I am seeing him every six weeks through the process. I don’t know if I will be able to do Broad street, but I am going to try.


  2. Andy:

    You have inspired me to get back my life. I am a father of two boys ages seven, and nine. My weight is at 311LB and I am 5ft8in. My health has declined because I have allowed myself to become fat. I have a runner within, but I am starting with a walking program that will build to a 5k in the March/April timeframe. I am cleared by my Dr. to start. Wednesday I am going to see my Cardiologist, and get his blessing as well. The road to this weight was a long one, and the road to my weight loss will also be a long term plan. Mentally I want to and need to do this!!


    • That is great Robert, thanks for sharing! Slow and steady my man, and trust the process. As long as you stay honest and stay at it, things will happen. You’ve got the right mindset going in so all there is left to do is get going with it. Please don’t be a stranger. Keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing!
      Kick some ass buddy.


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