Broad Street & IT Band Updates / Thoughts on the “Holiday Party Season”

Ok, first things first. Broad Street. Team Running My Ass Off has gotten a great response thus far, and it’s a mix of people from both my personal and virtual worlds. A handful of friends and handful of local members of my online running group, all coming together to make up one badass group of people.  Since I’m talking badass things related to this particular topic, I have to share this with you all: A huge thank you is due to the lovely and talented Allison who designed the new logo for our team. (she is also the mastermind behind the shirts for the now infamous Suck It Up, Princess Sub-30 Club Virtual 5K that is going on this weekend. Well, since I had her attention I asked if she would be willing to throw something together for us as well and she very graciously offered to help us out. Please take a look at the resulting logos. Yes, 2. (!)

Logo II Logo I

As for the team itself, I am seriously considering limit it to 10 people this year, just so things don’t get too big too fast and out of hand I figure we had 3 last year, 10 this year, and then continue to grow it year over year. (plus then the virtual 5K’s impact will be more beneficial to the rest of the team as well) …speaking of which, stay tuned for details regarding this year’s upcoming version of my very own annual virtual 5K fundraiser (benefiting the American Cancer Society). Last year it was called the Chilly Cheeks Virtual 5K (being based in early February and a play off of the name of this blog), this year I’m pushing it by a week or so to make it a Valentine’s Day weekend race and naming it The Sweet Cheeks Virtual 5K. I’m still getting everything together, but rest assured you’ll be hearing much, much more about it from me in the upcoming months. But since the name and date are set I figured I’d throw it out there. Save the date. If you have reached out to me about looking to join, I’ll be sending out an email to everyone next week confirming interest and giving more details.

As for an update on my IT Band rehabbing progress: well, I wish there was something to report, quite frankly. I’ve been trying to stay as diligent as possible with the workouts, but the fallout (forced rest) that I feared when AJ was first born has waited till just recently to really rear it’s ugly head. I have literally been running out of hours in the day. But like I said before, things have been settling down lately, and just as importantly, we have been adjusting as an entire family unit to our new “normal”, so I can realistically take a look and see where in the schedule I can get in my regularly scheduled workouts again. Taking care of the family is clearly more important, but I’d be lying if I said I was not going stir crazy without getting the workouts in. It’s time to get back on it. Strengthen hard this winter so I can hit the ground running and get ready for a full schedule in 2014.

Looking ahead, it’s time to step up my game a little bit anyway. So here we are: the beginning of the holiday season again. Thanksgiving to New Years has always been a minefield (or wonderland, depending if you ask me now or a few years ago) filled with every sort of food and drink imaginable. I’m looking at the prospect of no less than 5 family & friend parties in as many weeks (half of which are Jenn’s family -real deal ITALIAN family parties, which involve roughly enough unbelievably delicious food to feed a small third world village for a week), work parties, not to mention my annual “sibling xmas get together” which really amounts to my sister plus the six brother and sister-in-laws along, 7 of us in the immediate family all getting together at the famous Philly sports bar/ restaurant, Chickie’s & Pete’s for what amounts to a whole afternoon/ evening of day drinking and eating. Fun as hell, I look forward to it every year, but as far as keeping track of the caloric impact of that one day alone, it’s better to just write it off and pick back up the next day. (Otherwise I’d give myself a never ending guilt trip and simultaneous stress headache…ha). It’s actually becoming more and more popular and we are now being joined by other family members and friends. Total awesomeness.

At any rate, this is a challenging time to say the least. The way I see it, it can be a downward spiral OR it can just be like any other time of the year. As easy as it is to sit there and say that there are “all these parties” and so on, those really are just a few days/ nights out of the entire month. So let’s say you have  one a week during a 30 day span. That is still 26 days to totally control what you are eating and 4 days to relax and enjoy yourself. As long as you are in control of yourself and don’t use outside influences as a crutch or excuse (just like every other day of the year, right?) you can get through without the dreaded “holiday spread” meeting up with your booty. So I’ll tell you what I keep telling myself. Stay strong. You’re better than that. Don’t be the guy who just blindly stuffs his face and then regrets it/ beats himself up about it after. Have fun, enjoy yourself. Know that you will have a good time and anticipate that you will feel some repercussions of said good times. But that is ok. As long as you keep everything else in check, it WILL be ok. Things will level back out, and you can come out of the holidays without massive weight gain and the correlating guilt/ frustration. Basically be the badass that you are the rest of the year. No excuses; just get it done and enjoy the hap-hap-happiest time of the year.

Until next week’s post:
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and if you are participating in the Sub-30 Virtual 5K enjoy your run,

…and as always: take it easy.




One response to “Broad Street & IT Band Updates / Thoughts on the “Holiday Party Season”

  1. just a quick suggestion for your IT band: do every other day this strength routine and in a month you will be likely back running:
    greetings from Milan, Italy

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