Open Call For Runners/ The birth of “Team Running My Ass Off”

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Ok everybody, the time has come.
I announced last year that I was officially hooked after running The Broad Street Run and was interested in putting together a team to run it for charity again. Specifically, I ran for the American Cancer Society through their DetermiNation program. I’ll be honest, it initially started out as a guaranteed way to get into an insanely popular race that had just made the move over to a lottery registration system. What I found, however, was that running it through the charity also added a whole new level of meaning, satisfaction, support, and fulfillment to the entire race experience. I had an amazing team last year. Our little group, “Team Pegasus”(…since we all wore the Nike Pegasus as our running shoe of choice at the time we registered) completely rocked it and exceeded all expectations. There were 3 of us, all old friends and who were new to both Broad St and the Charity running experience. Like I said before, it was awesome. Enough so to guarantee that Broad Street is permanently on my race calendar.

That being said (and yes, I am very aware that it is currently November and I’m talking about a race in May) I am officially announcing my intention to form my own American Cancer Society DetermiNation team for Broad Street 2014.

“Team Running My Ass Off” is set to get together this month, and then run straight through the heart of Philadelphia 6 months later on Sunday, May 4, 2014. I will actively solicit for members and register us on Dec 4, exactly 5 months before the race. This will allow ample time for: Training, Fundraising, Team Building, & Increasing our collective General Badass-ery to the appropriate levels.

Ok, here’s my pitch on the race and the DetermiNation Charity running program:
Broad Street.
Philadelphia, PA.
The largest 10 Miler in the country.
The race is held in early May, notorious for being IDEAL running conditions.
10 Miles in a straight line.
200 Feet of elevation loss over the race course (Yes, it’s a downhill run).

When running for The American Cancer Society:
First and foremost, you are raising money to go towards the fight against Cancer.
I cannot tell you how rewarding that really feels.

Secondly, (and in more of a “first person” perspective) you are treated like ROYALTY on race day.

The key for most folks: you get a guaranteed entry into this insanely popular race. So popular in fact, that last year they switched to a lottery system for entry. So run with us and there is no rolling the dice: you’re just in.
The support of dedicated coaches and group runs for DNation members as you train
Private entrance to the expo. No Lines.
Pre-Race Dinner @ Lincoln Financial Field (Yes, the Eagles Stadium)
Private Bag Check on Race Day.
Private Porta Potties on Race Day.
I’ll say that one again for emphasis:
Private Porta Potties on Race Day.
Private pre and post-race areas I with more exclusive porta potties, fully catered and tons of room to stretch out and relax. Not to mention that while out running the course, whenever I saw one of the other several hundred DNation runners it just gave me a sense that there was some random people out there who all have each other’s backs.
Even further to that point, in a more specific sense we will be a “Team within a team” and literally WILL have each other’s backs.

In a perfect world I’d love to set up some group runs to add a social aspect to our training, potentially get tech shirts made up for race day, create a facebook group to communicate easily, etc, etc. you know what I mean, really feel like a team.
…You know what, that does lead me to another point. While I would love to set up some group runs for all of our local runners, you do not necessarily have to be local to join with us. The only time you really need to be local is on race day itself. But I know for a fact that I will be hitting up some runner friends of mine to join who are scattered across various parts of the country. So local to Philly? Bonus. Not local? Not a deal breaker.

And last but certainly not least we get to all meet, prepare, run, celebrate, and have one hell of a good time together. Who knows? Hopefully we can all make some new friends and expand our running circle a little bit through this.

OK, so there’s my pitch. Here are the specifics. With all this awesomeness, there’s got to be a catch, right? Of course there is. The whole idea of running for a charity is that you are raising money for them, and there is a minimum to raise for participation. In this particular case, it’s $500. So before the race, we need to raise $500 for each team member. There are tons of ways to do it, and you know I will be pulling out all the stops and bringing in as much for the team as a whole the entire way. Last year’s wildly successful “Chilly Cheeks Virtual 5K” was a prime example of this. (Which will be repeated again this year , by the way) We exceeded all fundraising goals with that one event; and just like last year,the same rule applies this year regarding how the team goal supersedes the individual goals for the race. What that means in plain English: Let’s say we have a team of 10 people to keep the numbers easy. $500 a head x 10 people = a team goal of $5,000. Now let’s say that we run the virtual race again and it brings in $5000 in profit. Boom. We’re done fundraising. All of us. See what I mean there?

So there it is. Already setting my sights on 2014. I’d go so far as to say that Broad Street has been my favorite race, (hands-down) that I’ve ever run. The race itself, the distance, the course, the environment, the crowds, everything was just fantastic. I’ll be there regardless, but I thought it would be a good idea to bring some good people along with me and do some good along the way.

There is just about six months from today until race time. If you are not a 10 mile runner currently and the thought of a double digit mile race freaks you out (justifiably so), just know that there are training plans out there designed to get you to that 10 mile distance. One of the more popular running programs out there is from a gentleman named Hal Higdon. His plan can be found here: This is a 15K (so a little over 9 miles) plan, so if it were me I’d just add one more week to get a 9 mile long run in there to make sure I’m closer to race distance, but it gives you the overall idea, which is why i included it to begin with.

Now that is just one of many available, but I just wanted to give you a taste of what you would be looking at.

I’m getting excited at the prospects of the upcoming year, where my running of Broad Street will definitely be one of the highlights again.

If you are on board and want to sign up, or if you have any questions please email me at:

DNation BSR Training Plan AABSR2015


2 responses to “Open Call For Runners/ The birth of “Team Running My Ass Off”

  1. Tammie Gillespie

    You excitement is contagious….oh my…I am all the way down in NC…but I would so love to be a part of this…so please keep me informed of the virtual 5K…or is there a possibility of being a phantom runner.

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