Bad Blogger/ Quick Update

Confession time. I have been a bad blogger.
My life, actually no: my schedule has not been my own lately. I have neglected the blog and I am feeling a little bit guilty about it.
I do plan to get back on track, but here is the quick and dirty story behind my mysterious disappearance.

I announced a while back that my wife and I were expecting our second child. This was obviously going to have a major impact on my life and fitness activity. Well, at the end of August, our son AJ was born and he is absolutely incredible. Baby, Big Sister, and Mommy are all doing fantastic. But as you can imagine, life with a 2 year old and a brand new newborn has been….hectic. Yeah, we’ll call it hectic. (You could substitute that word with and of the following: insane, frenzied, or my personal favorite- barely controlled chaos)

It has been incredible and I would not trade this time of getting to know my new son and adjusting our new family schedule for anything.

That being said, my training has completely gone into the crapper over the past 6 weeks or so. We are finally finding our groove at home and things are settling down (as much as they are going to, anyway) so it’s time for me to start picking back up where I left off.

That means I need to finish up the product reviews that I had started, provide a full blown update on myself , my training and my plans/goals for the remainder of the year, and settle into a new blogging routine. I have some ideas and am still flushing them out fully bit if things play out the way I want them to I think it’s going to be really cool stuff.

At any rate: I’m still here. New dad again , sleep deprived, caffeine driven and holding things together (just barely, but together nonetheless).

You can look for some new posts soon, in the meantime, take it easy.



3 responses to “Bad Blogger/ Quick Update

  1. Welcome back! Congrats on the addition!

  2. It’s all good. We have all disappeared at one time or another when babies arrive. Glad everything is good!

  3. Congrats on the birth of your son 🙂

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