A Quick Word on Motivation

A quick word about motivation. One of the frequent comments I get about everything that I’ve changed start to finish is that it seems pretty drastic and seems like a lot of work to stay on track. That is entirely true: It is. But in my opinion it comes down to motivation. In order to make the changes needed, and keep at them consistently until they became a true lifestyle change I had to have a very clear motivating factor in mind; an end goal driving me and keeping me on point. For some people, the promise of a longer and healthier life will work but mine had to be more specific. Once my daughter came into my life, the goal was tied into specific people:of being around longer and healthier for her and my wife became the motivation to get me through the weight loss portion of everything. Now that I am in the maintenance portion (which by the way is still hard work requiring effort and motivation) I continue to look to my “two girls” as I like to call them, and further adding fuel to the fire is the addition of my brand new son. For me, this is the kind of motivation that does not have an expiration date: the idea of squeezing every last drop of time available to be with this amazing family of mine is what will continue to drive me. A lot of that is driven from my fears lingering from when I was much heavier (when I had concerns that if I did not do anything about the weight that my time had the very real possibility of being cut short…that’s what the final straw was for me: the idea of losing time with Jenn and Tessa- the two most important people in my life at that time) …and that’s what does it for me. For you it may be something different and that’s fine. Some people out there will take the sappy and emotional route to their motivation that I do (I openly admit I’m a sappy emotional kind of guy) but it does not have to be be that way, it can be to just get healthier, to lose some extra pounds, to fit back into the skinny jeans, whatever. But the morale of the story here is that making changes and getting healthy like this is a big deal, it’s long, slow, and requires a great deal of determination; find what works to drive you and hold onto that when things eventually get tough. Because they will get tough. Although, I can say with absolute certainty that the toughness of the situation does eventually pass and as long as you stay motivated and on course, you end up better for it all.
Anyway, that’s what’s been on my mind over the past few days; and that’s my two cents on the subject of motivation…whether you asked for it or not. I hope it helps.



3 responses to “A Quick Word on Motivation

  1. I love this post. You’re so right! Congrats on your new son. Bring him into the office when you can. 🙂

  2. Fantastic post, beautiful picture! Congrats again!

  3. Great post man. Truths like this are seldom requested but always useful. Thanks and congratulations.

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