Running My Ass Off, Award Winning Blog!?!?

Wait, What?

Are you sure about this?


Joking aside, I am massively honored to have been nominated and voted to #30 on the Reader’s Choice Top 100 Running Blogs of 2013. (yes, that’s a mouthful but the takeaway here is that on a website that is dedicated to focusing on all matters pertaining to running blogs across the world, my blog was submitted for consideration and was deemed worthy to be listed in the top 100)
And I came down in the top 1/3 to boot!

…I am also humbled and grateful for the insanely flattering writeup on me and the blog that accompanied it. If you will allow my flagrant plagiarism: (copy/pasted directly from the site)

“I love Running My Ass Off. He is smart and funny with a determination that cannot be matched. He is a wonderful father and husband to boot! He is a wealth of information for anyone who is one a similar journey as he is. He cares about each person who follows him and will answer every question that comes his way. Definitely worth checking out”-this was submitted by Nicole at Running While Mommy, a fellow running blogger that has been a longtime supporter of myself and the blog.

 So how do you follow up a (literally) award winning year? Shake things up, keep it fresh and keep on keepin’ on. All things I plan on doing as we move ahead.

Stay tuned: much more cool stuff to come in the remainder of 2013 and moving into 2014.

Thanks again, and congrats to the other 99 winners on the list as well!

Till next time, Take it easy.



2 responses to “Running My Ass Off, Award Winning Blog!?!?

  1. And I meant every word! Congrats my friend!

    • I should have mentioned that Nicole ALSO made the list! So from one award winning blogger to another: you rock my friend! (PS- readers: if you haven’t already done so, you owe it to yourself to check out Running While Mommy)

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