The Color Run! – An Impromptu Race

Sometimes things just work out.


I have a friend who,  in an effort to get herself a little more active and have fun decided to sign up for the Color Run when it comes through Philly. It was a great motivation to start walking and running some and taking some steps to increasing the fitness level. Being as my group of friends is a very close knit and overly social bunch, it turned from an individual decision into a group event. What started as one registrant quickly turned into a full blown team.

Now it’s amazing how aggressive and on the ball I can be about some things, and how completely lax I can be about others. Long story short, I missed the registration window before the race sold out. I was super bummed. I never took into account how popular this race was going to be and how fast it would sell out.

But like I said, sometimes, things just work out. A last minute opening has presented itself and now I find out, a few days beforehand, that I can fill that slot. Booyaa. What once was a missed opportunity is now Game On.


I am excited about this race for a few reasons. I do not hold any illusions of rocking out a PR or anything like that, in fact, I’m not even sure they time you in this race. It’s more of an event than it is a race, actually. The high level overview is this: It’s a 5k in terms of distance, running through the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia. But the difference between this and every other running race through that area is that every Kilometer you cover, you pass through a “color station”, basically a lane where volunteers line both sides of the course and throw colored cornstarch all over you, one new color per station. You start out wearing white, you end up looking like you just got into a fight with a lucky charms box. (I plan on wearing a brand new white t, a white bandana, an old pair of black mesh shorts, some old high socks and my original *white* Nike Pegasus running shoes…and probably some swimming goggles to maximize the color exposure and keep my contacts from seeing the rainbow as well)

So in short, this is not about anything but having fun. I’m really looking forward to seeing if it lives up to the hype, since these new “gimmick” or “themed” runs seem to be popping up more and more getting bigger and bigger by the day. I want to see what all the rage is about. Although is not a competitive event, or a “runner’s run” (if you will) that I have grown to know and love as the way to push myself, chase new challenges, and subsequently change my life, I’m at the point now where I realize that not everything has to be an all out, pedal to the metal, leave it all out there on the road kind of effort…and that’s what this is for me, a departure from the “push yourself” norm and an opportunity to make running (and walking!) a new kind of fun. There are mixed feeling about these types of races in the running world, but I believe that if they are introducing new people to the sport, then I am all for it. Not everything has to be about grizzled veterans and things like hydration strategies, technical clothing and body glide. Don’t get me wrong, I love each one of those things and could go on at length about each topic, but let’s keep growing the sport and let the new entrants get to that point in their own time (just like we did).

Back to the topic at hand:  I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve heard a lot about The Color Run and it’s supposed to be an absolute blast. I know that without a doubt (based solely on the peeps in the team I am joining) it’s going to be freaking awesome. Just like the mud run last summer, there should be some great before and after pics and well. Pure white vs. rainbow colored.

I’ll post the review afterwards, plus any pics I can manage to get my hands on. (not bringing my camera or phone for fear I will destroy them forever in a cloud of pink or purple dust)

Color Run Philly Course Map


5 responses to “The Color Run! – An Impromptu Race

  1. I did a similar race last weekend called “color me rad”. It was fun, but I threw away my shirt, it just never came clean again. And you are right, it is more of an event than a race but it is fun nonetheless! Have a great time and put your camera in a ziplock back…trust me 🙂

  2. I did a “Color Me Rad” very fun, Not timed, and you just get pummeled with color. Cotton is your best bet. Tech material absorbs the color and wicks it to oblivion. Also with CMR all the color came out of everything in the wash..

  3. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. I have done, color runs, color me rad, mud runs, spartans, glow runs and now drenched. I love them. I am not one to look at it as not a real run because you are running and I love that they get people who are intimidated by a “regular” 5k out there moving……I hope you loved it. The color me rad in Philly has been my favorite so far of the color run courses 🙂

  5. LOVE The Color Run. I plan on doing it every time it comes to LA or San Diego. You planned out your outfit pretty well sir.

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