Liebster Award

Well this is unexpected.

For the first time ever, the blog has been nominated for an award.

Holy Shit…that’s awesome.


 A fellow weight loss & fitness blogger, Jos over at 321 Pounds ( has nominated this blog for the Liebster Award.
Thank you Jos, both you and your blog kick serious ass.

 To be honest, I’d never heard of the Liebster award before, so I did a little research to find out more about it.

 So here’s the deal with the Liebster Award. It’s a blogger to blogger award. That is to say there’s no official application process, no stringent panel to grant approval, none of that noise, it’s really an award given by one blogger to another as a form of recognition that they like the recipients work and feel it’s worthy of being recognized. Think of it as an electronic high five or pat on the ass.

While the official origins of the award seem a little fuzzy, what I was able to learn from some google searching is that it seems to have originated in Germany (where the names ties back in to the german word “dearest”) and like I mentioned, is awarded on a blogger to blogger basis.

 The way I am choosing to look at it is that it’s proof that what I’m putting out there is really resonating with someone, so much so in fact that they went out of their way to recognize the blog for it. (and had some insanely flattering words about the blog as well…for that, I thank you again Jos)

 Here’s where it gets hairy. I am technically in direct violation of one of the few rules required to accept the award. (but I’m accepting it anyway**) This is supposed to be an award granted to blogs with 200 followers or less. I am very fortunate to have far exceeded the 200 reader threshold. As a matter of fact, the blog just recently broke through the 1,000 reader threshold(!). Granted, that’s an aggregation of the Blog’s Email Followers, Facebook Page, and Twitter Account, but the story ends with over one-freaking-thousand people getting each post I send out. Insane.

  So to keep things on the up and up, you can call it an “honorary award”** if you have to, whatever helps you sleep better at night…the intent was there, it’s coming from a good place, and I’m completely flattered- so I’m taking it.

 **I got the idea of the “Honorary Acceptance” from another blogger/ recipient that I came across while trying to figure out where this whole Liebster thing started. She actually does a good job of tracing the roots of the award as well. The post I referenced is HERE . Well done Sopphey.

 The other conditions of acceptance are that you answer the questions your nominator poses to you, and that you nominate your own favorites for the award, in a huge “pay it forward”, blogosphere based chain letter of sorts. Since I’m not officially qualified to accept the award I’m making up my own rules here. It’s like the wild west. I like to keep things here strictly fitness and weight loss related, so I am going to skip the Q&A portion of this as well. (“leibster purists”, please forgive me)

 In summary, I am insanely honored and grateful to be recognized, so thanks!


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