Newton Motion Running Shoes Review

Re-Reasing this review with the first of 2 updates. This is the “initial transition period completed” post. The final update will come much later once I have a decent amount of miles on the shoes.

Running My Ass Off

My next review on deck is the Motion stability trainers by Newton running. Newton is a well-established and well-respected name in the running world, and I cannot be more excited about presenting this to you today. (I also have a review on Newton’s new introductory shoes, the Energy. You can check that review out HERE)

Also, it is not by coincidence that I start to use these new trainers exactly the same time I’m planning on getting back on the road after my big 10 mile race at the Broad Street Run. The shoes did arrive to several weeks ago, but since using them lends itself to altering your running form (At least my poor running form, heel striking at all) I held off on trying them out until after I completed my training.

I say that using these shoes lends itself to altering your form, but it’s important to…

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