The Runner’s World Summer Streak

So I came across something yesterday and immediately got excited about it. As I was perusing my Facebook newsfeed, I came across somebody’s cover photo that was talking about the “Runners world Summer Streak”.


Basically, the deal is this: With schedules getting hectic this is a way to reinforce the fact that you stay active and don’t let your running fall off. The folks over at runners world magazine have issued the challenge to run at least 1 mile every day from Memorial day to Independence Day. May 27 through the Fourth of July. 39 consecutive days of getting your ass out there and moving. It’s interesting, and not something I’ve ever really thought of before. But my thinking is: yes it’s a lot of running with no rest days, but it’s just a mile. I can do in the morning, I can do before bed, hell I can even do it on my lunch hour. I don’t know that I’ve ever gone out with the intention to run one singular mile in the recent past. I actually have to map out a few one mile routes from my house. (Yes, I could just run for a half mile and then turn around and come back but I like knowing where in going ahead of time) they are encouraging everyone to make it social, so I’ll be posting updates periodically on the blogs FB page and my Twitter account using the hashtag: #RWRunStreak.

So as for now, I’m streaking, starting Monday. I’m going to be careful and listen to my body. The idea is to get active and do myself some good, not push too hard and hurt myself.

Lets see how it goes.

Check it out…maybe you can join me in Streaking in the summer of 2013.

I hope you have a good holiday weekend.

Till next time, take it easy.



One response to “The Runner’s World Summer Streak

  1. Sounds like fun, I could do 1 mile a day

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