Getting into Training / Status Quo / New Side Project Introductions

So I’m getting into the middle of the training program, and I finally hit my first step back week for the long runs and happy to see it. I have increased from 3,4,5,6 mile runs, so I’ll give my legs a rest and just do a “long run” of 3 this weekend. Next week I get right back into it, and increase with 7,8,and 9 mile weekly long runs before the next step back/ rest week.

It’s amazing how fast you fall right back into the old routines and it’s nice to have that old familiar structure and scheduling behind my runs. I love that it’s constantly building upon itself and the plan is designed to push me hard enough to get me where I need to be and really get ready for my goal race, Broad Street.

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and I wish I could tell you it’s because I have been so busy being otherwise occupied with some fabulous interviews or  some other worthwhile fitness related goal that I just couldn’t find the time to post, it’s just not the case. Life has pretty much been status quo. Uneventful and nothing really new and exciting. Of course I have been keeping myself occupied with a few other things, laying some of the basic groundwork for a side project that I may have coming up, but this is all preliminary work and not at all very hard or time consuming. (my kind of stuff), so at this point I’m just taking the stance of “no news is good news”. After the past few weeks, I’m happy to lay low for a little bit.

So with business as usual on the weight and running fronts, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know about the aforementioned side project. I’m not being vauge intentionally, things are very much in the beginning stages of everything and we are most certainly still on the ground floor, but it’s still exciting possibilities and I have been waiting for the right time to share this news. I have mentioned this briefly on my Facebook page, but not is the time to roll it out a little more officially here on the blog.

So through the magic of the internet, I have come to meet 2 other guys, each who share my same type of weight loss story. The similarities are kind of creepy, actually. We have all lost over 100 pounds. We all started around the same time roughly and took approx a year to complete the process. We’ve all done it through changing what we eat and used running as our primary form of exercise. So there is a lot of commonality between us all. The differences are really cool though, too. You are looking at 3 major cities being represented that could not be more different. I’m the Philly Boy, but then there’s one from Dallas and another from Portland. Quite literally 3 opposite points in the country. (What are the odds? Really?) . I feel like we represent 3 different stages of life that a guy could be in, with one of us is a single professional, working his fitness regiment in around a hectic career and lifestyle, I am more representative of the guy with a new/young family, bringing along my experiences with my wife, 1 ½ year old daughter, and new baby on the way set to arrive later this year, and the third is an experienced dad to teenagers, factoring in his fitness around an established family and career. But like I said, we all met in a running group on facebook and quickly discovered our oddly similar circumstances. I am happy to say that I talk to these two on pretty much daily now, and we are all on a very familiar, first name basis. We all share the same passion for what we’ve accomplished and a similar passion for spreading the word and encouragement for any others who are out there looking to take on the same overwhelming task of losing 100+ pounds.

This is the side project that I am looking at in the future. There are no real specifics to share quite yet, but the high level summary is that we are looking to pool our collective stories. The successes, failures, varying opinions and perspectives to provide some real life motivation, advice, and resources for those trying to lose weight. There are a ton of these types of resources out there already, but the particular slant we want to take on things is that we have not found a ton of resources out there aimed specifically at men. Men that are in our approximate age group who may feel like they want to do something but have no idea how to go about it. I’m not sure which way we’re going to take it yet, but we are all very internet/ social media inclined, so you can rest assured that this will play a big part in everything.

So enough high level stuff, at the very least I can introduce you to who will be my two new partners in crime.

The first is Lonnie.

Lonnie is located out on the west coast and has one of the most funny sarcastic attitudes you will find anywhere. Great guy, great runner. This dude has lost over 100 pounds, and has had MASSIVE success in the running dept. He is hands down the fastest of the three of us. It’s not even close. Lonnie is shooting for (and I have every reason to believe he is going to get it) a Boston Marathon qualifying time in his first ever marathon. For those of you who may not be up to speed on this, the Boston Marathon is a race that can easily be considered running’s top prize. It’s a race that you actually have to qualify for by running and meeting a certain qualifying criteria in another marathon, just to earn the right to sign up. The time you have to hit in the qualifying marathon, by the way, is insanely aggressive and can only be achieved by the fastest of the fast. Lonnie is this caliber of runner. That, in and of itself is admirable. Now consider the man who used to be called “Big Daddy” is shooting for it. He ends all of his tweets now with #C2BQ, a riff off of the popular #C25K, or couch to 5K. Couch To Boston Qualfier indeed, Lonnie. Go get it my friend.

The second is Andy. (Not me, another Andy, but you have to love the name)

Andy has lost over 130 pounds thus far, and has completed a marathon, a sprint triathlon, you name it, odds are he’s been there and done that. The guy’s an animal. His openness and willingness to try any and everything is something to be emulated. He is easily the most (self admitted) cerebral and “heady” of the three of us, and that comes through in his writing. (Did I mention all three of us have our own blogs and corresponding facebook pages? I’ll put links to everything below) He’s one of those guys where I just feel smarter reading his stuff. It’s intelligent and interesting. Fantastic guy and excellent story of dedication and perseverance.

I know I am better off for being associated with these two guys, and I think you should check out their pages as well, some relly great stuff happening for each of individually.

…which leads me to bring it all back for a second. If each of us can have success motivating others and can get some media exposure to help spread our stories individually, just imagine what we can all do together.

Even though we’re literally just starting out, It’s exciting to think about, and I can’t wait to see where this takes us all collectively in the future.

Andy’s Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Lonnie’s Blog, Twitter, and Facebook

Ok everybody, that about covers it for now.

I have 2 reviews coming up in the next week and then I will have 3 more coming in about a month or so.

Until next time, (as always) Take it Easy.



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  1. Just awesome! Checking out their pages now.

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