Chilly Cheeks Recap I/ Thoughts On My Birthday


What an amazing experience.

Sorry it’s taken me a full week to come up with the recap, but it’s been a hectic week with doing all the “back end” work for the race. It never occurred to me that with 140+ runners participating in the event, there would be 140+ emails coming in with times to keep straight and reply to, a lot of organization, 140+ finisher’s certificates to create, etc. Not complaining, I was just a busy little bee every night this week. Not to mention that Monday was a day off from all things race related for me, as it was my birthday and I really just wanted to spend a night hanging with Jenn and Tess. More on birthday thoughts in a bit. But the race itself was one of the most successful and satisfying things I’ve done in a while, especially fitness-related.

So the race. I’ll tell it by the numbers first.

All told, we had 141 registered runners (plus the 3 runners from “Team Pegasus”, my running team for the Broad Street Run), so 144 total. Financially speaking, we needed 60 runners to hit our initial fundraising goal. Needless to say, we made that initial goal our bitch. Completely shattered it. (And let me tell you, I went to the “kick-off” event last night held by the American Cancer Society where they were telling us that our fundraising mentors would be reaching out to us soon. They then asked me if my team has managed to raise any little bit of money yet. It felt pretty damn good to tell them that after I wrap things up this weekend I anticipate depositing funds that roughly double our initial commitment. Therefore, we are done. Completely donezo.) Broad Street, here we come.

Of the 144 total runners, we have had people running literally from all across the country (and Canada too!) Super awesome stuff.

In terms of additional impact, we also are running at approx. a 50% participation rate with the Charity Miles app. So about half of the people who ran with us also used the app and effectively made their run count twice as much by contributing to a second charity while making the same effort. It’s a really awesome app/ program that I am 100% behind and will continue to promote heavily in the blog, so consider this fair warning. Great company, great people running it, and most of all great impact and result.

As for my own Chilly Cheeks run…there’s no other way to say it besides it kinda sucked. I have mentioned in previous posts that I have been sick as hell for the past few weeks. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that Tessa is in day care a few days a week. She’s in great hands and very well cared for. Loves it there, actually. But as is the nature of the beast when it comes to daycare; she comes home from the child disease center/ petrie dish with every sort of sickness that comes down the road, which in turn gets passed along to Jenn and I.  So it has been 3 separate, distinct sicknesses, back to back to back. It’s been a wonderland of suck. I have also mentioned in previous posts that I am the king of crappy timing. This, my friends, is a living example of said crappy timing. Again, not here to whine and complain, just giving background. So right in the height of sickness #2, I find myself smack in the middle of the race weekend wanting to do nothing but feel sorry for myself on the couch. But I had 140+ runners all getting out there because of a race that I put together; I would be kind of a hypocrite if I didn’t do it myself, right? Right. So out I went. My go-to 5K route in my neighborhood consists of starting at a central point a few blocks from my house, and running out and back in one direction coming back to the starting point, and then out and back in another direction. So with my feeling like balls but still wanting to put forth a good showing, I ran the “outs” and walked the “backs”. Walked and coughed the “backs”, actually. I finished in a dismal 38:30, which has the special distinction of being my slowest 5K time ever. It’s all good, I was not out there to set any sort of time records, I was out there to be there and do my part. It actually felt good to get some cold air in the system and move for a little bit. It also felt good to take a very long hot shower afterwards and take a nap on the couch. Ha.

Back to the race though, and more specifically, all the amazing people who ran it. I don’t want to take the liberty of just throwing anybody’s personal info out there, but suffice it to say there were some really motivational and inspiring stories out there. I will be reaching out to a few of the participants directly to see if I can use their stories and share on the blog. Some pretty amazing stories of comebacks, hard work, and perseverance. Really inspiring stuff. I also got a ton of pictures that I will be compiling into a big collage and posting shortly.  Again, I never expected the response to be so awesome and so many pics to come in. needless to say I want to do this up right, so look for that coming sooner than later. (hopefully this weekend)

So thank you to everybody who ran with us. I anticipate the medals being delivered within the next day or two, and I will turn them around and get them out to you all asap.

And lastly, some thoughts on my birthday. My god, I don’t know what to do now. The quick summary is: Age 34 saw Jenn and I welcome our daughter into our lives, which was clearly one of the best things that we have ever done, and one of the best things to ever happen to me. Age 35 saw me basically lose the equivalent of a teenager in terms of weight and completely change my life for the better; essentially laid the groundwork to live a longer and healthier life. So the question is, what the hell do I do now? Not exactly sure how to top all of that? I guess it remains to be seen, but needless to say I am really excited to see what 36 has to offer. As I get older things really do seem to be getting better and better all the time.

Ok, enough for now, but I’ll be back soon with a ton of pics and hopefully some participant stories.

Until then, take it easy.



Here’s a few pics to start:

“Team Pegasus” (named because we all rock the Nike Pegasus running shoes) in action during our Chilly Cheeks Runs:


Lauren (Rock):Lauren



Go Team Pegasus!

4 responses to “Chilly Cheeks Recap I/ Thoughts On My Birthday

  1. Great recap and congratulations on such a successful race! Did you get my email with my time and pics?

    I almost went into the lottery for Broad Street but it looks like Dave will be away and I would have an issue with the kids. Next year…

  2. Sounds like a good time!
    Happy Birthday!!

  3. Congrats, my man! Sounds like you put on a tremendous event. Next time, I’ll try and be there with you.

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