Weight Coming Back / Sick & No Runs / Blog Is Growing!

As for the weight, it’s coming back. I’m back to 200 and beginning to feel like myself again after that stomach virus of pure evil got done with me. Finally back to normal and feeling ok. I have this lingering chest cold but after last weekend, I just laugh at that. A chest cold is like a vacation from the shit that was going down a week ago. So steadily increasing and on my way back to 205. I’m feeling good and if I hang at 200 for a while, I’d be ok with that too. Lets just see how my body reacts over the next few weeks and go from there.

As for the workouts, with recovering from being sick all week, I hesitated to run because I did not want to go out prematurely and slip right back into being sick. So I rested this week/ weekend. I’m losing my mind. So ready to get out there. I’m just going to gauge it based on how my lungs feel from this damn lingering chest cold (the rule of thumb for running while sick is anything going on below the neck, you sit; above the neck, you’re still good to go) you can imagine my frustration when the freaking cold settled in my chest and I started coughing up a storm. Pissed off does not even begin to cover it. But at any rate, I’ll take it as it comes, I want to get one run minimum, ideally two in this week before the Chilly Cheeks Virtual 5K this upcoming weekend. I’ll be running that regardless. I did not put all this time and energy into planning that race to let a frickin cold stop me. No sir.

That being said, we are still accepting registrants. We are so very close to hitting our goal, and I am still wildly optimistic that we are not only going to meet our goal, but surpass it by the time we close registration on Sunday. (Deadline for Registration is 12 noon, EST on Sunday, Feb 3) The response for the Chilly Cheeks has been awesome, and I’ve learned a lot while planning this one. The next time around (and I can guarantee you there will definitely be another one of these) I’ll make it even bigger and badder. But that’s then, lets finish this one out right before we start planning the next thing, shall we?

I keep talking about big plans on the horizon, and I know it’s been a bit cryptic when I say that but things have literally been developing over the past few weeks that are shaping how I do things going forward.
I’m at the point now where I can share some of these things with you. Not because they were some kind of top secret national treasures or anything like that before, but more because I was not sure of the timing of things and if the potential opportunities would actually pan out. I certainly did not want to announce things and then have it turn out they get cancelled before anything ever happened.

So at any rate: the blog is about to be getting a nice bump in exposure. I have been asked to be a contributor to two separate local health and fitness columns.

The first is Patch. com. Patch is a local news web site that is dedicated to delivering timely, relevant, local news about all aspects of your community. It’s proven to be insanely useful to me personally and I am so very proud that they have asked me to work with them. Ill be providing an introduction to them over the next week or so and then will be providing a kind of “greatest hits” of my former blog posts to kind of give the patch readers a basis of who I am/ where I’m coming from and then the final intention will be that I’ll sync the Patch up with the blog and publish all my posts via both sites.
The second is a column called “Horsham Gets Fit”. This is on a similarly structured online magazine style website, this one is called Horsham Hubs Magazine. The purpose of the magazine to highlight and showcase small businesses and people who are promote healthy, less stressful better living. It basically takes a good hard look at people and businesses in our local area and presents a “best of the best” to highlight the best our area has to offer. Again, I’ll be providing a combo of formerly written material form the blog and some new, local specific content as well.
I still get really excited about the idea of reaching a new, local audience and the possibilities that are entailed in being able to share my story and potentially help some people out there who can actually relate to and utilize some of the same things that use to help myself. Like lunch at Bryn & Danes or a run on the Horsham Power Line Trail for instance. Maybe there’s some sort of community fitness or weight loss effort in my future. I don’t want to get ahead of myself because I’m sure there’s a ton that goes into that type of thing, but that’s the kind of place my head goes to initially and it’s exciting to at least explore these types of possibilities.
The last thing I wanted to mention is a new development that’s about a week or so old at this point. Through the wonders of Facebook, I have been put in contact with two very like-minded individuals. All three of us share strikingly similar stories. Each of us have been at this for a little over year now; each of us decided to make full-fledged efforts including changes to our diet and exercise, specifically Running. Each of us have succeeded, dropping 100 to 100+ pounds each. All told, the three of us are 360 (lost) pounds worth of living proof that this type of thing can be done. Were all from three different corners of the country, relatively the same age but three different point in our lives as well. And most importantly, we all agree that this type of message is way too powerful not to be shared. Like I said, we’re just trying to figure things out now as to how exactly to go about everything, but needless to say you’ll be hearing a lot more from the combination of myself, Andy Axsom, and Lonnie St. John. Both Andy and Lonnie have their own blogs and Facebook pages, I would highly recommend you check them out. Have you ever had that feeling where you feel like you’re just starting out on something that’s going to turn into a very big deal? Like you’re putting in the effort and laying groundwork now for something that’s going to pay massive dividends later on? That’s exactly how I feel about this partnership. The three of us each bring such a diverse perspective and set of skills to the party That the potential seems absolutely limitless at this point. I know were just starting out, but needless to say I am very excited about this. So stay tuned on that front, I’ll be sharing more as it becomes available.

Lastly, this may be the first blog post a lot of you are seeing; as there’ve been some articles written to some pretty large audiences in the past week or so and I’ve noticed a distinct uptick in visitors to the website. So if you’re here because you got turned on to Running My Ass Off by an article from Bryn & Danes, Be Well Philly, Patch.Com, Horsham Hubs Magazine, or the Charity Miles newsletter, welcome! Thanks very much for taking the time to check things out. It’s genuinely appreciated. And don’t be a stranger, all questions and comments are encouraged. After all, we’re all in this together.

I hope everybody has a great week, and as always: Take it easy.



One response to “Weight Coming Back / Sick & No Runs / Blog Is Growing!

  1. Glad to see a nice amount of publicity heading your way with those places reaching out to you to hear your story

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