Don’t be a D-Bag / Outdoor Runs! / Massive Exposure

Weight stable and good. Still hanging in right around 205 and maintaining. No real news on this front, and no news is good news.

I wanted to tell you about the D-Bag in the gym. So when we moved, I had to find a new gym. I was very fortunate to have that problem solved for me when my name was selected out of a random drawing for a free one year membership to a gym that is literally 5 min from my house, the Horsham Fitness Club. So admittedly, I am a new face around there. I joined officially in Nov but between the training long runs, Philly Half and then forced rest to take it easy on my damn arthritic knee, I am just starting to go in on a more frequent basis now. And yes, I just did get a bunch of new workout clothes and running shoes for Xmas, so I LOOKED like a person on a new year’s resolution who went out and picked up a whole new set of everything so I can begin to work out for the first time. So as far as the old salty dogs, the grizzled veterans of the gym are concerned, I’m just another “New Year’s Resolutioner” who is there specifically to irritate them and take up space on their treadmill. I am usually in my own little world and no paying attention to anybody else at all when I’m at the gym, but the other night I got there, did not put my earbuds in and was stretching a little before I got running and some pair of passive aggressive D-Bags walk by, one of them chuckles, punches the other on the shoulder and says “I guess it’s going to be pretty busy in here for a while”. Now this was not my finest hour, but I may or may no have mumbled that he can go do something pretty unsavory to himself as he walked away. I don’t have the same distaste for new gym members/ New Year’s Resolutioners that some others do. I do not like waiting to use the gym equipment, this is true, but at the same time, these are people who are trying to change things up and do the same things that I did. I know statistics show that most will fizzle out and fall off the wagon, but some will not, and I think it’s wrong not to support them. I got support, why don’t they deserve it to? A matter of semantics and timing? I call shenanigans on that. So you can imagine my pleasure when the same D-Bag gets on the treadmill next to me, openly looks over and checks my speed, sets his treadmill to the same and starts “racing me” during my run. At this point I WAS trying to mind my own business and just get my 3.1 in and go back home, but Mr. Fitness next to me had something to prove. I did not engage or do anything to provoke, I just kept going, eyes front and earbuds in. Although you can imagine my pleasure when less than a mile in Mr. Fitness has to dial it way back, and then a half mile later he stops, hops off and just begins sauntering back over to the free weight area. Again, not my finest hour, but I did take some pleasure in knocking the ego down a peg. The morale of the story here? Don’t be a dick. For the most part, people are at the gym for one reason, to work out. It should not matter if they joined the gym in Jan for a new years resolution or if they joined in Nov because they were so disgusted that they had to start moving right there and then. Yes some people are there to socialize and don’t take it seriously, but those people & things have a way of sorting themselves out, I truly believe.

Ok, to get off my soapbox a little and share what I think is some pretty exciting news (at least for me it is). I got my first 2 outdoor runs in. Back on the power line trail and it feels fantastic. Well, before and after feel fantastic. It’s the “during” that is still kicking my ass. But sweating, breathing hard, and pushing myself is what I missed while I was resting, and I’m just getting it back again. I’m still trying to take it easy and slowly work my way back up, so nothing more than a 5K for me for a while. Although I was feeling so good on Sat that I decided to push and see if I can get myself a new Personal Record. I went out WAY too fast and paid the price about halfway through by having to walk for about a tenth of a mile. I missed my PR by 5 seconds. Dammit. If I would have paced myself a little bit better, I would have had it. Oh well, next time. But felt awesome and looking forward to the next one. Power Line Trail…it’s good to be back.

Bad Andy. I have been slacking on PT. I know the Physical Therapy is a very important part of my continuing this all as a runner, but I have had a insanely hectic few weeks and have skipped it more times than I’d like to admit. So stop making excuses and just get it done. Future Andy will thank you, and so will Future Andy’ knee. It’s not even that hard, it’s just a matter of taking the time to do it. (Actually, it’s a hell of a lot harder than I thought. Who knew some leg lifts and stretches could make me sore for days?)

Thank Yous are in order! There has been an amazingly great response to the virtual race thus far! We are already very well on our way to hitting our goals, and excited to see how far we can take things! It’s shaping up to be quite an event! I will continue to promote it every way I can; continue to reach out to everyone I can think of to help spread the word and see what we can really do here. The more runners, the more money goes to charity. I love it. And speaking of promoting the race every way I can, I have reached out to 3 very influential internet/social media sources over the past few weeks and it has resulted in 3, count them 3 separate interviews and subsequent social media promotion campaigns.

  • The First to go live was Bryn and Dane’s. This is a collaboration I have been looking to make for a very long time. Bryn and Dane’s is a local restaurant near my home/work. Their whole concept is “Local. Lo Cal”. It’s healthy fast food, and it’s freaking delicious. I have become a permanent fixture there, so much so that I have become friendly with the founder Bryn, and he is helping me to get my story out and to spread the word about my story/ the race. Awesome guy, and awesome food. He is really going places, and I am proud to associate myself with him and his restaurant. I firmly believe this is just the tip of the iceberg, and this will lead to huge things, both for Bryn and Dane’s and for Running My Ass Off.
  • The second should be coming up this week, and it’s with Charity Miles. I have gone on at length about them a few times now, as they are one of the charity benefactors of the Chilly Cheeks Virtual 5K we’re planning. I got a chance to chat with their head of social media and they will be promoting via facebook, twitter, and a newsletter. It’s a way to reach a ton of people, and again, I feel like the virtual 5K world and charity miles are a great fit together, and this too could be the beginning of something pretty huge.
  • Third, and certainly just as exciting is an interview I’ve done with Be Well Philly. This is the Health and Fitness arm of Philadelphia Magazine. This is some seriously legit stuff going on here. The real deal. I have been a subscriber to Philadelphia Magazine now for years, and they are a well respected, fully established publication that is widely known and recognized. The real deal. They wanted to help promote the race, learned more about my story and now are doing a combo article about the two. I got a chance to talk for about 45 min to the Health and Fitness Editor last week and she plans on having a digital campaign (facebook and their blog) up shortly, so I anticipate sometime this week as well. Seriously unbelievable.

So it’s safe to say that the blog & race are getting some massive exposure lately. To say I am humbled and that this is a completely surreal experience would be an understatement. I am getting to share my story with so many people and reach others in a way that would have never been possible otherwise, and for that I truly am grateful. Now let’s not waste this opportunity and do some real good here.

(Another thing to note is: it’s amazing the support you can get from people out there if you just ask. Next time you think something sounds crazy…try it anyway and see what happens. Who would have ever thought I would be able to access literally thousands of people? Seriously.)

Ok, this turned into another massive post, so sorry for that. (the D-Bag story beefed up the size of the posing, but I thought it was a good message in the end)

Until next time, take it easy.



7 responses to “Don’t be a D-Bag / Outdoor Runs! / Massive Exposure

  1. Okay, I’ve got two questions for you.

    1. How do you like Horsham Fitness Club? I haven’t looked into it, but I’ve driven by a couple times. I can’t seem to find a membership rate on their website, and I hate going in for a tour without knowing, because then I always feel pressured to join while I’m there, and I hate that.

    2. The Powerline Trail – is it pretty safe? I haven’t walked it yet, but I’d like to. I just want to make sure that it’s pretty safe for a mid-twenties gal to walk by herself around 10-11am.

    Finally, gym douchebags piss me off. I often hate the gym for that reason, because I wonder why people can’t just let others be. We’re all there for a common goal (well, most of us anyway), so why not just let us be?

  2. Hey Esther, sorry about the delay in response. ok: Horsham Fitness Club is good. I love the fact that it is 24 hours, so I can go whenever I can fit it into my schedule. I always make the working out take a back seat to my family responsibilities, so there are some times I’, not hitting the gym until late at night. Machines are good and the weight area is pretty decent sized too. I have yet to take part in any classes, but I understand that most of them are included in the fee. Speaking of fees, that’s the one thing I really can’t speak to, since I got the membership as a prize I never really paid attention to the cost…
    As for the power line trail, I really like it. It’s not a “trail” in terms of an off-road through the woods trail. it’s actually a paved path that runs (not surprisingly) along the huge power lines that cut through Horsham. hence the name. as for safe, there are some parts where it’s wooded, but for the most part you are winding on between the backs of neighborhoods. I know I think less about things like that being a guy and being less prone (at least in theory) to that sort of danger…but seriously I cant see it being bad. most of the times I have been on it there are families, bikers, people walking dogs, etc… If you are really concerned, I would say get a friend to go with you the first time so you can see first hand what you’re dealing with, but really not bad or dicey at all….
    And yes, I hate the Douchebags too. But they are everywhere,and it only takes one to leave a sour taste. but whatever, I just try to ignore them and do my thing. What else can you do really?

    • Thank you for the information! I think I’ll just have to go get the lay of the land and get a tour, without the expectation of joining immediately. I guess I just generally hate gyms. LOL. Maybe it’s just the people that work at said gyms.

      Also, thanks for the advice about Powerline. My husband works right off Dresher, so when I drop him off, I am always tempted to just park and take a long walk. Today’s weather has been rather yucky, and I don’t have my walking shoes, so I’ll wait until tomorrow.

  3. Hi Andy! Congratulations on your transformation! Mine began at Horsham Fitness Club many moons ago… In case anybody’s interested, Horsham’s Deep Meadow Park is another great place for outdoor exercise (especially with the family) and to hit the trail. Love your authenticity and style up here. Want to send you an email– if you can, please get in touch at 🙂

  4. Great post Andy. I headed to the gym tonight which i never do. I am a morning/afternooner. Anyway, I got some very strange looks and even though I have been going to this gym for 3 years, it made me uncomfortable. I did my thing and killed it. Can’t worry about the D-Bags.

  5. I just wanted to comment, a friend of mine pointed your blog out to me and thought I might enjoy reading it. I’m on a mission to lose massive amount of weight as well and I must say, she is right, very inspiring! I’ll be following it for sure!

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