Spike in Weight / 365 on MyFitnessPal / Green Light To Run / Final Details of the 5K

Hello Hello!

It’s been a while since my last post; I hope you and yours had a great holiday.

I know mine was the same as always, super busy and hectic, but great nonetheless. I always love the madness while it’s going on, but I always love it when it’s all over and we can just take a breath and relax, too.

Ok, so just as before, I have a lot to catch up on.

Weigh first. For the first time in a long time, this is not just a quick “weight holding steady” and moving on part of the post. Oh no, this time, it’s more like WTF just happened!? So with the holidays there is always an abundance of poor decisions everywhere you look, and for the most part I did very well. There was a close to one week span, however where the wheels just fell right off the bus for a while. Cheesecake? Yes please. Apple pie with warm vanilla sauce and ice cream? Don’t mind if I do… Appetizers, Drinks, enormous portions, you catch my drift. None of these are that bad in and of themselves, but when they all come together in a super storm of shitty food at the same time, well, the results were felt, and were pretty drastic (even if they were temporary). So I have been trucking right along at 204/205 for a while now, so you can imagine my surprise when I get on the scale the day after Christmas and see it level out at 212. What? Got on again, same shitty result; and then again to make sure it was not all screwy. It wasn’t. So that was enough to snap me back to reality. I decided to give it until my regular weigh in on Friday to look at that damn scale again, and just got right back on track. Happy to say it was a spike and the weight is leveling out nicely; and things are right in the world again. By Friday it was back down to 208, and just this morning I weighed in at 206. So all is good.

I even logged my food all weekend, which I have been getting away from in the past few months. I did this for 2 reasons: first, I wanted to make sure I was back on track and needed to snap my ass back into reality; And secondly this weekend marked me logging my food in MyFitnessPal for 365 consecutive days. I thought it would take some of the significance out of it if the day that ht the 365 was a single food called “Sunday Funday” that was equal to my calories for the day just so I could close it out. So I stayed hardcore all weekend and it has obviously been helping things balance out again. Thank god, because I was pretty ticked off at myself for a while there for going so buck wild there. If nothing else this is another learning experience to show me that even if I do go off track and lose my shit for a couple days I can get it back with little to no problems. Good to know and gives me a little more confidence that I can handle whatever comes down the road going forward. But I don’t want to skim over the fact that for one full year now, I have been going in and logging my food on MyFitnessPal. Even on the days that I would close out the day, it has been in the back of my mind because I have been at the very least logging in and entering something. Pretty cool stuff. Maybe I’ll take a day off now…nah, probably not.

New Image

As for workouts, I am absolutely ecstatic to say that I have gone to my first Physical Therapy appointment, and I have the green light to start easing my way back into running while I do exercises to strengthen everything around my knee (legs and core primarily). On a side note, damn that stuff is hard. you wouldn’t think a bunch of leg lifts and squats using nothing but your own body weight would be that tough, but dude, I am SORE after doing them for a couple of days now. Working muscles in a way that have not been worked before in a very long time (obviously). I was told to wait till the new year to run to allow my knee to rest and settle down, and guess what tomorrow is? Hell yes. I will start on Thursday when my new gear is scheduled to be delivered. (new shoes specifically). I went with a new pair of the good old tried and true Nike Pegasus. I have used and love them. I tried on the next shoe up in terms of cushioning, if you will, by Nike: the Vomero, but I just didn’t like the way they felt. Still the Pegasus, super comfy and really secure. (still badass in your face blue color too) These are also super reflective as well, which is good since it gets dark so early lately. But like I said, these are scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, and you can bet my ass will be out there, even if’s just for a mile or two to test things and get used to being out there again. I have run a grand total of 6 times since the Philly Half on Nov. 18th, and that has been 5 really crappy treadmill runs and what was intended to be a 10K around the lake that turned out to be a 5K run and then a 5K walk to finish things out.

And last but not least, I am very happy to report that I am in the final stages of planning all the details of the Virtual 5K. I have secured a bunch of cool giveaways and have a few more that I need to follow up on/ confirm. I am securing the registration and payment system now as well. I won’t bore you with the details, but needless to say I hope to have the rollout and start promoting it by the end of the week. You may already notice a new page added to the blog for the race. There’s nothing on the page yet, so don’t bother clicking yet, but trust me, when it’s up and running I’ll be letting you know in as big and loud a way as I can manage.

Speaking of final details for the 5K, I am amazingly excited to announce a partnership that I don’t want to sit on till the official rollout. I have reached out to Charity Miles, a program that is devoted to raising money for charity through tracking the activities of active people everywhere, and they are happy to work with us and see what kind of charitable contributions we can raise together.  I will have an in depth write up on them along with the rollout of the 5K, but the quick version is that it is a free app for your smartphone (iphone and android) that tracks your walking, running or biking miles and you can become a “sponsored athlete” and earn money for one of the participating charities (15 different options thus far) by working out (in the increments of $0.25 per mile walked or ran and $0.10 per mile biked) It does not cost you a dime, except your time and energy to get out there and get moving. So in addition to raising funds for the American Cancer Society/ Blue Cross like we initially intended to, we are now in a position to effectively “double up” on out charitable impact and put more good out there, from the same amount of effort. As I said, more to come, but I am so excited about it that I didn’t want to let it sit. And by all means, if you have not heard about them, please check them out: download the app and start using it today. And obviously, we will be very strongly encouraging our participants to log their miles for the 5K with charity miles as they run it, so we can really rack up some miles and see how much we can get out of this. The Main webpage for Charity Miles is here: http://www.charitymiles.org/, and if you are like me and want to know more about them, a really good FAQ can be found on their blog here: http://charitymiles.tumblr.com/FAQ

There will be more to come soon, but I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year.

Until then, take it easy.



6 responses to “Spike in Weight / 365 on MyFitnessPal / Green Light To Run / Final Details of the 5K

  1. Hey Andy have a great 2013. You certainly had a good 2012.

    • Thanks John, I hope you have a great 2013 as well. Thanks for always reading and for all the support.

      And you are right, 2012 is going to be pretty tough to beat, but I am certainly going to try and top it in one way or another.

  2. Amazing! I’m so glad Steve & I have been here for your AWESOME transformation! Keep it up for 2013!

  3. Hey let me know more about the charity miles. I would be interested in tying my running into this app. Thanks

  4. Hey, Andy. I spiked up 8 pounds, too, but that’s what the holidays are for, right?? I’m glad to see how quickly and easily those new pounds came off for you, gives me hope that mine will come off quickly as we’ll, and I can continue on my path to losing my weight. Congrats on the 365 days of logging!!

  5. Oh, I forgot to add 1 more question to my last comment. That app you mentioned, does it count stuff on a stationary bike/treadmill, or does it only work for road running/biking?

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