Product Review & Giveaway: Injinji Socks

Injinji Socks Review


Ok, next on tap is the third of my trio of reviews.
Again, taking the tact of an introduction into the world of more running specific gear. And boy is this next one running specific. In my two previous reviews, they are definitely products aimed at runners, but even in ‘real life’ in a pinch you could grab a GU gel instead of an energy bar or an energy drink if you red a quick boost, and on laundry day I can see it happen that you grab a pearl Izumi tech tee if you need to throw something on to run to the store. I do not however, see you just popping on a pair of running toe socks without REALLY intending to use them for their original purpose. That’s right, I said toe socks, you tree hugging hippie.

So, here’s the deal. There is a company out there named injinji. They specialize in performance toe socks. I’m pretty sure those are three words you never thought you would see together in that particular order intentionally. But dude, it works. So there are a lot of theories out there as to why they are good for you. First off, know that these are legit performance socks. Very nicely padded, moisture wicking, great fitting and hold up well to wear and wash. Yes, they are kind of weird and take some getting used to, but overall they have not disappointed. There is thinking out there that since each toe is independent of each other, they can act independently instead of as a whole unit like regular socks. This is supposed to be particularly relevant to those runners who are disciples of the more minimalistic running school of thought. Personally, I cannot speak to that because I am a padding guy through and through. I proudly wear Nike Pegasus shoes and I love them, and I am even considering to stepping up to the even more heavily padded Nike Vomero, but that is a discussion for another post. The point is I am the very opposite of a minimal runner. The other school of thought that I have read that is out there, however that did catch my attention (and actually makes a lot of sense to me) is that since your individual toes are not rubbing together, there is less friction and less of a chance of blisters. Anything that causes me to not hurt is a-ok in my book.

So obviously the first thing you notice about these things is the fact that there are 5 individual toes. (And yes, putting them on takes some effort, it’s not the the mindless 2 second job that most other socks are, you have to make sure the right sock is on the right foot, line up the toes, etc…) but once you get past that, they are actually pretty cool socks. The pair I was given are white and grey with a very cool looking color fade on the top of the foot. The top of the socks are more ventilated to let your foot breathe, while the bottom are more heavily padded where you need the to be. Like I said, they have maintained their shape and elasticity through a whole lot of wear, I am actually very impressed with their durability. I have included some pics below of the sock in and out of my running shoes. (Warning, lots of pictures of feet coming)

And I’m sure after reading my past two reviews this will not come as a surprise, but I have secured some to give away to one randomly selected reader! I have 3 pair of socks, to be exact, so you’ll get yourself a nice sampling of them so you can work the into your rotation.

All you need to do to enter is answer me this one simple question in the comments section.
Do you think that using some highly specialized running gear, such as performance toe socks can give you an edge? If yes, do you think that edge comes more from the actual enhanced performance the gear provides or the mental reassurance of knowing that you have a little something extra helping you along?

I will assign a number to each entry as they come in and then use a random number generator to select a winner once the deadline is here. You can go to the facebook page HERE and Twitter page HERE as well for extra entries. All you need to do is follow the links, like the facebook page and follow them on twitter for extra entries. You have to come back and leave me a comment that you did it, though, because that’s the only way I have to track it. So to recap: answer the question = 1 entry. Like the facebook page and leave me a comment telling me you’ve done so = 1 entry. Follow them on twitter and leave me a comment telling me you’ve done so = 1 entry. Got it?

Ok, the deadline is in One week. So get your entries by 11:59 PM on Friday, 12/14. Sat morning I’ll select the winner and hopefully you can be testing out your new socks during your post-holiday runs burning off all those (insert your favorite holiday splurge food here) calories.

Ok, this was the last of my reviews/giveaways for the week. I hope you found some value in them. If you have any questions about this product, or any other product for that matter, ask away and I would be happy to tell you what I know about it, if I like it or not, and why.

Regular blog post coming shortly, and the monthly photo update should be coming on Sunday. Really looking forward to this one, it will be one full year since the original ones have been taken. Dec 9, 2011 v. Dec 9, 2012.

Ok, talk to you soon, but until next time. Take it easy and have a great weekend.








I am approaching this review from my standard viewpoint of what I believe the core interest of this blog really gets at: that is to say I am presenting my review by looking at this product from the perspective of a person who is relatively new to the running world, has some weight to lose and wants go about losing the weight by starting to incorporate a more active lifestyle and want to know how sift through the volumes of available gear/ equipment out there.

One of the great benefits to running a blog like this one is that it puts me in a position from time to time to receive various products to use and review for you. Oftentimes, these items are provided to me free of charge. This is the only type of compensation I have ever received, and my acceptance of these items in no way constitutes any obligation to provide an unwarranted positive review. My opinions on the products are unfiltered and 100% my own.

**This product was provided to me free of charge, but again, this does not influence my review or views on the product in any way**

Also please note that these are the personal opinions and experiences of one individual (me) on my personal blog, and intended to be taken as such. I personally, and The Running My Ass Off Blog do not accept any liability from the purchase or use of any products reviewed on this blog.

**Sorry, just have to cover my ass here. These are unbiased reviews, intended only to help. I’m not going to try and sell you anything, nor do I want you to take my opinions as the final word on any product. Let me help you figure out what you should check out, and then check the stuff out for yourself to see if you like it.**

2 responses to “Product Review & Giveaway: Injinji Socks

  1. I think products like this unquestionably provide an edge and I do not (al least in this instance) think it is mental. During the Philly Half, the biggest thing that held me back was (without going into detail) as a big ass blister on one of my little toes. I know part of it is shoes (I’m a Brooks man myself) but someone told me that these types of socks are great at avoiding blisters and foot issues. Performance starts with making sure you protect your feet.

    I also agree with the placebo effect argument in other instances. Once I started running longer distances I started wearing compression socks (sometimes when I run) and I found I ran better when wearing them. I do think that was, in part, placebo effect.

  2. I’m in on this one too… however… do you have a pair in my little foot size?? I’d like to avoid the blisters that Steve talked about above. As for the question… will they give me an edge? I believe anything you tell me to do will give me an edge. Even if it’s wearing these socks that I never thought I would wear.

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