Product Review & Giveaway: Pearl Izumi Tech Tee

Pearl Izumi Tech Tee Review


Ok, so as most of my reviews I’m going to take the approach of introducing those who may be just starting out on their weight loss efforts and are new to the whole world of running/ working out.

When I first started out on all my efforts, I decided on running as my exercise of choice or various reasons, but a big influencing factor was that it is one of the most easily accessible sports around. I was told that I basically had to 3 things to become a runner: 1) get checked out and cleared by a doctor before I began- I’m pretty sure that half of my friends and family expected me to have a heart attack on the spot as a 330 pound guy running literally for the first time ever. 2) get a good pair of running shoes- this is key and the only major expense you need to incur when getting into the sport and 3) go out and actually run. That’s it. Get cleared medically, strap some decent shoes on your feet and get your ass out there and run. Run fast, run slow, run and walk, whatever. You’re running and a runner and that is awesome.

…and all that is all entirely accurate. On its simplest level, that’s all you need to get in and get moving.

What they didn’t tell me, however is that there is an entire industry out here producing running specific gear. This is problematic for me since I am admittedly a sucker/ borderline obsessive for gear and accessories. I’ve said this before, but if there is a running specific gadget or doodad out there, I want to check it out.

The good news is I can assist you in sorting through the tons of stuff out there and let you know what is really necessary and what is more of a “nice to have” type of thing…and why (at least in my opinions)

This exceptionally long intro leads me to one of my strong recommendations. Get yourself some decent workout clothes. I’m not saying go out and drop hundreds on a complete wardrobe, but a moisture wicking t shirt, (or “technical fabric” if you are looking for the official term…or “Tech Tee” if you’re one of the cool kids who know what they are talking about), can really make your life better when you make the commitment to really do this for real and take it seriously. Here’s why:

This stuff is made specifically to pull the sweat off of you where it can evaporate. What that means to you in real life is that instead of sweat just building up and sitting or getting soaked into your standard cotton t-shirt where it will just sit there and get heavier, rub on you and become increasingly more irritating, this stays light and comfortable. That being said, just like everything, you get what you pay for. You can go to the local Wal-Mart and pick up a shirt for less than 10 bucks, but it is paper thin, will start stinking to high heaven, start to come apart and lose threading in the washer (this has happened to me).

Enter the new Tech Tee that I was provided by Pearl Izumi. This is not your cheap-o discount shirt, this is the real deal.

Smooth and silky, athletic cut and fits great. What I mean by “athletic cut” is that it’s fitted but not skin tight. It’s nice and thick enough to be evident that it’s a really good quality shirt without being excessive. Since receiving it in September I have worn this shirt on countless runs, and it has become one of my go-to articles of clothing for running. I love it and after being sweat in and washed literally dozens of times at this point it still looks just as good as when I just got it in the mail. It also helps for me that one of the company’s slogans “Run like an animal” is written across the chest. Again, makes me feel like kind of like a badass. The seams are flat specifically so they don’t rub or chafe you while you are running, even for long distances/ periods of time, this holds up and performs well. The “tag” is printed into the back of the shirt, again so nothing there to rub against you. It’s a dark grey shirt so while it does get a little darker when you sweat in it, it’s nothing horrible or dramatic as the standard issue heather grey t-shirt that goes from super light to super dark when you start sweating. Again, I love it and literally wear it once or twice a week. There’s only so much I can say about it, because after all, it’s a t-shirt and we all know what that is. But in terms of having a workout specific article of clothing that will make your life a little better while you are (in most cases) pushing yourself to do things you have either not done in a long time or have never done, I say go ahead and remove the extra distraction. Another piece of logic I have heard out there somewhere in the internet while I was looking into running and it’s assorted gear is that dropping some extra money on running specific gear may also serve as an extra motivator to some, on two levels. Having spent some extra cash to buy some clothes, (shirts in this case) that I will only wear while running pretty much guarantees that I will be running and wearing it, otherwise I just completely wasted that money. motivator? hell yes. not to everybody, but I tend to agree with that logic. Also, having some fresh gear that really is only appropriate while running (like a “run like an animal tech tee) is also enough to get me psyched to get it on and get out there. But to bring it back home, this is a valued piece of my running gear that I would not be without. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Pearl Izumi and this shirt.

Like I said, it’s not absolutely necessary, but this is one of things that will not break the bank and will go a very long way towards making your life much easier. The only way it could get better is if you could get one of these high quality tech tees from Pearl Izumi for free. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Well ask and you shall receive. I have been able to secure one tech tee (of their choosing) for one lucky reader. “run like an animal” not quite your style? No problem, go for something a little less in your face. Don’t mind a little attitude? Go for mine or even rock the “knuckles” shirt. The choice is yours, friend.

All you need to do to enter is answer me this one simple question in the comments section. _______________________________________________________

Would you consider picking up one (or a few) tech tees to aid in your training?…and if you already have some, can you share some other reasons why these things are so awesome?


I will assign a number to each entry as they come in and then use a random number generator to select a winner once the deadline is here. You can go to the facebook page HERE and Twitter page HERE as well for extra entries. All you need to do is follow the links, like the facebook page and follow them on twitter for extra entries. You have to come back and leave me a comment that you did it, though, because that’s the only way I have to track it. So to recap: answer the question = 1 entry. Like the facebook page and leave me a comment telling me you’ve done so = 1 entry. Follow them on twitter and leave me a comment telling me you’ve done so = 1 entry. Got it?

Ok, the deadline is in one week. So get your entries by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, 12/12. Thursday morning I’ll select the winner and hopefully you can be sporting your new tech tee by the time you are sweating out the holiday cheesecake and apple pie on the treadmill.



I am approaching this review from my standard viewpoint of what I believe the core interest of this blog really gets at: that is to say I am presenting my review by looking at this product from the perspective of a person who is relatively new to the running world, has some weight to lose and wants go about losing the weight by starting to incorporate a more active lifestyle and want to know how sift through the volumes of available gear/ equipment out there.

One of the great benefits to running a blog like this one is that it puts me in a position from time to time to receive various products to use and review for you. Oftentimes, these items are provided to me free of charge. This is the only type of compensation I have ever received, and my acceptance of these items in no way constitutes any obligation to provide an unwarranted positive review. My opinions on the products are unfiltered and 100% my own.

**This product was provided to me free of charge, but again, this does not influence my review or views on the product in any way**

Also please note that these are the personal opinions and experiences of one individual (me) on my personal blog, and intended to be taken as such. I personally, and The Running My Ass Off Blog do not accept any liability from the purchase or use of any products reviewed on this blog.

**Sorry, just have to cover my ass here. These are unbiased reviews, intended only to help. I’m not going to try and sell you anything, nor do I want you to take my opinions as the final word on any product. Let me help you figure out what you should check out, and then check the stuff out for yourself to see if you like it.**

20 responses to “Product Review & Giveaway: Pearl Izumi Tech Tee

  1. Woohoo, you are on a roll with great giveaways! OK, I just liked there FB page and follow them on twitter.

    My fav running shirts come from the company Women Run. The are cute and comfortable. Their manifest, what they are all about, spoke to me the first time I read it and now I have it all over my house! Five percent of their earnings go to organizations that help women and girls. I have run short and long in these shirts and they have never let me down.

  2. I would definitely consider grabbing a tech tee (did I say that right… am I cool kid now?). I have a rash guard now that is decent, and I did grab a wicking long-sleeve shirt, but it’s not something that I would call awesome. I’ve been looking into upgrading my gear for a while now, so this review is perfect. Winning one free would be even better.


  3. Assign me a #!!! I am psyched to get back out there as soon as my lungs clear up!! I would totally pick one of these tees up… you recommend them!! ❤

  4. Tech tees are a must! I’ve been running since 1975, running gear has come a long way since then!

  5. I would always consider a product if a friend recommended it, or someone I knew and respected. 🙂 Would be interested in trying this one!

  6. I liked them on facebook. I do not own any Pearl Izumi Tech Tee but I do own a different brand tech tee. I love the tech tees because when I was just using a regular shirt my back would itch and be full of sweat but with the tech tee I don’t have that problem anymore. I currently own two tech tees and would love to get more.

  7. Yes I would buy a Tech Tee, I have never owned one in my life, my sister said its a great Tee. I myself just started a blog…and I love your title, because I fill like I fall into that boat…I don’t run though…but I’m really hoping that walking will do the same effects. I’m really out of shape and it disgusts me, I’m at my all time low when it comes to weight! :{ I’m not going to give up though and I know I love myself, but want to see a change, and I know God loves me for who I am and will be there every step of the way.

  8. Christi Milledge

    I cringe when I see someone running in a cotton t-shirt! Gotta wear the right clothes when working out and tech tees are on the top on the list! A FREE tech tee is even better! I have some Pearl Izumi tri shorts–great brand! (LIKED them on FB!).

  9. I love my tech tees! I use cotton race tees in a quilt, and save the tech tees to train in! They are so comfy, and way better than a cotton tee to run in! I can’t ever seem to get enough of them! On my way to like your page, amd Pearl Izumi’s as well

  10. Would love to give this T a try, I think I might even go faster with it!
    Facebook page “liked”.

  11. okay, I officially liked your page on fb, theirs as well, and follow them on twitter. Way to go on the weight loss!

  12. I liked on facebook, don’t tweet 😉 and I love buying things. I will definately be buying some tech shirts. I am just starting out and most of them are a little snug. Would love one that actually fit!

  13. I currently own one tech tee I got from a race I ran in. It’s one of my very favorite workout shirts and have been wanting to get more! I Thanks for the chance to win another awesome shirt!

  14. I have also “liked” Pearl Izumi’s facebook page, and follow them on Twitter!

  15. Love me a good tech tee!

  16. I like on Facebook and follow on Twitter!

    I have a limited selection of tech tees but definitely swear by them for long training & race days. My favs are long sleeve Marika fitness, but I’ve never tried Pearl Izumi; have heard other great things about them though!!

  17. I like that they dry fast, and in rainy summer Florida, they do help keep you cooler.

  18. I Love buying new running gear.

    • I’m so sorry! I contacted the winner offline but never publicly recognized them…

      Big congrats to Lauren Estilow (of the facebook Born To Run) who was the lucky winner of the tech tee! (She has already received it and let me know she loves it)

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