Philly Half Marathon Prep

I initially intended to talk about this weekend’s upcoming Philly Half Marathon in the last post as well, but I decided to put it in this separate post after the fact, as I didn’t want to take away from what has turned into a pretty special post for me in looking back at the past year. So, I move from the last post looking back to this current post looking ahead to this weekend and the Philadelphia Half Marathon. I have gone over all this before, but I have been working towards training for this race for a long time now, and for me, even if you removed the emotional overtones that will be there due to the date and the fact that falls one year to the day from when I started this life changing process, it would still be a big day for me. A culmination of quite a bit of training, time, and effort in preparation. 13.1 miles that will represent hundreds of training miles run spanning dozens of hours, sore legs and knees and hips, and quite a bit of self doubt and subsequent surprise/ pride in completing things that I literally thought were laughable before I began all this.

 Ths race itself starts insanely early, 7:00 AM on what will most undoubtedly be a VERY chilly late November morning. So the good news is I will be done running early in the day. The bad news is that by the time the sun is up and starts to take the chill out of the air, I will also have already started, gone the entire length of the course and will be done running.

The course itself is designed to hit some of the most iconic spots in Philadelphia, running from the Art Museum past city hall and then down to Old City, along the waterfront, through center city and into university city, up into Fairmount Park and then back to the Art Museum to finish where it all began. For the most part, it’s a flat course that should be well suited for runners to settle in and run a good race. There are a few inclines when you hit the later half of the race in University City and Fairmount Park, but they do not look horrendous. Course Map and Elevation Chart attached at the bottom of this post.

 It’s exciting for me, and that is not even taking into consideration the fact that once again, I will have someone else in my corner out on the course. This will be race #2 for me with my friend Rock. (and yes, I definitely see this becoming a trend) You remember Rock from the last race, the Runner’s World 10K where she ran her first road race ever with me and completely rocked it. Well, as I have been saying, She has been training for this Half as well, and I know she is going to kick this race’s ass as well. We may have slightly different paces, but it feels good to know that if either one of us needs it, there is someone who is out there going through the same thing at the same time and we have each other’s backs.

 The training is completed! One last easy 3 mile run tonight, after which I’m resting my legs till race day, and then for the last time this year, its go time. I’m excited for it, and it’s been building so long now that I just want to get out there and show what I can do. I’ll be posting again soon with a one year anniversary post and then a post-race recap.

So the training is done, the prep is done. Gear picked out and ready. Music playlist fine tuned and loaded onto the freshly charged ipod.

Here we go, race day coming up in a matter of days (4, to be exact). It’s time to get out there and get it on.

I’ll talk to you all soon, and until then, take it easy.



2 responses to “Philly Half Marathon Prep

  1. Hey, Andy. I never see myself running 1 mile, so I couldn’t even imaging doing one of these 1/2 marathons! Any plans to ever do a full marathon in your future?

    • Never say never Matt, it took me a hell of a long time to imagine I could do it either. I don’t see a full marathon in my immediate future, but it’s not off the table completely. I think next year I might want to branch out and try some new things in addition to the running, but I’m already putting together a list of races I want to do. Definitely want to do The Broad Street Run and definitely want to do another Half, but like I said, I might try to branch out from there. We’ll see.

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