Photo Update: November Edition

I am happy to present my 12th consecutive monthly photo update. I feel like the dramatic changes have leveled off a few months back, but the slight improvements have still been slowly coming. Looking back it’s still pretty crazy to see how it all worked itself out. I am looking forward to next month’s photo update as well, this will give me the year over year perspective and allow me the chance to show a month by month breakdown of the progress. Should be pretty damn cool. As a little precursor to that, I have been giving things some thought, specifically how I am told quite a lot that the beginning and recent pictures of me look like two totally different people. I’m still just me, but the fact that the changes have been dramatic cannot be avoided. I’m at the point now where I am obviously in the tail end of the big initial year long push to lose the weight, and looking at the future. It’s a very humbling feeling. I have had amazing success up until now, but this was really just chapter one. It was one hell of start, and was both harder and easier in certain areas than I anticipated; but again this is just the tip of the iceberg. I now have to figure out how to just “live my life” without the super strict regulation and monitoring. I’ll be doing this the same way I’ve been doing everything else, that it by going slow and easing my way into it.

All that being said, I had these pics snapped right before my run, taking advantage of the opportunity to take my “race day gear” out for a test run in preparation for the Half next Sunday (the 18th). Feels good to be breaking stuff in and getting ready. Next stop, Philadelphia Art Museum at the starting line. Booyaa.

Anyhow, I should digress for the moment.
I present to you the Photo Update: November Edition. 11/9/2012: 205 pounds.




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