Weight Consistency? / Long Runs Done / Period of Transition

Weight is hanging in and holding steady. Looks by all accounts that when I weigh in tomorrow I will be right at 205 again. I am feeling good about everything and actually like I have a handle on things, so it’s time to take the next step again. More on that later in the post. But like I said: I’m feeling really good about everything, weight-wise and I have noticed that the uneasiness that I have felt for so long regarding food choices, portion sizes, and nutrition in general is being replaced with confidence. That, plus I’ll admit the nutrition piece of things has really been fascinating me lately.  Food, and the “How” and “What” it does for you has been such a huge part of my life for the past year that I just want to learn more and more about it. The thought that I can use that knowledge to help myself and in turn, people around me is just awesome to me. More on that in future posts I’m sure since it’s playing so large a place in my mind right now.

As for the workouts, well, The Philly Half Marathon is 10 days away and I am as ready as I’m going to be. I feel like I am better conditioned for this race than I was for the last, and I am really anxious to see what I can get out there and do. This time around it’s a more challenging course, but I would really like to go out and set myself a new PR. Time to beat is 2:23:46. I am confident and I feel like it’s within reach. I also want to enjoy this one. The Philly Marathon/ Philly Half is a huge event with about a dozen cheering sections stationed along the course as it wraps through the city, and I am looking forward to the crowds, energy, and fun. As for my current training; I ran an easy 3 last night to stay active and loose, and plan on running a pair of 6’s in the next few days. Potentially a Friday night 6 after work and then a Sunday morning 6. I want to do make sure I do an early morning run to get used to running in the early morning cold so I am prepared for the conditions that will be the reality of the race. Speaking of which, my last long run last weekend was on Sat, and I got in 12 really good, really windy, really freaking cold miles. I believe the temp was in the 40’s, and the wind was blowing with gusts between 10-15 mph. enough to make it feel like I was running into a cold headwind for the bulk of the time. I still felt great, and it’s a little surreal to think that I am done with the long runs (with the exception of the half, of course) for the year. I have talked about it before, but now I am looking at the reality that in 10 days’ time, I will not have a race to train for. I’ll just be running to run and stay in shape. I’m very much looking forward to that, but I fully anticipate it will be an awkward feeling for a while. I always work better when I have a goal in my sights, and I know that I will pick out a handful of races to do next year, but I know I will not be anywhere near as aggressive with the scheduling as I was this year. So I guess I have the goal of maintaining the current shape I’m in just so when I get to the point where it is time to start training for an event again, I can just ratchet it up and not have to start from scratch again. I’m thinking that if I can keep up with my 3s and 6s on a regular basis, and throw in an occasional long run (like a 10 or so) every now and then just to mix things up I’ll be good to go when things like the Broad Street Run and whatever Half I decide to do next year come around.

So it feels like in all aspect of my fitness, I am once again in a period of transition. Food wise? Changes coming. Training wise? Changes coming too. Oh well, why not? Of COURSE it all happens at the same time, that’s just the way that things seem to happen to me. Whatever. First with the food. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am holding steady, getting used to giving up my super tight control on things every Sunday (and race day) when I take time off from logging, and I feel like it’s time to loosen things up a little more, so I think I’m going to switch from Sunday Funday, my weekly day off from logging to Weekends off. (Sorry, no witty or punny nickname for it) The way I see things, I have done well this far with the Sundays, and while I feel like I definitely make some choices that are different than I would make while logging, I have not gone crazy and there has not been any detrimental effects to my weight. It’s time to loosen the death grip that I have on my caloric intake a little more and learn how to manage things without the crutch of my online food log all day, every day. It has been massively important and one of the keys to my success, but I have said before that I’m not sure it’s realistic to think that I will log everything that I eat for the rest of my days into my phone. I keep saying I’ve learned so much about food/ portion size/ nutrition in general so it’s time to put my money where my mouth is. Another way to look at things which gives me some solace from the other perspective is: If I am being “good” 5 days a week, and being “reasonable to slightly bad” 2 days, it’s enough of a balance to keep things on an even keel. So Weekends off, here I come. Everybody’s working for the weekend…now in more ways than one. As for the running, I kind of highlighted the changes on the horizon for that front in the paragraph above, so no need to re-hash it again. One more thought though is that I while I am going to more selective as to the races I do next year, I want to make the ones I pick be cool ones. I have a few ideas of things I want to do, but I want to get together with a few friends and line up some races with people to make them some memorable experiences. (Potentially a “destination” half marathon? Nothing crazy like Hawaii, but something drivable from Philly like Boston, NYC, or Hershey)

Ok, as with most of these posts, I’m going to cut it now before I ramble on forever here.

You will be hearing/ seeing more from me as tomorrow I am schedule to take my 12th consecutive Monthly Photo Update. One more after this one to complete the full circle from 12/9/11 to 12/9/12.

I hope everyone is doing well this week and if you are on the east coast, you made it through the Hurricane Sandy ok.

Talk to you all soon. Till then, take it easy.



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