Hatboro Y Skeleton Skurry 5k / Dealing With Hurricane Sandy / Last Long Training Run

This will be a combo race recap and weekly blog post. Hurricane Sandy had me preoccupied so I missed the chance to just type away like I usually do. (And even that time seems to be dwindling fast as well)

At any rate, last Saturday I had the chance to run with my friend Katie in her first 5K, and she completely rocked it. She took what was a deceptively hilly and challenging course and ran the entire thing. Despite being sick for the preceding weeks and holding down double duty of a day job and the even more taxing full-time job of “mom”, she trained for and completed her goal of running the entirety of the 5K. Like I said, this course didn’t look terribly bad, but when you run it, it just feels like you are running up a gradual incline for the vast majority of it, punctuated by the added bonus of a steep hill just about halfway through. But like I said, Katie rocked it and ran the entire thing. This was her goal and I am glad I got a chance to support her and get a front row seat to watch her cross that finish line. She really showed a ton of dedication and hard work to this point. I know for a fact it’s not easy.Excellent job girl, can’t wait to run the neighborhood with you again soon. Here are a few pics of race day… (Pre-Race, Mid-Race Running and a Finish Line pic)

I also got the chance to meet up with my regular posse (Co-workers Maureen & Lauren- from my first 5K and Rock and Roll Half Marathon)

…As for my weekly post, weight is still hanging at 205. Not bad, I’ll take it. This weeks eating has been a little inconsistent, I have. Been paying as close attention being as we still don’t have power from the storm and have been living like transients with my in-laws all week, but all is good. We have family to take us in, good food, heat and hot water. So I am really in no position to bitch. Those who are mildly inconvenienced cannot complain when there are some who are facing total devastation. So we’ll see what the scale says on my weekly Friday weigh in tomorrow morning, but no matter what it’s all good. It took me almost a year to get to the point where I think it’s all good no matter what the scale says because I know it will all level out in the end. Feels good to be here. So bring it on scale, lets we what you have to say tomorrow. (If I have power and access to a scale, of course…here’s hoping)

Needless to say, my runs got pushed to the side as well this week. I am hoping to get out tonight for a 3 or 6 mile run, depending on the time, and then a 3 or 6 tomorrow as well before my FINAL LONG TRAINING RUN OF THE YEAR. I have 12 on the calendar for this weekend, and then I get into taper week and run a bunch of 3s and 6s to prep for the Half on the 18th.

17 days and counting, and I am starting to get that mix of butterflies/excitement again. It’s still mostly butterflies at this point, but I have a confidence level I didn’t have before now that I have one Half under my running belt.

The end goal is in sight, and I can’t believe that I am closing in on the one year anniversary of when I started all this. Much more to come on that in a later post, but suffice it to say, the past 365 days have made up a year that has completely changed my life forever. There will be time to reflect later, right now it’s time to get amped up and go rock out some good training runs and finish this thing strong. I have a PR to beat. 13.1 miles in less than 2:23:46. I believe it can be done. The weather is colder, the course tougher, and it is overall a tougher go of it; that being said it definitely can be done. I just need to push and focus. Time to refine the music playlist and get really used to running in the cold. No more prissy pants treadmill miles between now and the race. The next post you see submitted will be me really getting ready, focusing in on the course and the race in general.

Just have to get through this weekends 12 miler, and then it really gets into go time again.

I hope this post finds everybody well, and I hope anybody located on the east coast was able to get through Hurricane Sandy unscathed. Knock on wood, no major damage for us but that was some seriously scary shit.

Ok, till next time: stay safe and take it easy.



2 responses to “Hatboro Y Skeleton Skurry 5k / Dealing With Hurricane Sandy / Last Long Training Run

  1. Again, I’m so impressed and inspired by you! Great job!!

  2. Awesome! Congrats to you both! (AS a side note, I love your friends’ “Rock, Paper, Scissors” costumes!!!!!!!)

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