Weight Up / Manageable Distances / Running Blind & Gadget Dork

For those of you who have been paying very close attention, you may have noticed that my weight has been drifting up a bit. Up from the 200 to 205. Yes, I know it’s only 5 pounds but this is the first significant weight GAIN I’ve had thus far, and even though I do get the occasional twinge of guilt and feeling like I am heading in the wrong direction, that is to be expected I guess after being so focused for so long. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself) And please note that I used the word “occasional” back there; I did that on purpose because the other 90% of the time I am strangely comfortable with it. I have eaten “worse” (I call it “worse”, some might just call it “normal”) over the past few weeks than I have in any part of the current year, and there has been no major fallout or overly steep price to pay. I’m getting it for real, and I am loving it. I am also realizing that I will always have some twinge of guilt if I gain weight. I’m in a good place but in all fairness I did have to lose 120+ pounds to get here. I think I will always have that fear that if I relax too much then I open the door to just have a few pounds creep on here and a few more creep on there, and next thing you know a lot of that weight I busted my ass to lose has found it’s way back. I’m ok with that fear, because it will serve as a reality check for me. I’m ok with not walking the line all the time, I just don’t want to lose that line entirely. I don’t think I ever will, and the fear that will probably always live in the back of my head is going to help ensure it.

As for the running: It’s officially Go Time again. 10K this Sat. An then a one-two punch of a 5K race next Sat and then an 11 mile training run next Sunday. Feeling good, ready to rock. Looking forward to running with some awesome ladies. Both the 10K and 5K are manageable distances, so now it’s time to see if I can push and set some personal records. Shooting to beat my previous best time. That means running a 10K in under an hour. (My previous PR for a 10K race -which is my only 10K race thus far- is 1:00:39. So the goal is to lose those 39 seconds)

On a side note, how awesome is it that I can now refer to 3 and 6 miles as “manageable distances”? It still kind of keeps me in awe of how far 3 and 6 miles really is. It’s a different frame of reference when I am running, everything looks and feels different in terms of distance. A least for me, I’m so focused in on internal part of things, it’s me running against myself and paying attention to endurance that I don’t look at distance the same way as I do when I’m driving in my car, if that makes any sense. It’s when I’m driving and I look at the odometer that I realize how far these distances actually are in a real life environment. And 3 miles is far. 6 miles is really far. Pulling it up on a map I’m sitting here like “Whoa, how far do I have to zoom out just to see it all at one time?” Still not used to it. Even when I’m running it, I still lose track of the distance and just get into my own head.

So in my 10 mile long run, my watch died. Not died for good, but ran all the way out of battery and just went blank. And this was only partway into mile 2. It gave me a warning that it had low battery when I started the run, so just as a precaution I started up the Nike Plus running app on my phone and three it back in my running belt (fanny pack). Glad I did, because otherwise I would not have had that run tracked. It wouldn’t be the end of the world if it did not get tracked but I like having the info to compare against previous runs to see how I am progressing. (Pretty well, it turns out. I shaved almost 30 seconds off my avg. pace as compared to my last 10 mile run back in August…see? I told you I was dorky) So it felt like I was running blind. I knew my route, and I just ran. I am one to closely monitor my watch for both distance and pace to make sure I’m keeping up with where I want to be, and it was kind of liberating to just not think about it and just go. I estimated the mile points where I wanted to stop and eat a GU gel, and everything went along great. It turned out to be a great run. Weather was perfect, run was good, and I felt great. I hope I have more like that one. Maybe I’ll leave the watch at home next time. (Maybe…but probably not)

I’ve always been a “gadget guy”… If there some electronic gizmo or sport-specific doodad out there, I want it. As evidenced by my Nike+ GPS watch, Running water bottle (complete with hand strap), Running belt (call it what you will to try and “sport it up”… it’s a fanny pack), etc. A lot of the stuff that the “real runners” out there scoff at, but I eat this shit up. What can I say. I know it’s all “nice to have” and not “need to have”, but I like it, so what of it? So if anybody ever has any questions about various running gear, feel free to ask, because odds are I have it. If I don’t have it, I’ve probably researched it and have plans to get it if its cool. But ask, my obsessive dorkiness may as well be put to good use somehow…

Ok, the race update from the Runners World 10K on Saturday should be coming this weekend or early next week.

Hope everybody has a great weekend and until next time, take it easy.



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