Changes in Weight / Back In The Saddle- Training Reboot / Coming Out The Other Side

Weight still hanging in there. Truth be told, it’s been fluctuating up and down a little during the weeks (depending on what days I run), but it seems to always level back out (sort of) by the time that Friday rolls around and I weigh in. It’s actually been down even further over the past week or so, but I have been keeping my mouth shut about because everyone seems to be breaking my balls about losing too much weight. So yes, I have lost more weight. I am certainly not starving myself, but it was bound to happen when I am running these long double digit mile runs to train for the races. I am eating more to compensate for the excess burned calories. I am still creeping down. Maybe I’m not eating enough, maybe my body is still adjusting on the change from being completely sedentary to being so active. I can’t say, but I know that I am lower on the scale and it is what it is. So here I am, sitting at 200 even. (200.2 if you want to be specific) I don’t intend to stay this low, once things settle out with the race schedule the weight should come back on a little. That, plus I have made a promise to Jenn that I would start lifting weights to add some bulk to my arms and shoulders. I don’t want the gun show or anything, I just want to stop being so damn bony. But with the combo if the extra muscle and not burning 2000+ calories a week, I see things creeping back up starting around the holidays, and I am 100% good with that. So yes mom, I lost more weight. It’s ok, I actually do have a handle on it this time.

This week has been really good so far. 3 treadmill miles on Tuesday, 2.5 miles with a friend Katie (getting ready for her upcoming -and first ever- 5K) and then 2 more (4.5 total) on Thursday and then the first long run of the Philly Half Marathon training tomorrow morning. Last week was kind of a “whatever” week, I ran whenever I wanted to and for however long I wanted to, and it felt good to get right back in the saddle. This week, however it’s a reboot on the training program. It all starts now, and wraps up 50 days from now on Nov 18th with the Philly Half Marathon. I take some steps back from the full 13, but I am doing so because I am determined to be better conditioned for this upcoming half than I was for the Rock and Roll. I’ll need to be, since my first half was nice and flat, but the race in November throws some decent inclines into the mix. There is really no excuse this time around. I have a treadmill in the basement, an entire town’s worth of streets right outside my front door, and for the long runs I have the Power Line Trail 5 min away and my good old lake less than an hour away (with friends who live in the area so that kind of sweetens the deal and make the drive worth the time spent getting there) Having one half marathon under my belt now, I have a new confidence level But I don’t want to confuse that for cockiness. My runs last week kicked my ass, I found it funny that 3 miles could be so challenging just after I finished 13. But I’m looking forward to everything and anxious to get started again. Three more races until I’m done for the year: a 5K, a 10K, and one final half marathon.

Lately I’ve had this feeling like I’m starting to come out of the hardcore tunnel vision of the process of all the losing, maintaining, and training. I know there is more to go, and I still take it very seriously but I am taking the time to look at the rest of myself/ my life through a new set of eyes (or a new perspective at least). Learning how to live life, incorporate this new fitness lifestyle and “just still be me” at the same time. More on that at come, I’m sure but it seems to be where I find my mind wandering lately and thought I’d share.

Ok, I hope everyone is doing well and until next time, take it easy.



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