Photo Update- September Edition

So here we are. 4 days out from the Rock and Roll Half and I’m as ready as I’m gonna be. I took last week off after my 12 mile long run (not intentionally), and I just got back into the swing of things last night. Got 3 easy treadmill miles in last night in an effort to get myself back moving again. I got one last decent outdoor run in tonight (6 miles, running at what I hope will be my race pace), and I may get another easy 2 or 3 in tomorrow around the neighborhood to stay loose, and then that’s it. Training will be officially done and there will be nothing left to do except show up and run my ass off for 13.1 miles.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m staring the last of my existing “original goals” right in the face. I still have 2 more that I added mid-training, but this one has a certain sweetness for numerous reasons. I’m excited to run it, and then come back and let you know how it went.

Ready to rock and roll. (…get it? rock and roll half marathon? See what I did there?)

Also, I can finally lay claim to a new kind of victory with my weight, that victory of NOT losing any more weight. I said in last month’s photo update that I really wanted to hold steady, and hot damn, I am exactly the same weight this month as I was last. 208 seems to be the magic number for me, and I’m satisfied with it. Dare I say it; I might actually be getting the hang of this “weight maintenance” thing after all…

So without any further delays, here is the Photo Update for the month:

September 13, 2012: 208 pounds (still!)




2 responses to “Photo Update- September Edition

  1. You might be the same weight but you’re still making progress.

  2. You look amazing…totally fit!!! Way to go….and best of luck on your next race, GO ANDY!

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