Last Chance For Free ROAD ID / Runs Derailed / A Lot Of Posts Coming Up

Don’t forget, you still have a little more time to enter into my road ID giveaway. What I mean to say is, you could get a free one just by commenting on my post. Click on THIS link to get the post now. Make sure you do it before noon on Wednesday though, that’s when the deadline is for entries.

So my plan of nice and easy runs last week kind of went all to shit. Between moving houses and Tessa getting sick, my runs had to get pushed to the wayside. Now with this being race week, you would think it would be a nice and easy, smooth sailing. Right? Wrong. In keeping with the tradition of me being the king of shitty luck, I caught the stomach bug that has been going around last night. So my Sunday turned Monday 6 mile run has now been pushed till tomorrow. I still feel like complete balls right now, but at least I know it’s going to be short lived. At this point, my daughter, and two sister-in-law’s have all gotten this. It makes your life miserable for about 24 hours, but then moves along and victimizes the next sucker. So I’m just serving my time, and regular life will resume again tomorrow. But I see some chicken noodle soup and early bed in my immediate future. Still plenty of time to get myself ready to go for race day.

Well I sure as hell hope this is a quick recovery AND a photogenic week for me, because I’m about to post a flood of Andy pictures to the web.

Coming up in consecutive days are going to be
1.) this month’s photo updates
2.) a review of some sweet running gear I got from

Not to mention Sunday is race day, and I plan on getting a lot of pictures of my very first half marathon.

So I’ll try to put my beauty face on, and make sure it doesn’t disappoint too much.

I’ll keep this one brief since you’ll be hearing from me so much this week, so have a great night and I’ll catch you tomorrow. It off to bed for me now.

Take it easy,


One response to “Last Chance For Free ROAD ID / Runs Derailed / A Lot Of Posts Coming Up

  1. Whooohoooo! Your first half marathon? How Amazing! I hope you feel better and GOOD LUCK! Run your ass off 🙂

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