Anxious Energy / Running with Elmo

Prepped and ready to go:

A little anxious and up late so I figured I’d throw out a little extra post just to work out the nerves a bit and do something productive with all this pent up energy. So I’m ready to rock, mentally prepared as I’m going to be, clothes/gear all laid out, I know where I’m going, only thing left to do is get on with it….in a few hours. I’ve done all the research that I can do to get my head right, but this just feels different from any of the 5Ks I’ve done to date.

Everything I’ve read tells me that now more than ever, the ”nothing new on race day” rule holds true, which essentially makes each long run I’ve done a dress rehearsal for the real things. This is good because it gives me a frame of reference and let me kind of visualize how things are going to look/ feel/ go down when the big days actually do come up.(and I’m sure any level of familiarity will help me when it comes to run my first 10K and my first half marathon- one less thing to consider while going through entirely new experiences) Even down to running gear: what I’m going to wear and how it holds up over the grind of long runs in preparation. I really like this, actually. (Yes I’m a dork to really enjoy thinking about this type of minutiae, but this also forces me to think about what I want to do on race day; makes me think of things ahead of time…) For instance, I’ve known that I wanted to do/ wear a little something to represent Tessa as I run in the big races; just a little something that I can look at to remind me of how far I’ve come, why I stated all this in the first place, and give me that extra little push of motivation if I need it. Instead of thinking about this the week or days before I race, it’s already planned out and set up. I’m glad I did it that way, because it turned out to be harder than you would imagine, only because anything I clip to my clothes can (and has had a tendency to) bounce around throw me off, or even worse, start rubbing and have me ending up with a rubbed raw spot (like has happened to me on multiple occasions when I tried to clip my ipod shuffle to my shorts waistband and ended up with what looked like brush burn on my hip). I have come up with what I think is a badass solution to both the Tessa and ipod issue at the same time: When I run, especially on my longer runs, I carry a water bottle. It’s from a company called Nathan, and it’s a 20 oz running water bottle, complete with hand strap and pocket to hold my ID, key and some emergency cash. Not huge: not big enough for my phone for example, but good for what it is. I actually take my wedding band off and clip it in there when I run as well. But the hand strap is adjustable, and the adjustment straps are literally the perfect fit to clip on my ipod and one of Tessa’s hair clips. I stole one of her clippies (she has literally dozens of them, so I’m pretty sure I can grab one without really hurting her one year old fashion sense in any way), and clipped that on as well. So yes, I’m a 6’3”, 200+ pound man running with a big elmo face on my water bottle, what of it? I had a Hello Kitty one on there for the last run, and actually got a few “awww”’s as I was running next to a group of ladies at the lake (and I’m sure a few snickers and snide comments from the guys in their group as well), and when I found the Elmo one in her room, I knew I had to swap it out. Elmo is a complete rock star in our house right now, Tess LOVES him, so it’s perfect. He makes his race day debut with me tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to having a little piece of her with me, so to speak.

Ok, enough rambling…time to hit the sack and then wake up early for race day.

Catch you all soon. Take it easy…



One response to “Anxious Energy / Running with Elmo

  1. Love it! What a great way to be able to “take” your daughter with you on your run. It is my family that truly keeps me going and I think a lot of runners would agree. I am writing this late, and you are probably at the end of the race or finished. I know you had a great time and did well. I look forward to the recap.

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