Photo Update- August Edition

I’m late. I usually do this on the 9th of each month, but time got away from me. So, albeit a week late, I am back to Photo Update time again. The last month has been a really good one to me. My training runs have kicked into high gear, I am covering more and more distance and doing it with more confidence. I’m still slow as hell, but to the critic who scoffs at me for running 11 to 11 ½ minute miles on my long runs, I say: bite me dude, I just ran 10 miles straight.

I am looking at what I’m considering to be the “next phase” of my training and weight loss, where I’ve gotten to where I want to go in terms of weight, made some significant progress in the distance running, and now moving into covering further and further distances with confidence and running in my final 4 races of the year, the “Big Boy Races”, as I like to call them. The big name, real deal races are coming up, and I am now in a position to hold my own with some real runners. This prospect really excites me.

My weight has gone down again, and when I look at it from a month to month perspective (as in from last picture update to this one), I dropped another 10 pounds. Well damn. I’ve said it before but I really believe it’s these long runs. I’m getting much better at the nutrition piece of things and I feel like I am getting down the ways to maintain and compensate for the huge calorie burns generated on those long run days. I don’t plan on or expect to lose any more weight, so here’s to maintaining and checking in next month at the same weight.

The last month has been really good, and it’s looking to get better. I am finally getting to the point where I am running the races that I have been working towards, and thus, getting the validation that all the time spent and effort put forth have been worth it. It’s go time and I can’t wait.

I’ll post again in a few days with more pics and a recap of the first of my 4 final races, the Livestrong Challenge 10K. Really looking forward to this one and anxious to get it going.

So without any further ramblings: here is the Photo Update: August Edition. 8/16/12 – 208 Pounds




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  1. You’re like a different person.

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