Run Strong, Think Big Virtual 5K / Big 7 Miles / Getting More Comfortable

So this weekend I got to participate in the run strong, think big virtual 5K. I had initially put out a request to get a group of people together to run with me up at the lake, but to be honest I think I used up a lot of my goodwill, and I didn’t want to press my luck after last weekend and the team of 20+ people at the mud run. I knew without a doubt that I’d be running, and that’s what matters so on Sunday morning, off I went. I had seven on the schedule so I figure the first 3.1 would be my “Virtual 5K”.
I feel pretty good and honestly it helped a lot because at least in my head it helped me to break up the seven into two more manageable chunks. I mapped out a route that was a little bit longer than last weeks 6, just enough to squeeze an extra mile. So although I say I “ran at the lake”, I really should be saying I ran while in the general area where I was able to see the lake. Because although I was there, I found myself relegated to the outside perimeter roads just in order to make up the extra distance that I needed to. I’ll tell you what though, knowing that I was running for more than just a regular old weekend practice run really helped to motivate me keep me going. Knowing that some good was coming out of this (outside of just making me sweat my ass off and run a little bit further) was pretty damn gratifying. I’m proud to be able to help out my Internet friend Nicole and her fundraising efforts to benefit blood cancer research and indirectly, helping her training for her upcoming Nike women’s half marathon. I’m definitely looking forward to receiving the medal for this race as well, it’s going right on the hook next to all the other medals I will be earning this year.

The whole deal behind a virtual race is that everyone is doing it around the same time, but you’re not held the same constraints of having to have everybody in one physical location. As a result we had 58 runners spread over four different countries. How cool is that? All running for the same cause.

So for my weight, it’s eeked down a little bit more on me again, so now I’m sitting at 213. These long runs burn a ton of calories, and I’m still getting used to eating so much more to counterbalance that. For instance, I burned just shy of 1200 cal on Sunday in under an hour and a half. So I could go out and order a large pizza, sit down and house the entire thing, and then still be able to eat everything else all day long like I normally do. After being so focused and spending so long being careful, weighing, measuring, and being cognizant of what goes in my mouth, this way of thinking is still going to take some getting used to. I’ll get there, I always do. It may just take me a little bit of time to figure this out and get comfortable with it.

As for the run, holy shit. Seven. Miles. Yes, they were slow. I was was able to come out of it with just shy of an 11 1/2 minute average pace for the entire run. That being said, I think if I dialed back the first part of it I would’ve been able to maintain longer and had a faster pace overall. Although 11 1/2 is slow, I still feel like it’s respectable. I would be able to look somebody in the eye and tell them I did that and not be completely embarrassed. In a perfect world, I would love to be little bit faster. But then again if it’s not, I’m not out to set land speed records here, I’m solely out do this for the fitness aspects and to be able say that I did it. And by that measure, I rocked it. I’m looking forward to settling into what seems to be my new weekly routine, be very proud of myself for the first half of this week, and then freak out about my upcoming long run for the last half of the week.

So I’m finally starting to get used to this body a little bit more. I was talking about it at a party this weekend, and the best way to explain it is even though I knew that I was changing, things were happening so fast and I was so dialed into the process of what I was doing the full reality of it never really hit me. Once I was done it was almost like a surprise where I looked in the mirror one day and realized “holy shit, I look completely different now”. I don’t know if surprise is the right word, because I knew was happening. I think more “Fully recognized how dramatic the change really is” is a better way to say it. And since the change to me was sudden (even though it really shouldn’t of been) it did take me up until now to really get comfortable with the way that I am looking/feeling now.

As you can imagine, I get the chance to talk about my story and weight loss quite a bit now, and the inevitable question always comes up, “So how did you do it?” I feel like I’ve never given the same answer twice, and like I said, l talk about this a lot. So between my own irritation with giving inconsistent answers and some close friends asking for some specifics on how I’ve done things, I decided to come up with a “top 10” List of sorts. It’s going to be the top 10 things I’ve learned along the way. I feel like I can cover all the points I would want to touch on within a list of that size. So look for that coming later this week. I’m sure will be a really long one, because if we know anything about me at all, it’s that I have a tendency/ potential to get wordy. My hope though is that there’ll be enough good information in there that people can take some stuff out that applies to them; some little nugget they can really use and help them as they try to lose some of their own weight, or get themselves into some better shape. So again, look for that coming later this week.

I hope everybody is doing well, and till next time, take it easy.



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