Photo Updates: July Edition

Photo Update: July Edition
Well this is a first, my weight this month is the same as my weight was at the last photo update. Feels really good, actually. Look at this guy, maintaining and holding steady. It’s nice to see some consistency, and it gives me faith that i can keep this up for the long haul.
While we’re talking about firsts, I had another one tonight as well. I went for a run with my sister Jennifer. Now this was something that I never thought would ever happen, for 2 separate reasons. Starting with the less obvious of the two: she has suffered from pretty bad asthma for the better part of her (much younger than mine) life. Out of her 20 years, she has just started making some real progress over the past year I’d say. She has always been an athlete, but has had that extra burden to get over. But through finding the right treatment, being dedicated and motivated, and working her ass off she is now running outside with me and covering a 5K like it ain’t no thing. The other, much more obvious reason I never saw us running together is the fact that I’m fairly sure I have had to lose close to her entire body weight (if not her entire body weight) just in order to be where I’m at now. Well, miracles can actually happen, because off we went to the lake tonight and got in a 5K on a beautiful summer night. It was pretty damn awesome, losing the weight is really paying dividends in ways I never even considered. I love you babe, can’t wait till we do it again. *She also deserves the credit for this months photos, taken immediately after our run at the lake.

So without any further delay, here is this months photo update. More pics to come later this weekend, after the mud run on Sunday. Should be pretty cool to get some before and after pics. (click for larger versions)

7/10/12: 218 Pounds



Me and my badass sister.


2 responses to “Photo Updates: July Edition

  1. Awesome! Great pics and it sounds like a great run! I can’t wait to hear all about Sunday and see the pictures from that too.

  2. Great pics and progress.

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