Week Off From Food Logging / Beach Running / Vacation Adjustments

On Vacation. It’s been amazing thus far, just days on the beach and relaxing with the fam. Tess got a little sick but I should have seen that one coming. When they told me that there was a stomach bug going around her daycare last week, I heard those words and thought “ok, well, I hope she does not get it”. What I should have thought was “Well, I guess that means there’s a strong chance I’m going to be vomited on by a one year old next week. Twice. ” Oh well, it’s been so much more good than bad, I am in no position to complain. Tessa loves the beach so I am happy to say that we have spent a good portion of our days playing in the sand and water. Until nap time, that is, and then it’s back to the house to clean her up/ put her down for a nap and then have some down time for Jenn and I to relax ourselves. Kind of a foreign feeling, but a great one.

So, weight. I got on the scale right before we left and I was holding steady at 217. I made the decision a while ago that when I’m on vacation, the food logging stops. I really feel like I need a little vacation from the hardcore watching what I eat as well. (with the caveat that as soon as I get back, I’m back hardcore again) its already been a huge departure from my norm, but I haven’t been going batshit crazy. Honestly, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. I have gotten that “so full I’m going to explode” feeling a few times already. once after my pancake breakfast at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House. Absolutely delicious, but I thought my “innie” belly button was goi g to turn into an “outie”. So I have not been eating my usual lo cal, balanced, regular meals, but to hell with it, I’m on vacation. I am not going to go nuts, and I’m not going gain 20 pounds in a week, so relax and enjoy yourself a little Andy. I do have to admit, its been such a static part of my life for so long now i have been feeling waves of guilt all week long (since i know this behavior at any other time would warrant a “the wheels are falling off the wagon” reaction), but I have been dealing with it and will continue to do so until I get home.

While I have been really lax on the food this week, I have definitely have been on point with the working out. I set some really aggressive goals for the week with the idea that I know that life/daily plans are going to get in the way of some of it, but if I aim high I’ll be happy with the end result. Ran 5K on Sunday, l walked another 5K Monday, and ran 5 miles on on the beach yesterday morning. I went for a light 2 mile run this morning, and then I run my weekly long run on tomorrow. I plan on having Jenn drop me at the other end of the island. I mapped out that if I start at the beginning of the boardwalk, to run the entire length of the boards and then switch over to the streets and run back to our house, I will cover the 6.2 miles. again, this scares the shit out of me, but there is now other way than to just do it, so whatever, just get my ass in gear and try it out. Once that is done, I’ll run one last 5K on the beach on Friday morning to closest the week and then take the weekend off.

So the adjustment to my new body is coming up in so many new and unexpected ways, even on vacation. First and foremost, walking around without a shirt on is weird. It’s a feeling I have not had in a LONG time. Walking around in public with no shirt on honestly used to be a nightmare, but to be truthful, it’s been really liberating this week. Once I got over the initial shock and hesitation, I found out I was just like every other guy on the beach, just minding my own business and playing with my family. So I have been dealing with the initial trepidation involved with going shirtless for the first time in the better part of 10 years, feeling good about that, and as an added bonus: also coming to the realization that I was not going to break a beach chair – a little background, I used to break beach chairs like it was my job. It happened literally all the time, I would sit down in a chair, and then feel the all too familiar feeling of the entire thing buckling at the hinge, and next thing you know, my ass is in the sand. Seriously, all the time. Not every single time on the beach, but it was pretty much a foregone conclusion for me that at some point during the week that chair was a goner. It was one of those things I never thought of until I went to sit down in one and it was kind of like an “ah-ha” moment for me that I was not going to destroy it this time with my girth.

Ok, enough of my ramblings for now. Time to get moving off the front porch and start to get ready to head back down to the beach. (rough life, I know)

Until next week, take it easy.


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