Slipping Again / Back to Basics / New Running Plan Starts Today

Ok, so it’s happening again. I’m starting to let things slip a little. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I have been pretty good at identifying when I am starting to lose discipline and snap my ass back into line early, before it becomes an issue. I intend for this to be another one of those times. I am referring to my runs, or the recent lack thereof. It’s front and center in my head as I sit here driving to work this morning, because today is Monday, day one of week one of the official 12 week training program for the Half Marathon coming up in September. Ironically, day 1 is a rest day. Talk about anticlimactic.

I have looked at countless training programs online, but always keep ending back at the Hal Higdon Half Marathon training plans. Of course, I had to make some modifications. I’m not changing things because I claim to know more than a massively accomplished lifetime runner and trainer, quite frankly, I am changing things to fit my “real life” scenario. I would love to be that guy who has all the time in the world to go run every other day, cross train on my off running days, and be super prepared completely own those half marathons. Actually, I don’t know that I would love that. Here’s my quandary, and it’s becoming more and more prevalent as I settle back into my “regular life” more and more now that I have hit goal weight and have been able to maintain it for a little bit. I have made it no secret that the whole reason that I started out to lose weight/ get fit is for myself; but more importantly for my family. Where I was using running before as a way to burn huge amounts of calories and speed along the weight loss process, now I am looking at running as just exercise, a way to keep me along the path of getting into shape and achieve some goals I have set for myself. I don’t mean to lessen the importance by saying “just exercise”, I just mean it’s not pulling double duty for me of speeding the weight loss along with getting me back into shape. Anyway, while still very important to me (and I can I can honestly say that I will most likely always associate myself with being a “runner” from now on), it still represents time away from the two things in my life that will always be more important than running. The more I run, the longer I’m out and away from Jenn & Tess. It’s a balance that I am still trying to perfect. We always have a lot going on at the house, and I am trying to give everything its due time and attention. I actually think that I am good with this pared down version of Hal Higdon’s training program, running 3 times a week, one long run each week to keep upping the distance, and two shorter runs during the week to keep me in the swing of things. The shorter runs are good because they are not as hard on my body, and also because they don’t take too long, so I can get out, get it done, and get back to my girls and other responsibilities.  Before you even say it: I know. “Boo Hoo, the guy who lost 110 pounds is complaining about having to work out”. That’s really not it. I love the working out (now THAT is a phrase I never thought would ever come from me), and it’s a big part of who I am now, but it is not the ONLY thing I am. I am a father and husband first, runner second. Period. (not even sure if it would fit in a “second”, probably down a little more, but def. in the top 5) I’m just doing like I always do, trying to use this forum as a way to vent frustrations, deal with anxiety, and figure things out as I go along. Ok, time to bring it back to the point. The lightened running program is what works for me and my schedule/ life. It’s probably not the optimum training regiment, but it will get me where I need to be and let me handle everything else I want to do at the same time, so it’s perfect for me. (If you can’t tell, I am sill getting right with it in my own head, hence all the rationalization here)

So the issue at hand today is that I have been letting my runs slip. It’s time to put an end to that shit right now. I’ve already discussed how I have trimmed down a running plan to fit my needs, so with fewer runs, I do need to make damn sure I actually do them. To that end, I’m taking a trip back to the same mentality that led me to start this blog in the first place. If I make myself publicly accountable, I will have to do them, whether I want to or not. So here it is. Please see my running plan below. I am flexible to a point. I don’t care which days the weekday runs get done on, if Monday and Wednesday work better on a given week, so be it; but 2 runs need to be done by the end of each work week. And the long run on the weekend. Saturday, Sunday, whatever, so long as it’s in the books by the time Monday morning comes around. I think doing it this way will keep me on point. Feel free to chat with me/ ask questions/ give me shit about the running plan, my nutrition, or anything else, for that matter.

So I have this feeling like I’m starting out on something new, even though I’m just keepin’ on what I’ve been doing. I have a few things to look forward to in the short term, The mud run is coming up in a month, the Virtual 5K the weekend after, and then the Livestrong 10K in mid-August. The Rock and Roll Half is only 90 days away, and it will be here before you know it. Time to get up and go.

Talk to you soon, and until then, take it easy.


One response to “Slipping Again / Back to Basics / New Running Plan Starts Today

  1. Good luck with the training.

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