Lost Another Pound – Upping The Calories / Sick & No Runs / Mmmmm, Smoothies. (Recipies)

Ok then. It’s time to make the leap of faith and just do it. 3 weeks post goal and I have been able to stabilize the weight for the most part. No more multiple pound weight loss per week, and even better in my mind, no multiple pound weight gain per week either. I actually lost another pound, so I am now sitting at 219. It’s time to make the switch and flip up to “maintain my current weight”. I get to add an extra 300 calories per day, and I get to settle in with this because it’s where my caloric intake level is going to stay from here on out. ( I just said “caloric intake”. Those words were not even in my vocabulary 7 months ago. Funny how things can change…)

So like I said,  I lost another pound. And really, I’ve been following everything honestly. Eating all the calories all week, I’m not starving myself and I certainly am not walking around thinking to myself “God, I’m hungry all the time”; it’s actually the opposite, I’m pretty much either full or just comfortable all the time now. I’m getting accustomed to the new increased amounts of food, and feel like I can both manage and maintain this, long-term. I know it’s only 3 weeks in, but there is definitely hope on the horizon. It’s all good and I am feeling good about it. I do feel like it’s not as extreme as I get more accustomed to it all, I’m getting less of that “completely, massively stuffed” feeling every time I eat, and happy to report my dinner plate is looking normal again. (Not as sparse and pathetic as it did before when I was in full-blown aggressive weight loss mode)

The runs have been non-existent this week. I came down with this chest cold, and I can’t stop coughing. I’m all for pushing through the adversity and training anyway, but when I can’t take a deep breath without coughing while I’m sitting in a chair, how in the hell am I going to run 3.1 miles? Not gonna happen. Resting up and getting better and hopefully by tonight and then again this weekend I’ll be good enough to go. I have medicine, so hopefully it clears things up for me and I can get out there. Thus far I have only missed one run, (probably one more will be missed as well) but I can try to make one up and then still get in my long run. Not the end of the world. I’ll do what I can this week, train next week and then the 12 week Hal Higdon Half Marathon training plan starts the week after that. I’ll get there and be ready for the Rock & Roll Half by the time it gets here 100 days from now (but who’s counting, right?)

So I’ve had a lot of conversations lately (as I’m sure you can imagine) about my weight loss and food. I get a lot of “what do you eat” types of questions, and when I tell people I have a smoothie for breakfast every morning it usually draws a lot more questions. So I figure I’ll shed a little insight as to what I’m knocking back every morning as I drive into work .(my standard breakfast is, for the record, a smoothie and a Clif Bar, *which I recently discovered and am fully addicted to*. They are awesome, but allow me to digress back to the smoothies for now) Full disclosure, I am a creature of habit, so after a lot of experimenting, I have found 2-3 different recipes that I like, and I pretty much stick to what works and tastes good.  My smoothie this morning for instance, was:

Sunshine Fruit Smoothie: ¼ cup 0% Fat French Vanilla Yogurt, ¼ cup Organic Whole Milk, ¼ Pomegranate Juice, 1 banana, and ½ pound of frozen “Sunshine Mixed Fruit” (Strawberries, Pineapples, Mangoes, Peaches, and Honeydew) No ice needed since the fruit is frozen. I’ll throw a multivitamin in there too, but that’s it. Maybe a little bit of fresh fruit if we have some in the fridge. I threw a handful of fresh blueberries in there today as well, just because they were there. Makes about 12 oz, and is 300 cal* (not incl. the blueberries I threw in there, I had to tack on an extra 21 cal for them)

I have to say, It’s frickin delicious. Sweet but not too much, just a good balance. I’m getting pretty good at getting the consistency just like the Planet Smoothie “professional” ones.

I also make another really good (but apparently acquired taste) smoothie from time to time:

Banana, Pear & Oatmeal Smoothie: 1 banana, 1 pear (seeds removed), ¼ cup Yogurt, ½ cup apple juice, 1 package instant apples & cinnamon oatmeal (yes, uncooked. I just rip open the packet and dump it in), 1 tbsp honey, and half a tray of ice cubes. Makes approx 18 oz (1 ½ servings), 544 cal for the entire thing, or 362 cal for a 12 oz. serving*

I absolutely love it, Jenn, not so much. She can’t get enough of that sunshine fruit one though. I really believe that big old bag of sunshine fruit mix is seriously the bomb. (I get it at Costco, by the way. It comes in big ass 6 pound bags.) Everybody loves it. Even Tessa. When I make it on the weekends, I have to make a triple batch (well, 2 ½-sized batch) so she can have her own. LOVES it. If there is any interest I can elaborate more on this and much more food tricks I’ve picked up if there is any interest at all about it. Just let me know, or shoot me an email or message me on Facebook if you are curious.

*calories per serving are taken directly from the MyFitnessPal app

Ok, so to sum up, lost another pound (bringing me to 110 pounds lost), bumping up the calories again, haven’t been running this week yet because I’m sick (again), and smoothies are good.

More to come soon, the 9th of the month is almost here and with that, a new batch of progress pics are coming due again. So that will be up very soon as well.

Until then, take it easy.



3 responses to “Lost Another Pound – Upping The Calories / Sick & No Runs / Mmmmm, Smoothies. (Recipies)

  1. Awesome Andy! I have never really tried smoothies, but have been thinking I need to add them into my routine, especially since breakfast is the hardest meal for me. Only just recently, I started eating in the mornings, but I don’t’ really like too and find it boring. A smoothie might be a nice addition. What kind of exercise do you do in addition to running? I have been doing a spin class and some weights, which I need more of. I have super weak arms but really strong legs. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Nicole,
      I would highly recommend the smoothies, they are a good (and quick) way to get a decent breakfast. They can also be insanely healthy. You are basically drinking a big ol’ cup of fruit. Another selling point to me is that it only takes one hand to hold/ drink (and even prepare) them; this is becoming more and more valuable to me as I spend more mornings with my daughter. As for other, non-running exercise, I have not really been doing anything else, but know I need to. I have been talking about it for months, but it’s been a long on talk/ short on action scenario. I did however, download 2 free iPhone apps to check out. The first is called Max Capacity, I checked it out based on a recommendation from a friend who has been using/ liking it and then also one from Nike called NTC: Nike Training Club. Based on my limited looking, they both seem to have the same basic concept, a bunch of basic exercises using light weighs or just your body weight (pushups, dips, etc.) to get you in shape. I’ll definitely let you know how things play out as I keep looking into everything. I am looking for a very specific program to fit what I need. I need something that is ok for a beginner who has no idea what they are doing, can be done from home, and can be done in less than an hour, 2-3 times a week. I’m just looking to build myself up a little bit and add some definition. I’m not trying to have the Gun Show going on or anything… I’m the same as you. My legs are good (probably from all the running), but I’m realizing I have developed these little chicken arms that I want to do something about.

  2. Cool, thanks. Let me know what you think of those apps. The gym has some core and strength classes that I think I will check out also.

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