Week #2, Post-Goal / Short but Good Runs / More to Come

Week #2 of maintenance down. Wouldn’t you know it, I lost more. Down to 220 (really? How the hell did that happen?) and as much as I never thought these words would ever form in my mind in this particular order, I don’t want to lose any more weight. I’m not entirely surprised, since I was easing myself back into the more calories I was still set at “lose 1 pound a week”. Needless to say, I have upped the calories, I’ll spend one week at “lose ½ pound a week” and then flip into full on maintenance mode. I do believe that in a few weeks/ months once things start to settle down I will stabilize and be able to settle right around my intended goal weight.  It’s been harder than I thought, to be honest. I am getting used to eating the extra calories, and feeling completely stuffed after I eat each time. I am really just now getting used to eating more. Although this actually reaffirms my decision to ease myself into things and not just blast myself with 1,000 extra calories a day (which I would have done if I went straight from “lose 2 pounds a week” to “maintain my current weight”)  I would be walking around ready to explode at any moment.  I’m also proving to myself that I can eat more and not pack on the pounds again immediately. All good things. Almost done with this transitional phase, and I will soon be able to settle into my new (and steady) calorie goal. looking forward to some consistency.

Workouts for the week have been good. Got my runs in. Maintained a decent pace through all my runs, averaging approx a 10-10:30 min pace. I know it’s not setting records here, but I’m good with the 10 min pace. If I can keep that up as I go longer distances, I will be enormously happy. Although I still have yet to run my 5 mile run. I know I have completely shit the bed on that front.  Dude, If you are looking for a 3 or 3.5 mile run, I am your man. The list of reasons for not making one of my runs a long run again are numerous, and vary per run: ran out of time, got rained on, ran out of trail to run on, blah blah blah. There’s always some reason, but the story ends with my getting some good runs in but not my long run. Again. Time to stop trying to “catch up to the schedule” and just pick up where I need to be. Looks like I will be flipping over to the 12 week half marathon training program and spending the next few weeks getting ready to cover my 4 and 5 mile runs with confidence. (kind of like when I did the 4 weeks to a mile prior to C25K when I started this whole thing. Looking at it like that, really I should have had this plan from the beginning. Prep and then train. It worked out well before, why deviate now?) Although I admit that it is aggressive, my new immediate goal is to work up to 6 miles by the end of the month. I would love to be able to run around the lake near my house. It’s 6 miles around and one of those things that are hanging out there as a previously unattainable goal. I used to look at that before and think that running one length of it was insane, let alone all the way around. I know I’ll get there, but by the end of the month? Not sure about it. Got to aim high though, right? I’ll keep up the runs and continue pushing towards the 6 (and ultimately, the 13.1). Let’s see how it goes.

I have one more topic to write about, but I want to put it out there under its own post to ensure maximum visibility. So look for that one a little later today. But to give a little teaser, I’m going to try to organize a couple of people to run together next month. It’ll cost you $20, but it’s for a good cause. I’ll elaborate more later.

So next week will have a weight update, I’ll let you know how the runs are coming, and I’m sure I’ll have some other sort of ramblings as well.

Until next week (well, later today and then next week), have a good one.


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