Week 1 of Maintenance / Behind Schedule / Running With Rock

So, week one of maintenance is in the books. I set the daily calorie goal to “lose 1 pound a week”, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t lose one pound. (Down to 223) Go figure. It’s almost like these myfitnesspal people know what they are doing here. Honestly, I had a 5K run, a 2 miler and a 5 mile run during that week. So aside from the eating I’ve burned my fair share of calories. It’s like I’m still cautious that the pounds are going to fly back on me at any given moment, but I’ll get better (read: more trusting and relaxed)

It will take me a while to get my head right about it, but I know I’ll get there. At any rate, I made it through week one of maintenance and managed to not screw everything up. Hell yeah. Step in the right direction.

As for the workouts, like I said, I worked a good number of runs into the week: some good, some bad. The 2 miler was outside near my parents house in jersey, and it was horrendous. Struggled basically the entire time, but then I turned around and hit the treadmill the next day for 5 miles and completely rocked it. Whatever, it all evens out in the end, right? At least that’s what I’m banking on. I have been slacking a little later in the week and I am a little behind schedule, but lll get myself caught up. Tess was sick and up nights, which meant we were up nights too, which made for me being so tired I would just pass out and push my runs. I actually have fallen asleep myself while rocking Tess to sleep literally every night this week. It’s gotten to the point where Jenn will come in, take Tess out of my arms and lay her in the crib, and just hit me and say “you did it again”. Doh. So, behind schedule a little but rest assured I’ll string together a bunch of nights and get right back on track. And the next scheduled 5 mile run will be outside, not on the treadmill.

So I have run into a new first today. Today, a friend of mine who sent me a message to thank me for inspiring her to push herself invited me to run a 10K (the Runners World 10K in Bethlehem, PA in October. I’ll have the details in the links section soon) with her. This marks the first time someone who has gotten back into their own fitness as a result of this blog has asked me to participate with them in a race. (It also does not hurt that this is a girl that both My wife and I go back years and years with) I have always admired Our friend “Rock” for her fitness and health conscious nature, and to think that I helped inspire her; to think that she is considering me an equal feels kind of surreal. I mean, Rock was always the gym rat and I was always the big fat guy. We always got along great and I absolutely love her, but the thought that we are on level ground in respects to fitness makes me feel like I’m living in some kind of bizzaro world or something. Then again, a lot of things are making me feel like that lately…

Ok, enough of my late night ramblings. I hope everyone has a great long holiday weekend. Catch you in a few days. Till then, take it easy.



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