GOAL WEIGHT!!! / CRAZY PICS / Thank Yous & Looking Ahead

This past Friday, on the 6 month anniversary of when I started out to lose weight and make myself more fit for my daughter, wife, and myself, I officially hit my goal weight.

I know I have gone into this on several posts before, but I never in a million years anticipated the weight to come off, or even being close to this successful this fast. Sure, I figured I’d get there, but 6 months? No way in hell. I figured I’d be halfway to my goal, at best.

But this is the reality. Done and Done, as I like to say. Not really, I know. In reality I know this is actually just the beginning, and now the real work begins. I’ve lost all the weight, now I need to set myself to the task of not screwing up all the hard work that went into this and keep it off.

When I talk to people about the weight loss and the drastic changes in my appearance, I find myself using the words “crazy” and “insane” a lot. I just don’t know what to say, it really does feel crazy to me. 6 Months, 104 pounds. To look at it in a different light: I have basically dropped one pound every other day since last Thanksgiving…what else do you say to that? It’s been so fast (relatively speaking), and I guess when I was in the thick of it I was so focused and dialed in on the process at hand I didn’t notice my body changing as drastically as it was. Now things are starting to settle in, and it’s almost like I am distrustful that it will stay. We all hear the stories of people who lose a ton of weight, and then a year later it’s all back on again. I can’t let that happen. Won’t let that happen. I do need to learn how to relax a little about, it, but I’ll slowly get to that place. Still religiously logging all my food into the myfitnesspal app, and I imagine I’ll continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Just like this blog is here to keep me motivated and honest on a weekly basis, that app is there on an hourly or meal-by-meal basis. One thing I can say though, is that I bumped the weight loss goal from “lose 2 pounds a week” to “lose 1 pound a week” in the app, which gave me a 500 calorie bump per day, which has been glorious. I figured I’d just slip up one notch rather than flip right to the “maintain my current weight” selection and blast myself with an extra thousand calories a day. I’m trying to avoid the shock to the system and a 10 pound jump on the scale. I eased myself into where I’m at now, just makes sense to ease myself back out. And this is also proving to myself that I can eat more and still maintain the current weight, which feels pretty awesome.

Taking a quick step back to a few seconds ago when I was talking about my body changing dramatically, I was going through my closet and packing up all my old clothes. Just for kicks, I tried on an old pair of shorts and an old pair of work pants. (I will be keeping these to serve as reminders of where I started). I had Jenn snap some pictures, and it feels pretty amazing. Actually, rather than me just rambling on about it, just take a look for yourself…

That’s some Biggest Loser or “Miracle Pill” weight loss TV commercial stuff right there. If nothing else, it serves to prove that the weight loss & fitness change can be done, and more specifically, it proves to me that I can do pretty much anything that I really set my mind to. I may print these out and hang them up at my desk at work, just to provide some perspective when things get hairy in the day-to-day grind.

As for the blog, My initial goal has been met, so now it’s time to reassess and determine what to do now. I don’t intend to stop posting, but I have to figure out where I want to take this going forward. Not exactly sure, to be honest; Much like everything else I’ve been doing for the past 6 months, I’m just kind of feeling my way through things and figuring it out as I go. It will definitely be a way to document the process of maintaining the weight and preparing myself to work through all the goals that I have set for myself. (and the new ones I have yet to set)

A few last words for this very special post to me:

Jenn- Thank you does not even begin to cover what I want to convey to you. Yes, I did the actual running and eating, but without you none of this ever happens. Plain and simple. Your unconditional love and support really is a driving force for me, and I want nothing more than to make you proud of me.

Tessa- You are too young to know what’s going on here, and that was entirely the idea. I don’t want you to ever know me as anything other than the size I am at right now. I’m hoping that we will sit down one day and look at the pictures from the day you were born and your first year and hear you say “wow daddy, you look so different. What happened to you?” That will give me the opportunity to tell you how you completely changed my life, and how you coming along made me into the man who I am today. Every day I try to be the man, the dad that you deserve.

And lastly, a big thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog and coming along with me; it’s been one hell of a ride and it has meant a lot to me share it with you. There’s still a lot more to come, it’s been good and it’s going to keep getting better.

Until next time, take it easy.


7 responses to “GOAL WEIGHT!!! / CRAZY PICS / Thank Yous & Looking Ahead

  1. Fantastic goal, well done.

  2. What an inspiration! You’ve certainly got a LOT to be proud of, Andy. Congratulations, and here’s to your successes: past, present and future.

  3. 6 months!!! Dang boy!
    Congrats, really. You are amazing and it will be a huge benefit to your little one’s life to have you around for many years to come!!

  4. Chris Abbonizio

    Wow! I am so proud of you cuz! This is what happens when you put your mind to something and stay dedicated, and you are the living proof anything can be accomplished. Look forward to running the next one with you, whether it involves mud or being dry!

  5. Wow such an amazing transformation! WTG!

  6. Many congrats on your awesome transformation!

  7. Andy, job well done. No hiding it, that was awesome. Keep rocking the George Clooney look!!!!!!!!!!!

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