So Close / Really Pushed It / New Tat? & Clothes Size Anxiety

Weight is looking good. On my way and still on pace to hit goal this week. Not much more to say on that front, just excited and anxious that what I have been working towards may actually be here.

The workout tonight was good. Ran a late night 5K, and set a new best again. I was really pushing it though. I think tomorrow when I have my next 5K scheduled I’m going to ease up a bit. I mean I was REALLY pushing it. Ran faster than I ever have before. I honestly think the excitement of being almost done with the weight loss was egging me on a bit tonight. I feel good now that it’s done and I’m laying in bed; tired but good. I am looking at runs tomorrow and Friday, 3 & 2 miles, respectively, and then my 5 mile long run this weekend, all on the horizon. 10 miles in the next couple days, no sweat, right? I still say bring it on. I knocked out my “speed run” tonight, the rest I can focus on setting a comfortable pace and sticking to it.

One thing I have been hearing a lot of lately is people telling me not to go completely crazy to know when to say when, So to speak. I’m here to say that I’m not going to be one of those people who keeps pushing and pushing until I look completely emaciated. I have had a clear picture from jumpstreet as to where I want to go, and what my end goal is. I am not about to start to deviate from my plan now, at the 11th hour. 225 is where I set out to hit, and 225 is where this stops. I am sure that my weight is going to fluctuate, especially as I spend the hot ass summer months training for a half marathon. (two, in fact) But what I’m hoping is that with any extra fat that I lose, I replace with muscle. I am definitely looking to add some weight training to my exercise routine. I’m not going crazy, I don’t need the gun show. All I want us to not have little skinny chicken arms forever. I’m still getting used to my little chicken arms, and to the rest of this body. It just still feels kind of foreign to me. (In the best way possible. I had a long time coworker Who hasn’t seen me in a while make a joke as she walked down the aisle “who’s that hot guy”. Now I know she didn’t mean anything by it, but let’s be honest – nobody’s making” hot guy” jokes about you when you’re pushing 330 pounds) speaking of foreign problems, clothes shopping still just doesn’t feel quite right. I still get tons of anxiety whatever I’m choosing the size for anything that I’m about to try on. I sound like a stuttering fool whenever anybody asks me what size I want, it always goes “double XL, no XL, no double XL, no I’ll just try the XL”. And even as I’m going to try stuff on as I’m holding the shirt out and about to put it over my head I look at it and go “there is no way in hell that my body is fitting into this thing”. And then it fits. And I’m stunned. Every damn time. You would think I would get used to it, but it’s like someone hit the reset button every single time I try a new piece of clothing on. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but as of right now it just feels kind of weird.

So I’m very excited, I just sent off my first email in regards to mind getting my new tattoo. Tattoos, really. Like I said before in the last post, these things are going to be loaded with significance for me. Very excited because if I’ve waited this long to get these done, I’m going to go to someone who I know is going to do it the right way. I just sent an email off to Megan Massacre from the Wooster Street Social Club. If any of you out there are as much of a dork as I am, that name sounds familiar because she was one of the featured tattoo artists on the TV show NY Ink. I got to see a lot of the work that she can produce, and it’s pretty amazing stuff. I can’t think of a better person to do this for me. Whenever this does go down, you know I’ll be putting some pictures up for you to see. As for the sparrow tattoos themselves, what I mean by significance is a few things. What led me to them initially was thinking about my grandpop who passed a few years ago. (they are traditional sailor tattoos. Admittedly he was not a sailor in the truest sense of the word -he was not in the navy or anything-, but a lot of my favorite memories of him involve him and his boat, so that’s the general direction i went in). When I found the birds, I looked into them more and discovered that sparrows are birds that mate for life. That ties in me and Jenn. They are also commonly used to represent traveling a long distance or a long journey, so that ties in the whole weight loss process for me too. And lastly, since running is what got me to where I am, putting them down on my ankles kind of ties it all together in terms of my family being what really motivates me and keeps me moving. A little hokey/corny, I know, but it kind of wraps up everything I want to remember about this entire process and this time in my life.

Wow, there I go again. Rambling on and on. What I thought was going to be a quick update, turned into another lengthy novel-length posting. Anyway, back to the task at hand. Two more pounds to go, and two more days to do it. Coincidently, I also have to run scheduled between now and then as well. Still feeling really good, this is going to happen. Talk to you again on Friday, where hopefully I’ll be telling you that I’m at my goal weight.

Until then, have a great rest of the week and take it easy.

Have a good one, Andy


One response to “So Close / Really Pushed It / New Tat? & Clothes Size Anxiety

  1. I don’t know if you’ve considered any non-running regimen in particular, but I’ve seen good results over the last two weeks with Max Capacity, a progressive body-weight, high-intensity interval training program.

    It consists of three 16-minute sessions per week of body-weight exercises (think push-ups, squats, planks, lunges and the like), for 12 weeks total. Amazingly, my recovery time has improved with every session, and I feel & look stronger every day. Best of all, it requires no weights or equipment – just your body and focus.

    I still pepper in a run or two per week on my off-days. This mix has proven effective in body-recompositioning, but does require that you adjust your diet to accommodate increased protein intake for muscle repair & growth. I’m actually considering supplementing with whey protein – with my daily caloric limit, it’s difficult to get as much protein as I need!


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