Picture Updates: May 9, 2012

Photo Update: May Edition

I got this under armour t-shirt as a gift from my little sister Jennifer this past winter. She got it for me because “now that I’m working out, I can wear it”. Needless to say, I kind of thought the idea of me wearing under armour anything was just laughable at the time. I took that 2XL shirt and tried it on, and I looked like a stuffed sausage. (I was still in between 3 and 4 XL at the time). Seriously, it was like a wet suit, literally skin tight. This is kind of a big deal to me, because now I can wear it all the time (and I do, it’s one of my favorite workout shirts). It fits me perfect, and I love it. Speaking of which, I really think that in “regular” t-shirts from the store, I am fitting into a 2XL for the tighter stuff, and an XL (!!!) for the more regular clothes. That still just feels completely foreign to me. Crazy town. So to date, I am down from a 4XL to an XL in shirts, and approx. 12 sizes from a 52 to a 40 in pants. Let me just restate that. I am down 12, twelve, pants sizes. In men’s pants, we don’t have the same whacked out sizing that women do, the size is the number of inches around your waist. Simple, right? So another way to say that is I lost one full foot of Fat Andy from around my waist.

So here I sit, 5 months after I took my first official progress picture, and I am looking at 88 pounds lost from then till now, (I had already dropped 10 pounds and waited a couple weeks before I took my first set of pictures…In retrospect, man do I wish I took some pictures as soon as I started, but hey it is what it is. Check out the Most Recent Side By Side Pic page to see a comparison) and 99 pounds total from when I started to date. (98.6 actually, but we’re just going to go ahead and call it 99)

I know I just said it yesterday, but I have a very confident feeling that I am going to be able to pull this off. I am looking to be at goal weight by the time my official 6 month anniversary rolls around next Friday the 18th.

5 more pounds, 9 days to go. Game on.

So here I am: May 9, 2012: 230.2 pounds.


3 responses to “Picture Updates: May 9, 2012

  1. All that hard work is paying off!

  2. Congrats, my friend – 100 lbs is an inspiring accomplishment! Even better are the accompanying boosts in confidence and commitment to lifelong fitness. To your success!

  3. Andy – since I am not really computer savy, I just read this and all I can say is – WOW – GREAT job well done. It is so nice to see someone commit to something and really do it. I am sure you feel much better and it makes your health much better. CONGRATULATIONS – GOOD JOB WELL DONE.

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