The Dirty 30

If you have been following along or checking over my race schedule here on the blog, you know I have a Mud Run coming up on July 15. I am really excited about this one because it will be my only taste of the mud/obstacle style runs this year. I had to let the other mud run go because of no  interest and lack of a team, and I scratched the Tough Mudder in lieu of the Philly Half Marathon in November. Like I have said before, I put together a team based around a lot of my family and then opened it up to friends as well. the result is a team with a core of people who would keep me accountable and then filled it in with some great friends to round things out.

The main reason I wanted to post today is to introduce the Mud Run team, the individuals who were either good-natured or foolish enough to do this with me.

We are 30 in numbers, so the team name was easy for me to settle on (now that the over the top toilet humor had to be put to the side on account of some of the girls not wanting to be on a team called “Sloppy Seconds” or “Team Morning Wood”…go figure)

I am happy to present The Dirty Thirty

Yes, I know there are more than 30 of us. (33, actually)

No, I do not care. I actually like it better that way.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is taken entirely from the email I sent out to the team “introducing” them to each other, but I thought it was too good to pass up, so here it is:

Yes, the Mama is getting muddy. This will be one of the highlights of my year. A year that will see me lose 100+ pounds, have my first child turn one, start talking and take her first steps, etc…you get the picture, it’s a pretty big, (huge) deal for me. I am so proud to do this with my wife I can’t even explain. I can’t wait to do this with you babe, it’s going to be great and a ton of fun.
My brother on Jenn’s side of the family. Dave is a great guy and has really come into his own. He set the bar pretty high for me a few years ago by just taking the bull by the horns and getting in shape. It’s your world brother, I’m just trying to keep up.
Dan is getting dragged into this group by his friend/ my brother Dave. Not sure if I’ve ever met him, but Dave assures me that he’s an awesome guy, and that’s all I need. Welcome Dan.
One of my brothers and the muscle of the team. He’s one of the nicest guys I know, and also the one most able to beat the everloving shit out of me.
My brother Chris’s longtime girlfriend. Allison brings a whole new level of personality and sass to the team. Also coincidentally one of the sweetest people I have ever met.
Allison’s sister. I’ve gotten the chance to hang out with her a few times in the past, but to be completely honest I’ve been drunk pretty much every time I’ve seen her. It will be nice to actually hang with her when I’m not afraid of a pending hangover…
Same as my brother Dave’s buddy Dan above, I don’t know Danielle but if you are good with Erin and Allison, you’re good with me.
Yet another one of my brothers. One of those irritating guys who’s good at just about everything he does. He is here to make us all look good by dragging us up to his level.
My brother Jon’s wife, and resident super fitness girl. She too, is here to make us look good by virtue of association, just like Jon.
My sister who has been busting her ass to start running along with me and has truly overcome, pushing through asthma and everything else to get herself even more in shape than she already was (and she was in damn good shape to begin with, let me tell you) and just generally kicking major ass. Along with the obvious athleticism, Jen will be able to provide enough sarcasm and personality for all of us. Even if the team doubles in size, we’re still covered…
My cousin Ash. I’ve watched her grow up and now we’re doing things like this together. Good god I’m old…
My cousin Tom, who actually reminds me a lot of me when I was his age. Well, he would if I had a lot more muscle and was in better shape at that age. Wishful thinking I guess…
My Awesome cousin Chris who ran the Phillies 5K with me. With 2 Tough Mudders under his belt by the time he gets to this race, this will be a cake walk for him. Which makes him our grizzled veteran.
Chris’s lovely wife Rachel. She is an import from the south, and after being here for a few years, she’s getting used to being in Philly. I’m guessing she has never been covered in Fairmount Park mud though. That’s a REAL welcome to Philly.
My cousin Liz was a late addition to the team, and a welcome one at that. Ever since meeting her when I started dating my wife over 10 years ago, I’ve gotten to watch her grow into a strong, confident young woman.We are all definitely the better off with her on the team, because she is super fit and super fun. (2 very necessary attributes)
Siouxsie brings the attitude to the team. She is one half of the most badass couple I know. I am SO happy that she is on the team (and the swagger that comes with her)
Anthony is the man. There is not too much else to say. One of the nicest and most badass guys you will ever meet. You know what I mean, the kind of guy who would punch you in the face but then help you up afterwards…
One of the best guys I know, and also the easiest to convince to join the team. Day 1 -(approx 9pm)- “I don’t think I can do that one Andy, just not my thing”. Day 2 -(next morning)- “Screw it, I’m in”
Another one of the best guys I know. Danny B has made an appearance in my blog before, because while at my first race, he not only showed up to support me, but also ran part of the race with me (as a spectator he just jumped out and started running), but also helped some totally random dude who was carrying a life sized cross made out of 4x6s…ask him the story, it’s a good one. But yeah, he’s THAT good of a guy.
Moe has the unfortunate luck of sitting within earshot of me at work every single day. She has taken up running as well and she has been rocking it and blowing me out of the water with her distances running. The more I get to know her the cooler and more fun she becomes.
My friend and co-worker Linz is just awesome. She too, will be bringing the personality and sass. Lindsey serves as my resident “work wife” and is now expanding out of that and hanging out outside of work too. And she’s becoming friends with my ACTUAL wife too…this can only spell trouble for me.
Kyle is a former co-worker of mine, and one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. We became friends while we worked together and have kept in touch ever since. Kyle is also another one of those super fit guys who will be responsible for dragging us along and picking up the stragglers…
( I wish i had something other then friendly to call Kyle, but quite frankly, i’m running out of adjectives here. Truth is, he’s one of the nicest, most accessible guys you’ll ever meet; even though a lot of other people who have the same things that he has going on would be pretentious pricks. He’s young, smart, and clearly on his way up the ladder in his professional life. You know when you meet someone and the first impression of them is: “wow, this guy’s really got his shit together”…that’s Kyle)
Eva is Kyle’s girlfriend. Honestly, I have not had the chance to meet Eva yet, even though they have been dating for multiple years now. The timing just hasn’t worked out. So I am really looking forward to meeting (and getting muddy) with you, Eva. The main things I know about her right now are 1) she’s very pretty, and 2) she HAS to be very patient and a cool girl to have put up with Kyle for this long.
Jana is an old friend of mine that I have reconnected with and we have been trying to get back together for a while now. I know Jana form back in my Y-100 radio days. She was awesome then, and it continues straight through to today. Only difference is that while I have left radio for the *glamorous* word of insurance, she’s stuck with it and has actually been very successful. Besides being ridiculously attractive, Jana, I should mention, is also quite possibly the coolest person I know.
Ken is the husband of me and my wife’s good friend Dana, and I am excited he decided to join because he is going one of our rocks. Longtime (and current) member of the Air Force, this type of run is going to be child’s play or a (literal) walk in the park for Ken. Here’s hoping you don’t have to drag my ass over and obstacles buddy…
Stace brings the perfect balance of “nicey-nice” and “up yours” that we need. She’s the mother of twins, so there is no questioning her toughness, physically or mentally. I wouldn’t be surprised (and neither should you be) if she was out in front, leading the pack at the finish line…
Brian is hands down my oldest friend. He and I go WAY back, all the way back. Bri and I have been causing trouble since we were playing cops and robbers at age 5 in his backyard down in Rio Grande, NJ. He and I would not have been friends this long if he wasn’t a great guy to be around…
Jenny B:
Free spirited and fun, Jenny B is one on my wife’s oldest friends. Jenny B is the kind of girl who will be a ray of sunshine, even when we’re crawling through the mud…
Bill, or “Badass Bill” as I’ve called him for years has become my partner in crime as of lately. (that’s funny because he’s a cop) Bill definitely brings the funny to the party. His goofball personality is a welcome addition to the team.
Lauren “Rock” :
Lauren, and old college friend of my wife’s, is doing this totally to support Jenn, and that is kick ass of her. Meanwhile, this former trainer and rehab specialist will probably be able to run circles around all of us.
Tara is going to be doing this a few months after having a baby. You don’t get tougher than that. Seriously. Great person and great friend with a heaping helping of bold and outgoing personality. Tara rounds out this big ass group quite nicely.
Tara’s husband and one of the most stand up guys I know. Ben brings a combination of laid back attitude and competitive nature…and somehow makes that work. Ben’s a great guy who will be helping everyone right to the end. We are clearly better for having him join us.



So there you have it. That’s the team. We are all going to be registering in the next week or so. I’ll be working on a t-shirt for the team and looking forward to the race, which promises to be fantastic.

When I have a “logo” for our shirts, you know I’ll post it up so you can check it out.

I think it will be cool once I have some before and after pics from the race to be able to go through and tag everybody, now that the introductions are out there…

Till next time, take it easy.



One response to “The Dirty 30

  1. Love the name and it sure looks like it will be a grew team! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see pics. It will surly be a super good time.

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